Bianca: July 24, 1997 - FetHi Vector

My wife does indulge my fetish for her ass and will

often masturbate while sitting on my face.She

usually does not wash her butt since she knows I

like to smell it.I especially like to smell her butt in

summer after she does aerobics.



GU: August 5, 1997


Wearing nothing but my underwear(white briefs)I'd knock him down and sit on

this chest,there I'd bounce on him and slide up with his face between my legs

and let him look at my hard dick through my underwear covering his face.Then

I'll sit on his face and wiggle until I get his nose up my ass. Then I'll get

you to come over and sit on him so I can turn around and let him see my ass

slowly come down and I sit on his face. I'll pump and grind all over his face

feeling his muffled screams under my ass forcing him to smell my crack

through the underwear and if I really want to humiliate him I might even fart

on his face and just sit there and make him smell it with his nose in

my crack until he passes out cold.



Bianca(Fet): August 4, 1997


Got Off On His Dirty Underwear


I was washing my clothes in the basement of my

apartment complex. The

guy 2 doors down came in with a basket full of his

dirty laundry. I had

both washers full, he said don't worry about it, I'll

put them in after

your done. He left his basket there and went back

upstairs. I noticed

that a pair of his boxers was on top. For some

reason I was compelled

to inspect his undies.  When I picked them up I saw a  faint brown skidmark in the

seat. For some reason I

got a tingle in my crotch and felt the urge to sniff

them. I searched

deeper into the laundry basket and found even

dirtier underwear.

I stole a pair and

went upstairs to masturbate. Now every time I see

him in the hall I get so

turned on knowing what his butt smells like and

what his undies look



Deja: August 10, 1997






I adore women's butts, so if you are willing to let me smell your sexy hot

behind through your panties I want to hear from you.  I want to bury my nose

between your tight buns and enjoy your womanly scent.  Then I would want you

to remove your panties so I can enjoy the sight and scent of your adorable

buns and sweet little butthole. I just want to enjoy looking at, touching,

and smelling your backside :-).




Bianca(Fet): September 18, 1997


Last night I mentioned to this gal that I have been

dating that I would really love to get to "know her"

down there. She asked "down there in front or

back" and when I said back, she said she didn't

think I could handle her the way she was because

she'd had a big bm a few hours earlier and she was

sure she didn't smell too nice. When I told her that

this turned me on even more, she laid on her tummy

on the couch and pulled up her plaid skirt so I could

see her lucious butt in her creamy white brief style

panties. I grabbed her butt cheeks and spread them

inside her panties and nuzzled my nose deep down

into her hot, moist fanny crack and then let the soft

rubbery cheeks go so they would hold my nose in

there - and took several very deep breaths....oh my

God! It was pure womanly shit city...a strong robust

and cheezy crap odor that nearly made me

faint...but it was heaven as much as it was

hell....when I pulled her panties down to sniff her

bare butt...there was a very healthy shit stain in

them...dark brown in the center and lighter brown

around the edges...needless to say the raw sniff was

even more intoxicating!


Deja: September 19, 1997



"Who the FUCK are you and what the FUCK are you doing here?" I

thundered at him. He had the seat of my jeans pressed to his nose

which he dropped at the sound of my voice. "Sniffing at my jeans, huh faggot?"

I shoved the seat of my jeans back in his face and roughly rubbed them back

and forth over his mouth and nose. "Since you liked sniffing my pants so

much, sniff these, faggot." I raised up and squatted above his face so he

could see the wet brown stain on my white briefs. "See that? Can you smell

it? Fucking load of my shit inside these shorts, man. Stick your damn nose up

there and catch a whiff of my stink. NOW!" He moaned and practically lunged

for that shitty crack. My shorts were plastered to my ass by the

shit. I rubbed back and forth, grinding that smell up his nose.



MFORDHAM: September 9, 1997


Smelling Butts...a childs game


Who as a child (if ever) played Smelling Butts with

their friends? Anyone can respond. Same sex?

Opposite? I did with the opposite sex. It is really

strange how these early habits can turn into what

they are now!



MFORDHAM: September 9, 1997


Bangos butt smell


Hiya folks!! Man am I the only one who wants to

smell Bango's butt? Anyone else whare similar

feelings? Any guys girls have this all girls

smell alike..I want to put my finger in her asscrack

?(up and down) then sniff deep..aaaahh!! Please



Whte Shadw:


I did, hesitating for just a second before putting my mouth to his

asshole, smelling his buttsmell.



Bianca(Fet): September 26, 1997


I don't even have to get very close to her rearend and

I can smell the heavy aroma of dirty butt. I first

noticed this when I accidentally sniffed a chair she

had been sitting on. What's even weirder is that I've

peeked at her in the laundry room and she always

picks out my dirty underwear and she sniffs the

skidmarks in my shorts.




MFORDHAM: October 2, 1997


Three Day Old Underwear


I ran out of clean clothes three days ago. My

underwear is full of skidmarks after one day. I've

always had a mad desire to know a woman who

gets off on the smell and sight of my dirty

underwear. I've only known a few in my life. I'd

love to have a lady make me bend over while she

sniffs my butt through my dirty skidmarked

underwear while she masturbates. I've also thought

it would be great to get into the 69 position with a

lady whose panties are as dirty and smelly as mine.

It's hard to find sites dealing with this subject.

Please help if you know of a place.



WP October 17, 1997


My first real experience was with my cousin

(same age as me). We were about 16 and we were

very close. One day we were just sort of wrestling

around and I accidentally got my nose by her

butt. I knew that

smell because it was the same as my underwear.

The smell gave me an instant erection.



WP October 17, 1997


She finally admitted that the sight and the smell of

my dirty underwear turned her on. We eventually

ended up on the bed in the 69 position and sniffed each

others dirty stained undies and masturbated.





Bianca(Fet): November 3, 1997



I love panty covered asses. One time at my

friends whie he was taking a shower I went to go see

what his hot 25 year old sister was doing and she was

sleeping on her side rolled up like a ball so got on my

knees and put my nose up to her butt and took a good

sniff, it smelled good..and another time I was at

my friends house and she was looking for something under her

bed on her knees her whole body was under the bed except

for her ass and it was high in the air so I took a sniff.


GC: November 11, 1997


I sat on the edge of Chris's bed, and lowered my nose to his crack.  I

just loved the smell of these little boys' butts.  I ran the tip of my nose

back and forth a couple times.


Deja: November 9, 1997


"Smell my asshole, little brother. Take a good whiff. "Bobby pressed his

nose between his sister's cheeks and sniffed at her butt. He breathed

deeply, then slid his nose up and down over his sister's sweaty bottomhole.

Press harder -- I want your nose up my butt." The boy did his best, driving

his face forward until his nose was deeply embedded. "Oh, good, Bobby --

I like that. I want to squeeze down on it... Do I smell good? Smells nasty,

doesn't it? You love it, though. You love sniffing your sister's butt."



Deja: November 9, 1997


Moving to the back of the briefs, he found a faint trace

of brown; eagerly, he put his nose against it and took a good long

sniff. He imagined putting his nose to Scott's butt and smelling it.



Deja: November 9, 1997


He could smell Jeremy's ass through his sweat pants mashing his face and it

just made him harder.




Deja: November 9, 1997


She ordered me to my knees so I was inches away from her back.  She

hiked up her skirt, revealing her panty-hosed ass.  She bent over..

"I want to feel your nose lightly touching the center".  Shaking with

utter excitement, I leaned my face forward. "Just hold that position, slave".

I did.  I knelt there breathlessly with my nose just kissing her nylon veiled

asshole for at least two minutes.  Finally, a fart hissed out.  "Smell it, ass

face." I inhaled deeply.



Deja: November 9, 1997


Jake walked a few steps ahead of Larry. He stopped suddenly,

raised one of his legs and farted. Some of the odors drifted toward

Larry and he caught a whiff of Jake's fart smells. "I can smell some of

it," Larry said sniffing curiously at Jake's butt smells. Jake laughed at him

again as he watched Larry trying to catch some of his fart odors.  "I've got

another fart!" he announced. "Come over here." They hurriedly went over and

hid in some bushes that were nearby. Jake lowered his jeans exposing

his briefs and stooped over. "Come and get it. Smell my ass," he ordered.

Larry pressed his face in Jake's crack and Jake blew a fart in his face.

Larry pressed his face in Jake's crack. Jake's ass was funky and had a strong

healthy odor of shit. Larry started sniffing at the masculine odors,

pressing and rubbing his face against Jake's  anus.

"Smell that ass good," Jake said. Jake took his hand and pressed

it against the back of Larry's head pushing Larry's face in his buns.

"Smell that funky ass," he repeated. Suddenly, he farted in Larry's face

again. Jake continued to press Larry's face in his ass with his hand and

then he farted again.





Netusa: November 9, 1998



I was alone with Sophie's gym kit. I went over to the bag and peered inside.

Last in the bag were her pants! Maroon- coloured cotton pants, just like the

ones on her bum at breakfast. I opened up her pants and found that they had

a white cotton gusset. Although, it was not entirely white. There was a thick

brown streak in the seat of Sophie's pants where they'd been rubbing up

between her bumcheeks. I held her pants up to my nose and breathed in deeply.

The smell of Sophie's shit was strong and sexy, a filthy acrid smell coming

from her dirty pants. I pressed her dirty knickers right up against my face,

the filthy gusset of them all round my nose. I could smell nothing but her

bum, Sophie's bum, that firm 12- year-old arse with those big plump buttocks.

I rubbed her pants feverishly round my face getting the smell of her all over



The following day was Saturday. Sophie was up watching the morning kids'

programmes and was sprawling on her front on the sofa. She was wearing a

white top and little pale blue denim shorts. The seat of her shorts was

heavily worn, making them very sexually arousing. Her mother was clanging

around in the kitchen making breakfast, so I knelt down on the floor next to

the sofa and started to stroke the seat of Sophie's shorts. She just carried

on watching her TV while I fondled her bottom, and I enjoyed the

abusiveness of it. I put my hand on her soft spindly thigh and ran my fingers

up the leg of her shorts until my palm was flat on the seat of her warm pants.

I wondered what the landlady would think of me having my hand in her

daughter's shorts stroking her knickers. I slipped my finger through the

elastic in the leg of the little girl's pants and put my hand right inside

them. Her buttocks were hot and sticky and I wriggled my fingers into her

bumcrack and stroked her up the arse, pressing the tip of my finger into her

anus. Then I took my hand out of her shorts and pants and sniffed my fingers.

They stank of Sophie's bum and I thoroughly enjoyed licking them clean.


Later that evening, as I was going to bed, I spread out the two pairs of

12-year-old girls' panties on my pillow. There was a little label in

Melanie's pants, "Melanie Salter". Smeared across the crutch of her pants was

a really sexy streak of shit. I held my nose up against her knickers and

breathed in the filthy smell of the little girl's bum. Then I pressed my face

right into her pants and started rubbing that shitty mark right onto my nose

and cheeks. The smell was really exciting and I tried to picture the little

12-year-old girl's naked bum as I breathed in the filthy smell of her.

Sophie's pants were as dirty as ever, and I was able to enjoy even more dirty

smells, rubbing them round my face. I spent the whole night with my face in

those girls' school underpants.



Dejanews: November 9, 1997



You told Mike Timbol that you like to sniff the seats of the chairs in your

university computer center after everyone has gone home.



Dejanews: November 10, 1997


My fetish is skidmarks.  I love seein' 'em, sniffin' em, having 'em rubbed

on my face, held up to my nose.  Love a guy sitting on my face in his

skidmarked briefs.



Nifty November 14, 1997


 I was horny as hell (as usual).  Usually I would just jerk off to a pair

of my roommates underwear.  He wears briefs and they smell SOOOOO good. 

Sometimes I can smell a faint whiff of shit on the back of them where his tight, hot little

ass sits all day...



Hotmail to DMILLER99: November 18, 1997


Had an early experience as a boy. Must have been around 7 or 8 too. Was

>out playing the woods building this "Fort". Two of the neighborhood

>girls came out there and wanted to be in the Fort. It was only about 3'

>deep in the ground. Told them no and that it was for guys only. This

>pissed them off. I was standing in the hole when one of them pushed me

>down at which time they both jumped on top of me. One sat on my chest

>while the other sat on my face. They both were wearing skirts. At first

>i panicked and struggled. That is until i caught a wiff of the girls

>butt thru her panties. Then i proceeded to lay still as i was overcome

>by the smell of her ass. Not moving anymore they figured that they had

>hurt me. When they climbed off me, i got up and ran away taking with me

>a memory i will never forget and planting this fetish inside me




Dejanews: November 30, 1997


My face is directly opposite his denim-clad butt.

Without hesitation, I press forward and wiggle my nose up and down the

crease of his ass. Oh wow, his butt probably ain't too clean either.

It's so slight that I can't be sure, but I think I detect  a hint of



And then he turns his briefs around and pushes the ass area into my

nostrils. The buttstink emanating from his skidmarks is surreal. Rich

and smooth jockshit smells. The cotton is still warm from being

nestled in his butt.



JOF: December 1, 1997


I would love to be a womans chair cushion, have her come in set herself on my

face so my nose would go between her cheeks and right up into her asshole so

could smell her asshole all day and she could do her work and fart on me if

she had to.




Bianca(Fet): December 14, 1997


I have a roomate who always gets her panties dirty in the seat. I often sneak

up and sniff her butt while she's sleeping or smell her panties from her

dirty clothes basket. Would Love to hear from other girls who get off on a

females dirty panties.



Whte Shadow: December 20, 1997



As I licked and sucked those balls, I worked my hand down the back of his

briefs into his ass-crack and rubbed up and down it. Then I found the hole

and massaged it. He moaned, "Jesus Christ!" and tried to poke his cock

back into my mouth, but I wouldn't take it. Instead, I pulled away from his

groin completely and smelled the hand that had been in his ass crack.

A faint smell of shit went through my nose and hit the top of my head.


GU: January 1, 1998


Anyone out there who likes mutually sniff and shit your pants-levis,khakis,

cords. Sniffing and nosing around - or just playing those heavy skidmarks.



GU: January 1, 1998


A friend and I who have worked out for along time are both into sniffing

asses, especially those that are unwiped. We got into this by accident when

playing touch football and ended up with our noses in each other's butt cracks

The sweat pants really turned us on so we decided that since we got so hot

we wouldn't wipe for a few days and wear jocks only under our jeans and

dockers. This also extended to speedos and all varieties of skidmarked pants.

Wonder if there are other guys out there into this and if going wipeless and

skidmarking your pants turns you on?




GU: January 2, 1998


Got your reply-made me rock hard in my sweats. Man ass is great especially if

you have a friend who liks to mutually get off with you by sniffing funk. A

few years back in high school, my muscular, well endowed wrestling partner

Ben and I would spring boners in our super tight singlets during practice

which weren't much protected from view by the coach or oher players who were

too busy themselves. We got very turned on smelling butts and face sitting

each other and this extended just beyond wrestling. We liked to camp out and

would wear our raunchiest singlets under our smelly levis and for days on end

would cum off in our singlets and jeans just smelling our increasingly

raunchy butts. We still get togther even though we live in different towns,

but exchange skidmarked trunks and singlets since we both have continued in

amateur wrestling events.



Drty: January 2 1998


Nothing's better than a whiff of a mildly funky hot ass on a hot guy!

I love sniffing butt.



GU: January 3, 1998


Likewise, I'd like to stick my nose up the butt of your green corduroy jeans

and sniff away while jacking a load of your cum.


GU: January 3, 1998


Other times we sixty-nine in our cords and bury our faces deep in our ass

cracks while rubbing each other until we pop a load in our jocks underneath

our cords.



De_J: January 5, 1998


All I could think about was getting my nose up against that denim ass and

sniffing away.


GU: January 6, 1998


Where are there links to ass sniffing that have guys who pack smelly butts

into chinos, khakis, workpants or cords. How about those skid marks - they

make it great for ass sniffers on escalors or just being behind a guy.



Bianca(FET): January 8, 1998        


One time I had my nose deeply buried in between the girls curvy ass cheeks,

clad in her jeans, and I could smell a kind of backscent of old poop..



MF: January 9, 1998


My boyfriend is coming to bed soon, and I just know I'm going to be able to

smell his bottom....I had a sly sniff just now when he got up off the sofa,

and I'm getting sticky thinking of how I'm going to slide down under the

duvet when he's asleep and inhale his delicious aroma....unwashed arse, you

can't beat it...





GU(L): January 9 ,1998


Hope some guys out there like to run their finger down the crack of their

butts in their favorite pair of pants and sniff away?



GU(K): January 10, 1998


In wrestling it's great to grapple with another stud in smelly trunks and

smell butthole through the seat of their gear. Good time to start an eating

session too. Pants are best because you can really get into young butt that

is sweaty and funky with man smells. Khakis and cords worn for a long time,

especially snug fitting brown cords are best because they'll never show skid

marks through the butt.



GU: January 10, 1998


"you can sit on my face all day as long as your ass stinks"



GU(K): January 10, 1998


I awoke after long time partying with my nose buried in the seat of a

friends very smelly warm butted dirty brown cords. He was passsed out and I

just put my nose right up those cords, sniffed away and creamed my pants.




GU(L): January 10, 1998


Better yet is playing with a friend and slowly pressing the butt seam of his

khakis or cords into his hole and then mutully sniffing each other while

jacking in your pants. Keep a pair of skid marked pants around to put over

your face while jacking alone.



WS: January 14, 1998


I turned my nose down into the cotton that had pushed up into the crack of

her ass, and in spite of my self, took a deep breath. "How does it smell?"

she giggled in a mock teasing tone, "Does it smell sort of, I don't know,




GU(K): January 14, 1998


Oh yes! Just love the smell of the man's butt. Smelling butt through the

corduroy pants....mmmm......that's my kind of game



WS: January 21, 1998


"..what he wanted me to do was to sniff the back side which had brownish




GU(K): Januaury 26, 1998


He knocked me onto my back and sat on my face and farted. I was really mad

and he would not get off me. He then took off his pants and sat on my face

with his underwear and they were really dirty. It really smelled, but I

actually started to like it.



GU(K): Januaury 26, 1998


"I am a total ass freak love to sniff sticky arse holes and love to wank with

skiddy briefs over my nose can't get enough"



Bianca(FET): February 17, 1998


Yes thank you for this honour.I kneel and crawl up to your ass and place soft

kisses on your panty. You can hear me moaning and sniffing at your butt.




GU(K):  February 17, 1998



"I'd love to have a funky butt fart in my face"



Bianca(FET):  February 22, 1998


"Is sniffing a 7-yr-old girl's butt just a little too perverted for ya?"



Deja News:  February 22, 1998



She would have to bend over the edge of the tub to reach down to adjust the

hot and cold faucets. She would have to spend several minutes adjusting the

water faucets for the right water temperature. During these several minuets I

would sneak behind her and lean over to put my nose up to her butt, as close

as I dared. All during this time I would sniff the wonderful aroma of her butt

like there was no tomorrow. I loved every second of her butt aroma.



Deja News:  February 22, 1998


I saw and learned many interesting things through those peep holes. For me,

however, the most important of these things I saw and learned was that most

children, girls and boys alike, love to scratch their butts with their fingers

and then smell their fingers, just like I did. Many of these children would

masturbate as they sniffed their fingers, just like I did. I learned that

people are born with a natural love of a butt aroma. I also learned that the

being sexually aroused by the smell of butts and loving the smell of butt

is natural, normal part of human sexuality.




Deja News:  February 22, 1998



"I am not into SCAT or watersports I just like the smell of a worked-out butt

with a hint of Raunchiness mixed in."



WEB:  February 23, 1998


Mary invited Jane to press a finger into her rear through the panties.




Bianca(FET):  March 1, 1998


I would love to have ladies to sit an my face and grind their smelly holes

to my nose.




Dejanews: March 3, 1998


As a child, I'd lure another boy into

the dark basement of my parents house where I'd convince him to lower

his pants and underwear and expose those two snowy white cheeks.  Then

I'd kneel behind him, pull apart the crack and push my nose close to

his pink asshole.  What wonderful odors I would smell!  Sometimes I

could convince the boy to shove his nose into my crack




Dejanews: March 4, 1998


seeking another  cute guy in the ottawa area who likes

to sniff or smell a raunchy or dirty butthole. I like smelling a dirty

butthole but not into scat or watersports. The sweat and raunchiness of a

dirty butthole is very erotic especially after many hours after having a crap.



Dejanews: March 15, 198



Ford struggled, attempting to free himself. Too late, he realized that he was

about to lose control. He struggled helplessly, managing to topple Nick for a

moment, but the boy reversed and swung around, planting his buttocks right on

Ford's face and pinning his shoulders as he leaned forward and grabbed Ford's

inner thighs to pin his legs. The smell of Nick's butt was too much for Ford

and he convulsed, cumming in his shorts as Nick held him down.


It seemed that the orgasm went on forever. Ford had never been so

humiliated in his life. Or so he thought.


He lay there, moaning as his orgasm subsided. Nick didn't move. Ford was

conscious of the fact the Nick's butt crack was pressed to his face. only the

thin worn cotton of his shorts separated them.





Dejanews: March 15, 1998


"I would like to smell your ass. Let me put my nose to your butthole and smell





Bianca(Frt Forum): March 16, 1998


She says good, turns around and bends over arching her ass out toward your

face. She says smell my ass, enjoy my stinky butt. You lean into it, take a

deep breath, inhaling her delicious smelling funkys ass through her jeans.

She lets out a little fart, no sound, just hear the air pass out. She pushes

her ass in to your face for you to enjoy. She turns to you and unbottons her

jeans, slips them off. With her jeans off, she turns her ass to you again,

you can see faint streaks of shit on her undies, she tells you again to smell

her ass, you lean into her and sniff it hard. Oh god that smells just so tasty

She leans forward a little, lets out more air for you to enjoy and then leans

back into your face, you feel her hand on the back of your head, holding you

in her ass. She lets out another phhhhhhh!! you try to pull away a little, but

she has your head in her hand. She moves off your face, slowly drops her

panties showing you her tight little ass. She runs her finger up her crack,

and lifts it to your nose, you inhale the aroma of her ass. She tells you, no

licking till I say so. Just smell it. She moves back in to your face, you

breath deep, enjoying it to its fullist, then she bends over further and

spreads her ass with her hands. She leans back into your face and you hold

her up with your face. Oh the smell is intense, sweet, stinky, delicious. She

pushes off your face and lets out some more air, pppppppppfffffffffffff!















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Sniffing Dried Shit


  Guys, may I pull down your pants and put my nose

  up to the seat of your underwear and sniff the dried

  poop in your butt? I LOVE BUTT FUNK!!




I have had a butt sniffing fetish since I was about 7.  Me and my brother used to wrestle alot and on occassion, my nose would brush by his butt and sometimes it had that booty-smell that you get when your skidmarks dry.  His butt smell would turn me on every time I caught a whiff, but I never let him know that I was trying to sniff it.  When he was gone, I would often go into his room sniff the seat of his briefs if they had skidmarks in them and at night I would smell his butt when he was asleep! It was great because he didn't shower until the morning time, so his ass was usually a little funky. Then as I got older alll through junior-high and high-school, sometimes I would sneak back into classrooms and sniff the seat where a cute had been sitting all hour or sniff car seats after a guy had been sitting in it.  Sometimes, they don't smell at all, but usually there is some odor left behind. I've masturbated alot times sniffing seats and I still think it's the best way of not getting caught. Now I like to smell butts when they are sleeping. I had went to party over a friend of mines house.  Some of us got kinda drunk and stuff, so we stayed all night.  A few of us were sleeping in then den and the living room on the floor. I had woke up early in the morning before anyone else and it was still kinda dark in the room.  This guy named Darin was asleep on the couch and was laying on his side with his face toward the back of the couch.  I just had to sniff his ass cause I knew I could get away with it without getting caught and It looked sooo fucking cute. He had on some brown khakis that were kinda loose fitting.  I got down on my knees and put my nose up to his butt and sniffed it.  I could smell a faint whiff of butt-funk that really made me horny.  I kept sniffing harder and harder hoping I could get a stronger scent...I really wanted to press my nose all the way into his butt, but I didn't want to take the chance of him waking up.  I guess I stayed there on my knees for about 5 minutes or so until I finally came in my pants.  I regret not smelling some of the other guys butts that night.  I fantasize about what a guys butt smells like everyday when I see them in public.....I often wonder what brings on such a fetish!!!!



CLUB XXX Personals: March 17, 1998



"Fart on my face through your jeans"



Dejanews: March 19, 1998



When I see a boy ridin his bike around town I follow him. Then I wait

for him to get off his bike and go play or something. Then I run up and

take a good whiff of that seat!



Bianca(FET): March 21, 1998


Smelled My Date's Butt Tonight!




Bianca(FET): March 21, 1998


I reached my hand down there and just laid it on her panty covered butt cheek

and she purred so I started to rub her cheek and even let my index finger

rest right on her fanny crack. Then she got more excited and started to push

her butt up towards the finger. When I didn't get the hint she whispered "put

it in" in my ear and with some trepidation that I understood her right, I

pushed it deep into her panty creased buttock crack until I could feel it

resting on what I was sure was her anus. She got very excited then and

really started to rock back and forth and make all sorts of sounds and as she

looked like she was coming, I really pressed it in exxtra hard and it almost

felt like it went up her rectum a bit through her panty. It seemed like

forever until the movie was done and I took her home and then was driving

myself home and had the first good opportunity to sniff my finger....stinky

like I could not believe this sweet and perfect and innocent girl could smell

like. What a night. I jerked off with one hand on my cock and the stink finger

under my nose and it was heaven




Bianca(FET): March 22, 1998


My girlfriend loves to sniff my butt through my worn underwear. I admit this

sort of turns me on.




Frt Frm: March 22, 1998


Gwen climbed onto the bed, startling Beth's chest, shoving her denim clad butt

into Beth's face. Don't like the smell of my farts?" She laughed and cut the

cheese. Beth's nose was right in Gwen's butt crack.






"What the fuck are you doing, ya big fag?" "I -- I dropped my glasses on the

floor, and I --" "Bullshit," he whispered, "you had your nose jammed in my

ass. What the fuck is that all about?"





Reply to March 30, 1998


"would love to smell your stinky booty."




Deja News: March 31, 1998


"Caught ya!" he said, grabbing them from behind my back when I

tired in vain to hide them. He teased, "You'll be nose-divin'

my bicycle seat next, I expect."




Deja News: March 31, 1998


"My chair is smelly.  This is very disturbing, as it can only really have

been caused by my arse being smelly"




Deja News: April 4, 1998


One time I did not have any butt marks on mine and he had me put them on and

pushed his finger up in my butt hole a little and move it around so it got

lots of stuff on them.





Deja News: April 7, 1998


I opened the tiny piece of cloth, and looked inside.  Would he leave skidmarks

?  Just the faintest, I found, and rather than turning me off, I found that

it only made the fabric I held more valuable.  I sniffed.  There was a tiny

smell of a man's asshole there.



Frt Frm: April 13, 1998

"looking for girls in southren CA who love to fart, and would have fun

forcing a guy to smell their asses in jeans while they fart."



GU(K): April 13, 1998


"would you like to see my face under there before you lower your stinky butt

down onto it???"



Bianca(FET):  April 19, 1998


When me and my fiance traveled home by car from Arizona, we drove for almost

3 days straight without changing or taking a bath or shower. When we got home

we both stripped down to only our jockey's and panties and laid on our

tummys on the bed with our heads opposite so we could each do some real good

sniffing of each other's rear ends. Then it was time to pull them down & see

skidmarks telling us how really stinky it was going to be to bare butt sniff





Frt Frm: April 19, 1998


Jennifer put her nose up to Rachel’s ass and sniffed. Jennifer started

rubbing her crotch while sniffing her friend’s ass






SMELLY BUTT HOLES TURN ME ON. Married, White, hairy guy interested in man

smells. I love to get my nose up a guy's butt hole and sniff away.





Whte Shdw: May 13, 1998


He then went to my hamper and opened it. He started to pull out my

underwear ( I had put them under a few things) checking the ass panels on

them. He found the dirty ones and stopped. He put them to his face and

sniffed them.



GU(FET): May 22, 1998


hi,there my fetish is tosniff an in shape butt in different positions.Farts in my face right on

my nose is a huge turn on.You would be wearing boxer briefs and be squatting on my



Biance(FET):  May 28, 1998


My 17 YO sis in law stayed at our house last night. Very late I snuck into

her room. It was warm so she was sleeping on top of the covers in a T shirt

and panties. She was on her belly so I went over to try and sniff her butt.

After getting a good whiff of her ripe butt. I backed away and began jerking




Frt Jke Exchane:  May 28, 1998


One day my little sister was getting ready to go out with her friend Megan.

They were all planning on meeting up with some of their guy friends. Natalie

is very immature for her age and will do almost anything that people tell her

to. So Megan asked Natalie to smell her butt. Naturally Natalie didn't want

to at first. But Megan convincingly said,but I don't want my butt to stink

for the guys. Convinced, Natalie leaned over to smell Megan's butt. Just as

she did, Megan let out a huge fart right in Natalie's face!



Frt Jke Exchane:  May 28, 1998


I was blindfolded and taken out of the room, and the other kids made the\

smelly guy sit in a chair in the classroom. Then I was led back in with the

blindfold and identified which chair he had sat in by sniffing each chair.



Deja News:  May 28, 1998


And, when I'm really hot, I love to press my nose into his smelly butthole,

especially if he crapped a few hours back...



Deja News: May 29, 1998


The thoughts and actions I have tried by myself have reached

the point where I realize that I not only want to sniff a guy's

underwear, but I want a guy to shit in them or on me while I smell his




GU(Fet):  May 31, 1998


Plain and simple.I dig smelling farts.My nose right on your butt at the time

of explosion.Its cool as hell.Done it with lots of dudes. Love a dude too

fart through underwear on my face as well. Would you like my face in your

butt with your briefs on when you feel that urge



GU(FET):  June 3, 1998


"Sniffing Farts through Underwear"



GU(FET):  June 4, 1998


"I'll sniff your butt before,during,and after you let that fart rip in my




House of Hum:  June 5, 1998


"their clothes start coming off and he starts getting his nose shoved in

their panty clad asses as they continue to make comments like

"Smell that stinky ass you piece of shit!".


The Tolet:  June 14, 1998


"My dream is to smell a goodlooking girl in the ass when she farts, (bent

forward with panties on)"



Bianca(FET):  June25, 1998


"Anybody got any stories about sniffing thier aunt's ass? I just love it when

my aunt bends over cause I get to sniff her hot young beautiful ass! "



I love the smell of a ladie's rear-end after a long day and maybe not

wiping real well. Do any females like the idea of a guy getting off on their

butt smell? Do any ladies sniff a man's butt, or undies, or jeans?
 July 10, 1998

"Fart in my face, let me sniff your rear, that's the way I like it"




WEB: July 23, 1998


I am so butt crazy in love with you that I would die for you ADAM J. STEVENSON!! I

     LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I sniff your butt when youre not looking.





WEB:  July 17, 1998


              One playtime, staying out of the rain,

              His heart sank, Someone sniffed his seat,

              And said it stank,

              A ritual followed,

              in which you had to dare,

              To whiff the niffy chair,

              Requeling from the squeling,

              In jubilant despair,

              From that day on we called him smelly,

              But one day Smelly wasn't there,

              Gone for good and noone knew where,

              But you could still smell smelly,

              If you smelt his chair.






Bianca(FET):  July 17, 1998


He was fighting her and trying to scream but she sat right on his face and

I saw his nose go right into her butt through her panties. mmm i would love

to have you sit on my face....make me sniff your butt.





WEB: July 20, 1998


"And don't worry, his butt stinks just like everybody else's."




GU(FET):  July 21, 1998


I have a fantasy of being forced to smell a guys ass during a wrestling

match. I'm talking nose in the crack.







MAX:  July, 24, 1998


I got the idea! SNIFF THE FUCKING CHAIR!!!!  So I slipped over, stuck my nose

where his butt had been, and was REWARDED with the scent of his funky ass

after working all day BOTTOM!!!



WEB:  July 30, 1998


"your computer chair smells exactly like your butt."






Bianca(FET):  August 3, 1998


I've asked a woman to sit on a wooden chair and rub her butt around in it,

then I smelled it. Anyone else do this?




Bianca(FET):  August 3, 1998

I am a college junior who has started to occassionally get turned on by

sniffing my finger after I have stuck it in my butt.I usually do this through




Reading Room:  August 3, 1998


I longed to be the one with Kelly's ass in my face. For days after that

incident, it was all I could concentrate on, and one time, I managed to get

behind Kelly between classes, following him up the stairs. His ass was inches

from my face as I was pushed by the rush of students behind me and I tried to

sniff at it.




GU:(FET):  August 3, 1998


His trademark move was a piledriver. As you know, this move puts your

opponents ass right in your face. It always seemed to me that he would keep

this position longer than most, with his nose coming in direct contact with

the other guys ass. I figured he enjoyed sniffing ass.



Bianca(FET):  August 6, 1998


In the 60's, I had numerous drive-in movie dates where sometime during the second movie, my date and I started to make out leading to her laying tummy down on the wide front seat of my wide-trac Pontiac Grand Prix and with me pulling up their skirt/dress or pulling down their shorts or slacks, and sticking my nose into the carck of their panty clad behinds. I was always surprised how many gals came on a drive-in date with smelly butts. I found

that each of their butts smelled a little different




Deja News:  August 6, 1998



NANNY’S BOTTOM. For many years when I was a little boy, our live-in nanny

and I would take baths together. Our communal bathing started when I was

four years old and Nanny was thirty years old. Nanny and I had bedrooms

upstairs and my parent’s bedrooms were downstairs. My bedroom and Nanny’s

bedroom were separated by the upstairs bathroom (our bathroom). Each of our

bedrooms had its own door leading directly into our bathroom. Our bathroom

had no door from the hallway.


When it was time for our bath, Nanny, warring her bath rob, would go from

her bedroom into our bathroom then enter my bedroom and bring me into our

bathroom. We would enter our bathroom where she would take off her bath rob

and then start the bath water. She would have to bend over the edge of the

tub and reach down to adjust the hot and cold faucets. She had to bend over

the tub and adjust the water temperature several times as the tub filled

with water. Each time, she would have to spend a minute or two adjusting

the water faucets, to get the right water temperature.


When I was about seven years old, I began to have sexual feelings toward

Nanny. I loved to see her naked when we bathed. After we bathed, I would go

to my bedroom and masturbate while having sexual fantasies about her.


One night, as she was adjusting the water temperature, I moved directly

behind her so I could get a good look at her naked bottom. Each time she

bent over, her butt cheeks would spread apart and reveal her dark-brown

butthole. I loved watching Nanny bend over, and every time she did, I would

move in very close so I could see every wonderful detail. My sexual arousal

patterns were becoming conditioned to focus on Nanny’s butt as a love

object and as a sexual arousal cue.


As I would bring my head in for a closeup view of Nanny’s butt, I began to

notice an odor coming from her butt. The odor smelled nasty but it was her

special odor, her butt odor, the odor of the object of my love. One night,

while Nanny was  adjusting the water faucets, I was standing behind her to

get my usual close up look at her sweet butt. This time however, as I

noticed her odor, I had an overwhelming desire to get a good smell of  her

butt odor. I leaned forward and put my nose up to her butt, as close as I

dared without getting caught. I took my first big sniff and got a full

blast of her powerful butt odor. When I say “blast,” I mean her butt odor

smelled so powerful that it almost blasted my seven-year-old head right off

my shoulders, and it almost knocked me out. My head jerked back and my

whole body shook from the shock of the overpowering strength of her pungent

butt odor. I enjoyed the smell of her butt odor.  I just hadn’t expected it

to smell so strong.


As the tub was filling with water, she bent over several more times to

readjust the temperature.  She also bent over several times to put her hand

into tub water, to check its temperature. Each time she bent over, I would

lean forward and put my nose up to her butt. I quickly learned the closer I

put my nose to her butt, the stronger the smell and the further away, the

weaker the smell. By regulating the distance of my nose from her butt, I

could regulate the amount of the odor I experienced. Repeatedly I would

sniff and sniff her wonderful butt odor. I remember that my head was

spinning from the power of her butt odor and my body trembled from



After that first butt sniffing session, I decided to make smelling Nanny’s

butt  a regular habit. Every time she bent over the tub, I would get my

nose as close to her butt as I could. I would sniff and sniff, loving every

moment of her wonderful and powerful butt odor. As I gained experience, I

began to notice that were small differences in her butt odor from one night

to the next. I made up silly names for these different types of odors. I

also noticed that on some nights her butt odor would be much stronger than

on other nights.


After each bath, I would rush to my bedroom to masturbate. While I

masturbated, I would fantasize about smelling her butt. I would fantasize

about asking her to let me smell her butt. I would also fantasize that she

would let me.


The odor of Nanny’s butt would arouse my sexual feelings. My aroused sexual

feelings reinforced my desire for her butt odor. My desire for her butt

odor drove me to continue smelling her butt. As I continued to smell her

butt odor, my aroused sexual feeling further reinforced my desire for her

butt odor. This process is known as “habituation.” Habituation starts when

a reward reinforces the behavior the produced the reward. Every time the

behavior is repeated, the reward is also repeated. After many repetitions

of the behavior-reward-reinforcement response (sometimes called reward

reinforcement learning), a habit becomes formed or learned. In my case the

reward of increased sexual feelings I experienced, from smelling Nanny’s

butt odor, reinforced my desire for Nanny’s butt odor. This may seem

obvious to the reader, however, the next paragraph shows the implications

of this process.


During the next few months, I became accustomed to the power of Nanny’s

rich butt odor.  I began getting my nose as close to her butt as I could.

By doing this, I could smell the full strength of her butt odor every time.

Nanny’s butt odor was becoming a very important part of my sexual arousal

pattern. The more her butt odor became a part of my sexual arousal

patterns, the more I began to depend on it for sexual arousal. The more I

depended on her butt odor for sexual arousal, the more it became a part of

me sexual arousal patterns. Psychologists call this a “dependancy.” I was

becoming dependant upon Nanny’s butt odor to arouse my sexual feelings. I

have included this psycho-babel only to make the ‘how and why’ of my

intense desire for the butt odor women more understandable for the reader.


This activity went on for about a year without my getting caught. One

night, however, as we started our bath, Nanny was again adjusting the water

faucets and testing the bath water. I was standing behind her, as usual,

and I leaned forward to put my nose up to her butt for another good sniff

session. On this particular night, her butt odor was extremely powerful.

Her butt odor was so powerful that it distracted my attention from being

careful not to get caught. As I was smelling her butt, she inadvertently

moved back a little and bumped my nose with her butt. Startled by this, she

quickly turned her head around and caught me with my nose in her butt. She

straightened up, spun around and almost slapped me. She yelled out “what do

you think your doing.” I told her I was smelling her butt. She was so

shocked and angered that she yelled “smelling my butt!” she then repeated

herself “smelling my butt!” “Where did you ever get such an idea?” “You

can’t go around smelling peoples’ butts.” She then scolded me really good,

telling me how nasty peoples’ butts are and that exploring someone’s body

without their permission is very nasty and rude. However, we went on to

bath together that night and she never told my parents about the incident.

After that night she wouldn’t let me stand behind her any more while she

was bending over the tub. I began to miss her good butt odor and the

excitement it gave me, and I was angry with her for stopping me.


Several days after Nanny caught me smelling her butt, she began to see my

anger. She knew why I was angry with her and she decided that we needed to

talk things over. She took me into her bedroom and we had one of those hart

to hart talk about how we felt about each other. During this talk I ask her

if I she would let me smell her butt again. She said that she loved me but

she didn’t appreciate having my nose in her butt. She refused to let me and

asked me if I knew what comes out of her butt. I told her that I knew that

her poop came out of her butt. She went on to say that people don’t play

with poop because it’s dirty and that people could get sick from poop. She

also told me that poop smells nasty and it makes peoples butts smell nasty.

She further told me to stop asking to smell her butt. However, she never

said anything to my parents about it.


I began following her around the house. I would watch her from behind as

she did the housework. Whenever she bent over, to make the beds or do

another chore, I would stare at her behind. While staring at her behind I

would stick one of my hands into my pants to play with myself. Sometimes I

would try to sneak up really close behind her to try to smell her. She knew

why I was following her, what I was looking at and what I was doing.

Sometimes she would catch me with my hand in my pants or trying to smell

her, and she would snap at me saying  “don’t be such a nasty boy.” However,

she never stopped me from following her around the house and she never told

my parents about my behavior.


Over the next few weeks, my courage grew stronger as I began to realize

that Nanny wouldn’t tell on me. So I would ask her if she would let me

smell her butt. At first she would scold me by reminding me that we had

talked about this before and that she had already said that she wouldn’t

let me do that. Again, she never told my parents about what I was asking

her to let me do.


After about a month of my asking her to let me smell her butt and her not

telling my parents,  my courage grew even stronger. Ever more I would ask

Nanny if she would let me smell her butt and, over time, she scolded me

less and less for asking. By the time another two weeks went by, I was

asking her five and six times a day. By this time she would respond only by

saying “well aren’t you the nasty little boy.” Finally one day, after I had

asked her to let me smell her butt about twenty times that day, she took me

up to her bedroom for another talk.


In her bedroom we sat on the edge of her bed and she asked me where I got

such an idea, I told her I didn’t know. Again, Nanny asked me if I knew

what comes out of her butt. I told her that I knew that her poop came out

of her butt. She then told me that she knew, from her own childhood, that

little boys can sometimes be very nasty and sometimes they like to do very

nasty things. Then she went on to say that boys are born to be nastier than

girls and that she knew it wasn’t my fault that I was so nasty. She also

said that she hadn’t told my parents because she knew my nasty interest in

her butt wasn’t my fault. It was just the way nature intended me to be. She

further said that she now understood that I couldn’t change or reduce my

nasty interest in her butt. She talked to me about when a boy and a woman

love each other they keep each other’s private secrets to themselves. She

then said that she loved me and asked me if I loved her. I told her that I

did love her. We then exchanged promises never to tell my parents about the

private love games we played with each other.


As we talked, we held hands  and I could feel her hands shaking. Nanny told

me that smelling someone’s butt is a very nasty thing to do. She said that

she was very afraid that if she let me smell hers I wouldn’t like it. She

also said she didn’t want to heart me by letting me do something I wouldn’t

like. I told her I had been smelling her butt for about a year before she

stopped me and that I always loved it. She then asked me to tell her about

what it was like to smell her butt. I told her that the smell of her butt

made me feel excited all over. I also said that it made my “wiener”(wiener

is the word we used for my penis) feel good and that it made my wiener grow

stiff. She told me that my wiener grew stiff because I loved smelling her

butt. She said that she had noticed my stiff wiener when we bathed

together. She also said that she liked to see my stiff wiener and that

seeing it made her feel excited. She than asked me if I was sure about

liking the smell of her butt. I again told her that I loved it. Repeatedly

she asked me if I liked the smell of her butt, and repeatedly I said “Nanny

I love to smell your butt” and “Nanny your butt smells really good.” Then

repeatedly she asked me if I wanted to smell her butt. Repeatedly I said

“Nanny I really want to smell your butt” and “Nanny please let me smell

your butt.” After each time I repeated myself, she would kiss me on my



After our little talk, Nanny stood up on the floor and pulled me up too. As

we stood facing each other, she then told me she would let me smell her

butt only if, after I had enough, I would show her my wiener. I agreed, and

she said that if I didn’t like to smell of her butt I could stop and I

wouldn’t have to do it again. She asked to tell her one more time what I

wanted to do to her. I then said “Nanny I really want to smell your butt.”

She then turned around, lifted up her dress, pulled her underpants down and

bent over. I immediately dropped to my knees and drove my nose deep between

her butt cheeks. I sniffed and sniffed, rubbing my nose all around inside

her butt. Her wonderful butt odor was so powerful that it almost knocked me

out. As I sniffed her wonderful butt odor, my excitement spread out from my

nose and to my whole body. I remember that I was trembling from the

excitement but I just kept on sniffing and sniffing.  I sniffed so much and

so hard that I was hyperventilating.  I got dizzy and almost passed out.


After a few minutes went by, Nanny said that she was getting tired of

bending over. She also asked me if I had enough or if wanted “to do it some

more.” I begged her to “let me do it some more,” so she straightened up,

slipped her underpants off, and took off her dress and slip. She then laid

down on the bed, on her stomach, and spread her legs. I jumped up on the

bed and again buried my nose deep into her smelly bottom. As I sniffed, I

rubbed my nose around and around in her butt. Touching her butt with my

nose made me even more excited. Sometimes I had to stop sniffing for a

moment so I wouldn’t hyperventilate and get dizzy.


We stayed like that for about five minutes, until I had an orgasm (I was

still to young to ejaculate semen but I was old enough to have intense

orgasms). When I had my orgasm, my body jerked and shook, and I was totally

out of breath. She new that I had an orgasm and she told me she knew what

had just happened to me. I felt a little embarrassed.  We got up and she

stared at the bulge in my pants. She told me that she couldn’t believe that

the smell of her butt could excite a little boy so much.


Then Nanny asked me to lie back on the bed and to pull my pants down, so I

did. She then started to touch and rub my wiener. My wiener was hard as a

rock from the excitement her butt odor had given me. Also, my nose was

covered with her butt odor from being rubbed around in her butt. As I

breathed in through my nose, I could still smell the lingering odor on my

nose. The lingering odor and the memory of what I had just done kept my

wiener hard for a long time.


She told me that she loved to play with my wiener as much as I loved to

smell her butt. She went on to say that she had wanted to play with my

wiener from the first time we bathed together. She said that she had been

afraid to start playing with my wiener for fear that I might tell my

parents. I told her that I would never tall my parents. With my assurance

of silence, she began to suck on my wiener. Her mouth was very warm and

wet, and felt so good around my wiener.



Bianca(FET):  August 13, 1998



I luv 2 sniff unsuspecting ass', whenever a young girl Bends over and no one's looking, I have to sniff her butt crack, I've sniffed my Aunt's, cousin's, friends sister, and other ladies too!


GF:  August 14, 1998


..when he got up to go to the bathroom, I went over and sniffed the seat where

his ass had been.



Mx Frdhm:  August 30, 199


Christ, every beautiful woman I see now all I think of is ONE thing! What does her butt smell like. It's an




Could you get off on smelling another dudes farts through the seat of his jeans or boxers?



Looking for very young asslovers-those into sniffing ass, eating ass, sucking hot shit from asses-any kind of ass play at all. Am looking for decentlooking guys under 30(my age) and especailly college age guys.



Love to smell girls fingers after they have been scratching and digging at their butts....



I dreamed of sniffing the butts of so many of the girls at school... it became a powerful masturbation fantasy. I used to imagine the cutest girl in class standing at the teacher’s desk with her skirt lifted up and my face planted firmly between her butt cheeks having a whiff.  One time as a joke I stuck my hand on the seat as one of my girlfriends sat in my car. Her skirt was very short so when she sat down she put her panty-covered ass right on my hand ... we laughed and I pulled my hand out. But when she wasnt looking I smelled my hand.



I guess this may be a little different than panty pooping but I once stayed with a friend of mine for the summer. One saturday I accidentally caught my friend's mother going through my dirty laundry bag. She had pulled out a very dirty pair of my jockey shorts and she was sniffing both the front and the

back. She mostly looked and and sniffed the skidmarks in the back while rubbing her crotch. I didn't let her see me for while but I finally asked her what she was doing. It was weird but the fact that my dirty underwear was turning her on, turned me on. She was totally embarrassed. As we talked she

confessed that she had a fetish for dirty underwear. The sight and the smell really turned her on. She had sniffed chairs I had been sitting on. The smell was so strong that she had to get a look at the real thing. I then asked her if she wanted to sniff the undies I was now wearing. She sort of shivered

alittle and whispered yes. She told me she gets her panties dirty as well and wanted to know if I would like to sniff hers also. This was getting strange but I was getting extremely turned on. I stripped down to my underwear and she took everything off except her panties and her long-legged girdle. We got into the 69 position on the bed. As she crawled on top I was excited to see how dirty and smelly her rear-end was. Her panties were so dirty that the stains had soaked through them and even stained right through the girdle. We sniffed each other for a long time. She had an orgasm almost immediately as she sniffed my butt and rubbed her crotch on my nose.



 I enter the room, she just returned from a work-out at

the gym. She orders me on my knees, walks over and turns around, putting her sweaty ass in my face. She tells me to smell it, love it. She stays there for awhile, then lets out a little fart, then slides off her tights, putting her ass again in my face, smelling it. She lets out another little fart, and then slips off her sweaty panties, puts them in my mouth so I can't lick her ass. She bends over and puts her ass in my face, then farts again. She makes me

lay on my back, straddles my head, squatts down and fingers her ass over my face. She rubs her finger all around her ass when she pulls it out, then sits on my face, hard.


While my boyfriend and I were making out last night we both had our fingers in each other's butts when we still had our underpants on. Later, when we were making love, I saw that after he kissed me he was turning his head and taking a sniff of his finger that had been up my butt. This kind of surprised me because we did not shower before and probably both had the kind of butts that would give a stink finger even through underpants. So, I started to sniff my finger that had been up his butt, and even though it did smell crappy, the scent started to turn me on more than I already was. When we both came, we both were taking a good wiff of our stink fingers and our orgasms were tremendous!



Sit on my face and fart several times while i bury my nose in your butt. Like it thru levis



When me and my brother were about 8 (we're twins:) we used to play a game in which we dared each other to smell each other's butt. The biggest dare was for us to do this "bare butt", but usually we did it with our underpants on- when his blue jeans were down and my dress was up. Since we were kids, and not worried about body odor - it was usually a stinky few seconds that our noses were up each other's butt.



I really get off sniffing someone's butt(especially when they don't know about it!)


Anyone ever do that when they were young or with another kid when you were farting.


Or sniffed someone's butt while they were asleep?


Or sniffed where they were sitting such as a couch, seat cushion,

or bicycle seat?


Or even when their back was turned to going up some stairs?


Or maybe even by wrestling, in a football tackle, or while playing that game "Twister"?


I'd love to share my experiences with others that have done this. I've done this to several of my friends(male & female) usually at school or during sleepovers and I think it's kinda kinky knowing which ones don't wipe so well or have recently farted.




My name is Becky. I live in Minnesota. Sometimes before work, I sit on my husbands face in sweats while I eat my breakfast cereal. I tell him I'm going to sit there until this oatmeal makes me fart in his nose.




Rita leans over, in her panties and says to her girlfriend, "c'mere and give my ass a sniff. Smell my butt" Jen moves in and puts her nose right up to Rita's tush, breathes in and catches a strong nasty whiff of her girlfriend's dirty asshole. She inhales again slowly so she could savor the scent of Rita's stinky butt.




I slipped my hand into the back of his Power Ranger pajama bottoms,

caressing the silky smooth

skin on his perfect little bottom.  Gently I parted his cheeks and slipped

my finger inside, feeling

the moist heat as I found his precious boy-bud.


"That's nice, Tim," I said.  "That feels so good to Daddy."



He brought his worn jeans up to his nose and sniffed the seat.




His demand humiliated her as she leaned in and smelled his ass.  It was demeaning.  Her pussy gave a spasm and she came as she smelled him.  Her vagina contracted strongly again and again, trailing off into a series of aftershocks.  Jack looked back over his shoulder at his Mother's closed eyes. He realized she was having an orgasm.  He waited until she seemed through.  Her eyes opened. Jack stepped away and pulled off his shirt.  He was completely naked in front of her.  He dropped down casually into the armchair.  "Well, was that good for you, Mom?", he asked boldly. 

Susan felt helpless and weak after her orgasm.  She knew he would want

her body displayed before him next.  She felt her stage fright rising. 

"Yes, it was good," she offered meekly.  "You came?" "Yes," was her quiet response. "You came, sniffing my butt?"





I brought my finger up to nose and caught a whiff of the

sweet musk of his little boy-ass and a faint hint of the poopoo he had taken earlier.  I held my finger under my nose and inhaled deeply.  My cock got even harder. I continued to play with his hot little butthole, pulling my finger out occasionally to sniff at it as I began masturbating faster.


We have been reading quite a few notes here about the erotic joys of smelling butt when it is smelly, and we tonight is going to be our first night to try this as we are masturbating each other. I asked Clarisse a while ago if she had a really smelly butt and she just gave me a sort of devilish smile and said "you'll find out soon enough!" Well, she definitely won't be smelling roses when she sniffs mine so I will just let her smile for now!



It started when we had classes together in church. I went back to the classroom after class to get a book and when I bent down to pick up my pencil, my nose brushed passed the seat of the chair my cousin had been sitting on. It smelled very cheesey. One day I mentioned it to her and she asked me if she could sniff the chair I was sitting on. I said go ahead and when she sniffed the seat, she told me the smell aroused he and she wanted to see what my underwear smelled like. One thing led to another and we went back to her home and we both pulled down our pants.




One of my duties (bad oun) is to wash and clean off the equipment after every one has left before I lock up and leave. This always gives me an opportunity to sniff all of the apparatus women have been sitting on - especially the seats of the exercycles. And they are always as crappy scented as I could wish for - but not all smell just the same though all do have a major shit odor for sure. Sometimes, near the end of the night, I will wash off a seat before a pretty gal uses it before we close. She thinks I am doing her a big favor (and sometimes I even get a tip for this) but really, I;m just cleaning off everyone else's fanny odor so I can know exactly what her's is like!

I don't make alot of money, but I sure do get to smell the most private odors of some of the sharpest women anywhere!



I am a college freshman and can assure you that even the pretty pom-pom    girls (of which I am one) and cheerleaders at the games often have soiled and stinky panties on under those cute short skirts and colored tights. Several times after football games this year, my boyfriend and I have been making out at his place and her has had his nose up my butt as he was eating out my pussy from the front! And he has never complained once, even though I know (judging from the brown stains in my panties) that he has gotten a wiff of fragrance that was nothing like my Windsong cologne! I am now trying to work up the courage to sniff his butt as I am curious to see what a turn on or off this might be. I am sure that it will be a little stinky at least because his

     jockey shorts often have had skidmarks in them. I am just not sure how to go about this and how to avoid hurting his feelings if I get my nose up there and start to gag or get light-headed because the odor is too bad or just a big turn-off for me. Please give me some advice!


When I was about 15. There was this girl in our neighborhood. An excellent looking blond with a nice butt. We were getting into a friends car to give her a ride home. She had to climb over me to get in the middle in the front seat.

I got the best whiff of her ass. Nice and girl stinky accent with just a little feminine poo! I will never forget that one. I also used to smell my exgirlfriends butt whenever she was asleep. Or sometimes, I smelled her dirty panties. I stole a pair of cotton briefs that had some nice skid marks. However, the smell is all gone.



ever want to smell a pretty girls g-string after its been up her crack all day?? how about smelling a stripper's thong or g-string after shes been dancing in a hot bar for hours?(were talking about smelling the part that rides up her ass!!)


Ladies, does it turn you on or off knowing a man would love to sniff your panties? A long time fantasy of mine is a woman bent over with her skirt raised and my face gently placed against her panty-covered bum so I can smell her ass.



I love to bury my nose between my girlfriend buttcheeks deeply squeezed it into her tight and smelly asscrack, especially when she wears jeans.



i've been away for the weekend at a

friend's house down the country It was great as I got to sniff a few

asses as everyone was  so pissed. On Saturday night everyone was jarred

and people started goiung to sleep about 6 in the morning, but I was

still awake and horny so I went up to a few of the birds there and

started sniffing. One was wearing a loose dress, so I was up almost

against her knickers sniffing and it melled great, just a whiff. I had

such a hard-on and hads to go into the toilet and masturbate. What a

great party. The next night I was with one of the girls but I couldn't

tell her, or try to sniff t again. She would have probably thought I was

a freak for asking. I was fantasising that some girl would, like you did

to your friend, sniff my ass when i was asleep. Then I'd wake up and see

her and we could take it from there...:) That would be fun.



If I was sniffing a girl's butt when she was

asleep and then woke up, I couldn't get away with it cause of the hard

on I'd invariably have. However us guys do have some things good. For

instance, if a girl is wearing a skirt it's a lot easier to get a sniff,

and if they sit down,the smell they leave behind is a lot more potent. I

remember once I was giving a friend of mine a lift home the night after

she'd been to a party so she was dressed up, and still a little pissed,

so that when she got in the car her skirt rode up on her. Basically the

only thing between her ass and the car seat were her tightts. The

minuter she got out of the car I bent over to sniff the seat, and...yep,

there was a lovely smell there. I drove off home as soon as I could and

parked the car in the garage so nobody would see me. Yet again, with my

face buried in the seat, wishing it was buried in her ass, inhaling

deeply, I jerked off



I suppose my friend's ass smelt a little stinky,

but not too bad. It just really turned me on that I could still smell

her after she'd gone. I never managed to get a pair of her panties,

though I'd have loved to have gotten a pair to sniff.I don't know if

anyone else likes this, but with so many posts about licking ass at

bianca's there must be a few who sniff asses.


Not many females are into this or at least they'd never admit to

it....Isn't it wonderful though? What an instant turn-on when you can

catch a sniff of a butt that is a bit dirty. It's so erotic and

private...Would you ever let someone sniff yours????


Iv'e been able to have experiences with sniffing, mostly with

ex-girlfriends and their panties. Sometimes I would be able to find some

nice skid marks in them and the smell would just put me in

heaven...Other times, if they hadn't showered in a while and they had

used the toilet that day, I would be able to smell their asses while

they were asleep. Another way was if I had been touching them around

their asshole, the smell would stay on my finger. I love that. Of

course, they didn't know that I would sniff my fingers after.


I used to do it to a female friend of mine. I really fancied her and

used to fantasise about her the whole time(and sometimes still do).

Every Sunday night she'd call in and we'd watch tv or something. She'd

stay a few hours and after she went home I'd put my nose right up to the

cushiion where she had been sitting trying to smell her ass, and then,

with my face in the cushion, inhaling deeply I'd jack off there and

then. Her ass smelt beautiful and I used to dream of actually putting my

nose to her ass and smelling it.



Sounds interesting-your ripe athletic bubble butt must really season those smelly cords, and if they're brown all the better to wear them longer to make a great match for guys who like to sniff, finger and caress the butt of a well

worn pair of six wale cords.



Mikey quickly turned over and sat up and all the boys stared at Kyle's finger. There was no sign of poo on it though. Kyle lifted it to his nose and sniffed it. "Smell!" All the boys took turns smelling Kyle's finger. TJ found that it wasn't as smelly as he had expected, it was a little funky, but smelling it had made his own wiener swell.



I progressed with pulling down her slacks a bit to sniff her butt through her panties.



I positioned my own ass in front of his face then released a

tremendously loud and smelly fart. I reached behind me to hold Red's head against the seat of my pants, wanting him to suffer the humiliation of having to smell my asshole stink while he was being fucked up the ass like a faggot. I then stood up to unfasten my black jeans, exposing my underpants covered ass to the three strangers and my two buddies. I then squatted back down in front of Red and ordered him to sniff my ass again only this time with his face smashed against my underpants.


I would like to get together, and crawl around on the floor sniffing at each others butts like dogs do.


"How does it smell," she asked with an amused tone. "Why don't you just give it a little sniff."


I began to kiss the beautiful little hairs around her asshole. I kissed them with great passion, and

began to sniff her ass. It smelled much like her fingers did the night before, but much more strong.

Decidedly fartier. Shittier. Her ass smelled wonderful,




I want to feel your hot cum all over my face, smell your

butt, and whatever else you may have in mind



Once I was back into the office, I checked around again to make

sure noone was around and I went into her cubicle.  I kneeled

down on the floor and starting sniffing her chair.  I started

getting excited all over again because besides the smell of

perfume, there was also the smell of her butt.  I could smell

her butt sweat and I could smell her shit since she always

liked to sit in her chair with her butt sticking out in the same

position!!  The smell was so overwhelming that I did something

really daring.  I stripped naked to my socks and kneeled down

with my entire face and nose pressed to her smelly chair inhaling

her womanly butt odors while I jacked off furiously!!!   I also

imagined that she was sitting naked on the chair and I was right

there with my face in her smelly butt sniffing it for all I was

worth while she watched and approved!


As I got closer to coming, I pretended that she was there with me

and approved of my intense desire for her smelly butt.  I

imagined that she told me that if I sniffed and licked her smelly

pussy thoroughly clean then I could have the prize of sniffing

and licking her smelly sweaty, shitty buttcrack and asshole

clean.  I licked the sweat and piss from her pussy and licked all

her juices until she was sparkling clean and she rewarded me by

making me her chair as she sat her smelly butt right on top of my

face with nose directly buried in her smelly asshole.  The smell

of her chair was so distinct that I really felt like my face was

buried deep into her butt.  I was so horny by this time that I

proceeded to sniff and lick her chair like it was her butt.  My

breathing got heavy and fast and it was hard to breathe the smell

of her butt in deeply so I took quick sniffs and each time I

smelled her butt on that chair I got closer to coming until I

knew I could not hold it back any longer.  I got up and stood

over her chair and pretended I was looking at the butt that I had

been so faithfully sniffing and licking and worshipping and I

proceed to cum wildly!


I was fantasising that some girl would, like you did

to your friend, sniff my ass when i was asleep. Then I'd wake up and see

her and we could take it from there...:)



I live in the Sacramento area.  I too am fond of sniffing butts.  I love the

smell of a stinky butt and try to sniff them as much as I can.  I have waited

for others to get off their chair and have sniffed their chairs in hopes of

finding some shit to smell.


One time my cousin, who is 1 year younger than me, came to stay at my

house while his parents went on vacation. On the first night we were

in my room watching tv. It was getting late so we laid on our beds in

our underwear. He started telling me that he was tougher than me. So

I went to his bed and got him down. He said that he was not ready and told

me to let him up. As I let him up he knocked me on my back, sitting on my

chest facing my feet, while he held my arms down. He was not very big but

I could not get him off. Every time I tried his butt kept getting closer

to my face. I could smell his ass and saw that his underwear had some

pretty mean stains. I told him to get off because I could smell his ass.

He said good and shoved his ass on my head. I turned my head so he was not

sitting on my face. He got mad and started bouncing. I told him to stop

and get off me. He then farted and said smell that. Then he twisted my

head with his legs and got my nose right into his asswhole through his

underwear. He shifted up and sat right on my face. He stayed like that

for about 15 minutes. After a few minutes I just gave into him and smelled

his ass willingly.













I was just thinking about a time when I used to smell the seats of the other guys chairs in my class.  I was in 8th grade and i would bend over the chair like I was picking up something or tieing my shoe and sniff the seat.  It would only be a kid who I thought was cute

I remember one time i was realy wanting my friend to come over and stay

the night cuz i wanted to smell his ass. I was about 12 and realy getting into it for the first time. He came over and we both fell asleep. i remember waking up and pulling the covers off of his ass and putting my nose down there. I was scared he was gonna wake up, but he didnt and I continued to smell it.



It especailly turns me on to find out that a really cute guy wears whites and has skids.


Sniff A Bent Over Butt Sorry, tell me about experience's you've had with ass sniffing, has anyone 18 or younger sniffed your ass? Was it a girl or a guy, and how did it happen, I would love to sniff your ass, what would you be wearing?


"What does it say?" Brendan asked impatiently.


"I've gotta put my nose in his crack and sniff his butt!" Michael said with

a frown, but the huge guffaws of laughter from his friends were contagious,

and even Michael ended up smiling.  His amusement departed again,

though, as soon as Jason got to his hands and knees on the chair, offering

his shapely ass for inspection.  He wiggled it back and forth tauntingly.


"Nobody chickens out, Mike," urged Brendan, anxious to see his friend do

something so nasty it took the devious mind of Jason to dream it up.


Michael looked uncertain, but there was no way he was going to be the one

who wimped out, not after the way he bragged about being the king of the

game and everything!  Some part of him was getting excited over the dare,

too, and he found himself both hesitant and eager at the same time.  He

approached Jason slowly, kneeling on the carpet remnant before the chair

and pausing about a foot away for a moment.  Then in sudden decision

Michael thrust his face against his friend's backside and crushed his little

freckled nose against the red shorts right in Jason's crack.


Brendan howled with laughter, then observed, "I don't hear any sniffing,



"Yeah, Mike," Jason added.  "You gotta sniff deep, like Brendan did, or

else I just might have to fart."


"No farting!" Michael yelled, his voice muffled by Jason's keester.  "It

didn't say anything about farting!"


"Well, maybe I won't be able to hold it," Jason warned.


"OK, OK, I'll sniff!" Michael said, followed immediately by several

deep snorts of boy butt and the resounding laughter of Brendan.



when we were in the van and you were bent over fixing something in the back, I leaned over and put my nose to your butt crack and sniffed your beautiful behind




I used to date a girl that liked to masturbate by pressing her nose into and sniffing the seat of my funky jeans.





"You Caught Me Sniffing Your Butt! "

Your a hot blonde ,31 year old, and you work for my father were going up some stairs and I notice how beautiful your big-hiped small waisted ass is, I bring my nose close to your butt crack to inhale your smell, after a minute you turn and look over your shoulder and say...




everytime I see a goodlooking guy anymore, I think "how does his ass smell, how would his farts smell,




I love the smell of a mans levis after a four hour ride on a dirt bike. After the ride, I am rewarded by the smell of his hot Levis while my face is buried in his hot smelling butt !!!



I want you to be my cousin, I walk in on you when your sleeping, your     wearing a tshirt and your black skin tight pants, your laying on your     side, slowly I walk up to you, and kneel on the floor and pull out  my dick, with my nose inches from your butt crack I sniff your wonderful butt, harder and harder I jerk my dick, then you wake up....



You  walk in on me when I'm sleeping, and see me wearing a tshirt and skin tight pants that cling to my butt. You walk over

to the bed were I'm laying on my side and pull out your dick as you kneel on the floor with your nose inches from my butt crack, You sniff in my smell, harder and harder jerk you dick, then I wake up.......



Atlanta, seeks others in the area or state for dirty brown underwear      play. Like sniffing, fingering and could get into mutual smearing.  Like to wear dirty undershorts, boxers or briefs, sniffing butt.



Seems like everytime I see a goodlooking man anymore, I think about how good

his ass would smell if I could just get my nose between those cheeks. My ultimate fantasy is to have a guy stop by after a hard workout at the gym, undress down to his jock strap, and let me sniff his ass and enjoy the stink (front and back)


And what doing you think you're doing young man!!!!  You weren't doing what I think you were, were you?



I dream of smelling your butt while your wearing those skin tight pants, and whenever you get up from a seat, I sniff it so I can get a whiff of your butt





It's Just the Best Ass... Really!



Ok. I have it really good. I mean, REALLY good. If you're into the type of fetish that I'm into, you'd

love what I have.


First off, maybe I should say a little about myself so you can then put a name and face to the sick

perverted fuck you're about to read about (!). My nickname is Zibbit and I'm 20 years-old. I have a

pretty laid-back family, and all of my cousins, especially the one I'm going to tell you about.


My fetish is farts. Before you say that that's nasty, I'll explain this one. Ever since I was about 8 or so

I've had this thing for girls farting. It made me so horny that I would find myself vigorously

masturbating after-the-fact over the sound and the smell. I think it's the overall factor of a girl (who's

supposed to be so petite and cute, especially the ones who totally are) farting and having it actually

smell. In a way it also astounds me somewhat. Think about it if you're a sick fuck: a pretty girl,

spreading her ass and ripping a giant man-fart in your face, then listening to her giggle so cute- like.

Man, it sends me over the edge! And like I said I think I discovered this when I was 8 or so. But it

got better for me.


Pretty soon I was getting pretty ballsy about sneaking a whiff after a girl farted near me. Once I was

playing hide-and-seek in my neighborhood (I think I was 9 or 10) and my neighbor Kendra, who

was about the same age as me, was running away after I just discovered her. As she was running

away, she squeezed a tiny little fart out. Now I was just plain horny.


"Did you just fart?" I said without thinking about it.


She just looked at me and shook her Head, kinda giggling. I think she wanted me to do what I did

next. She turned around and stuck her butt out a little as I walked over and got my nose as far into

her ass as I could and took a deep whiff or her warm fart. We played this game maybe two more

times before she moved away. It was nothing sexual on her part, it just left me a great memory to

masturbate to when I got home.


And by the way, my technique is different than normal male masturbation. And it always played a

great role in my future fart plans. I lay on my stomach with my underwear on, then I rub my dick

through the pants moving my legs back and fourth until I cream. The orgasm is so much better than

that of intercourse. It just feels more powerful, and eventually I realized I had the perfect position to

try out these girls when they farted.


Around this same time I was screwing around with my sister. That's natural of course, two kids who

have no idea whatsoever just laying in bed masturbating with each other. Then it all happened. My

sister was still rubbing when she said softly, "I have to fart." Now since we were already

masturbating I figured it would be ok if I just rested my face in her crack when she farted, then be

able to sniff it out and have my orgasm at the same time. Kind of the goal I was looking to achieve

from day one. So that's what I did. I got behind her and put my nose right up against her asshole

(which was bobbing up and down since she was also masturbating like me) and kept right on rubbing

myself. I then told her to go ahead. She ripped this tiny- like "pl-pl-pl-pl-pl" which was for the most

part a dry fart, but I got the scent first hand with my nose right in the source and my hand vigorously

rubbing my tiny penis. I came immediately. It was easily the best thing I had ever discovered.


Now because it is just a little wrong to fuck around with my sister, I resorted to fucking around with

my older cousin Melissa. Actually, we never even fucked around. I just more-or-less smelled her ass

all the time! At first tried to be very discreet about it. You know, she'd be standing up somewhere

and let out a quiet fart, thinking I didn't hear it. So I would wait till she turned around and then I'd go

near her butt just to get a little bit of a whiff. It did enough for me. And probably the main reason I

liked doing this with my cousin was that eventually she got off over what I was doing. I remember it

very clearly, and what happened once was when she was watching me for the evening, I must've

been 11. She was 17 or so. I didn't want to sleep by myself in the living room because I would rather

sleep in her bed (she had a waterbed). She told me I could sleep in her bed but she was sleeping

there too, so I'd have to deal with it. Um, fine by me. So I watched her as she got into bed and rolled

over towards me and said, "Just don't pee my bed or anything." With that, she turned around and fell

asleep, at least I think she did. So I waited until I could hear that really steady breathing, knowing she

was asleep. I started to masturbate very quietly, hoping not to wake her up. I guess towards the end

of my little session I heard a really cute sounding fart emanate from her ass! She was sleeping! And,

best of all, her ass was totally near my face! I jumped at this opportunity, and knowing that she was

sleeping, I put my nose in her ass immediately and started to sniff up all of her beautiful fart. Man,

that one actually smelled good too! But I guess my nose was in her ass a little too long, you know,

trying to savor the aftermath of it, and she woke up.


"Zibs, why are you smelling my butt?" She said it almost like she didn't care. Then she asked me

more, "Um, are you masturbating?"


I was like, "Uh-huh," nose still buried in her asshole. I thought I was in deep shit, after all, most girls

would freak at the fact that a guy wants to smell their ass after they farted! Especially since girls are

embarrassed about that in the first place. But then came the response I never thought I'd hear.


"Well, if you wanna finish masturbating, and you wanna smell my butt, I'll just lay on my stomach and

let you take care of business. I may fart though, and it might smell a little, but I'm just warning you.

Whatever floats your boat."


I was in heaven! Seriously! I lost my cum right there, and my face was nowhere near her ass! So I

still took advantage of it, though. I ended up just getting in position and resting my face in her soft

fart-scented ass. I tried to masturbate again, but it didn't work until let a tiny fart squeak out of her

ass. Then I started right up. I was going at it, sniffing her butthole every 5 seconds or so, keeping the

effect realistic so I'd have a good cum, you know. But I was nearing my second orgasm, and I felt

her butt bobbing up and down. I knew the waterbed wasn't doing it because the cheeks were

tightening and letting out each time I felt it go up and down. Then I looked into her crotch, and found

her hand rubbing her vagina. She was masturbating just like me! And in the same position! This was

too unreal. I looked up at her and, knowing she was awake, asked her if I could possible rub her

vagina, just to see what it feels like. She said I could do it but I couldn't tell my mom or dad about

this. So I agreed and dove right in, rubbing that thing to death. She moaned softly and said,

"mmmmm...uhh...I gotta fart, here it comes," and WHOOSH! Big silent fart came whooshing out of

her ass, hitting my nostrils and ascending into my brain where I realized I was now gonna cum due to

the fact that that smell sent me over the edge. I came in my underwear and moaned really loud. After

I was done she said, "That felt really good. You can still lay down on my ass if you want."


So over the next few years, every time I saw my cousin we would have fun. Once when I was 15

she let me fuck her, but I did it without a rubber, cuz she told me it would feel a lot better. She of

course farted a whole lot, and they all smelled good, and made me cum every time. She even let me

cum inside her, and when she was tired she would just lay down on her back and let me dry hump

her pussy mound until I felt better. Every time I did that she also got a free orgasm out of it. But my

basic sexual fetish and experience all comes from my older cousin Melissa, because she showed me

how to fuck and how to have a lot of fun...especially when she let me smell her ass! She still lets me

do this with her when I see her, but she lives out west so it's getting harder and harder to see her.

Although every time we see each other, it's an instant replay of that time when I was 11. Because we

both know that it felt so good.


Over the course of time I also got pretty ballsy and actually preyed on women who I knew farted a

lot. Once I got to smell one of my teacher's butts when she farted, but that story is for another time...

it's a good one too.



When I was a schoolboy, I had much fun on some evenings the week with my little brother. The name of the game was "nightpenalty". I was coming in my brothers bed to sit on him. first time on his chest and finished for a longer time on his face. I liked to feel his nose between my asscheeks trought my white underpants. Most of the time my pants was no so clean, it was the typical underwear of a young boy. And so I think it was hard for him, to put his nose into my butt to smell it. But he had no chance, he was the younger boy and I was too strong for him. then he don´t by day what I want, I sayed "wait for the evening, your nose will go for a long time in my ass...".

This was a very nice time for me ......... (not for him???)




Yes, when I was a boy aged 10 my older brother sometimes plays a game named "sniffy" with me.

Her said " Its time to play" and pressed his pantiebutt on my face. when my nose was between his

asscheecks he was sitting silent and for ten or more minutes. His ass smelled not good, but he was

to strong for me ....

Sometimes he farted in my nose and pressed down his butt very hard on my face.



I have the same fantasy. It started when I was 15. I was babysitting for a weekend for 10 year old twin boys. The wanted to play cowboy and Indians. They were the Indians and took off their clothes except for their underwear, and put on some facepaint. They told me that they captured me. They told me to put my hands behind my back so they could tie me up. I was not too concerned

until I felt them handcuff me. I started yelling at them and they told me that they needed to punish me. They knocked me down on my back. One of them sat on my chest and started bouncing up and down. The other one squatted over my face and told me to smell his butt. He was really dirty and it smelled really strong. They each took turns sitting on my face with their underwear on. They

kept laughing at me and told me I was their butt smeller.


Yeah, sitting on a little guys face is a very hot game.

If I was 12 and my brother two years younger. Some evenings I spend my time sitting with white sweats on his face. This was my game for years, one or two evenings the week. I liked it to feel his nose between my cheeks and I let him sniff my ass while long sittings.


Has anyone had any experiences of having a boy sit on your face and smelling his butt?



I slowly took her panties and positioned them over my face as if she was wearing them and imagined she was kneeling down to sit on my face. I had the

dirty part of her crotch turned inside and took my time lowering the butt part on my nose.





I can relate because when I was a young boy, my older sister (only by two years) would have slumber parties and I would wait till they all fell asleep and then sneak into the front room and smell as many of her friends butts thru their panties as possible, without waking them up. It was tough to do, but I was on a mission, if you know what I mean. I could usually smell the butts of the ones laying on their sides the best. I loved it and I

still remember those great smells. I'm Jealous!! LOL. God I wish I could have had the balls to do what you did!! Do you recall what kind of panties you would sniff their butts through?

It wasn't too hard once they were all asleep, since they had all been up very late to begin with. Most of them had on pajamas, but those that didn't, fell asleep in their panties only and it was in the summer so the covers were off of them thru the night. The ones I sniffed were cotton and only one pair was a silky type, but they all smelled great! The cutest of the girls had olive colored cotton panties that were the most "fragrant" I even sniffed some of the girls butts that were wearing pajama bottoms, but it was harder to smell them thru those. I was able to on a couple of them though, which was great also.




A friend and I when we were younger always wrestled around in a game

called tangle up.  The object was to get the other person in a 'bad'

position, which meant having your ass in the other persons face.  We

would play this in our underwear or PJ's.  Than you would rip one right

in the guys face.  Needless to say I always helped him get me in a

position with my face and nose was buried in his crack.  "Begging" him

not to let one go.  Of course he would and I would squirm under him

deeply inhaling the aroma of his present.  What a turn on.


 I have been masturbating while smelling my own ass

smells on my fingers since i was 8. Ive never been able to think of a

sexier smell ever. i also wander around, at work, in the malls,etc,

watching people, imagining what their butts would smell like!!

Ive even watched people in public, after i'd sneaked my finger in my

butt and pretended i was smelling their butt smell, WOW, what a turn


I also have it down to an art of not wiping my butt completely and

letting it sort of "mature" by later in the day. Thats when i get the

sexiest smell.

Ive had one or two exp of sneaking a butt sniff without the person

knowing. My older sisters boyfriend came for a visit once when i was 12,

he and a friend were playing games on the lawn, it was a hot summers

day, i can remember perving about his butt and what it smelled like

under his shorts. They all decided to go for a swim and the guys changed

into swimming trunks right in my bedroom, i couldnt believe my luck,

after they left i locked myself in mt bedroom and found their

underpants. My sisters boyfriends was the funkiest, it had a nice

skidmark on it, and started sniffing it while masturbating my young

pussy, i even rubbed the sexy brown mark on my pussy and had an orgasm

that way.


I am not lesbian either but i find the smell of another girls butt the

sexiest. I suppose its because a girls butts seems so feminine but to

imagine that such a gorgeous, dirty sexy smell can come from their cute

assholes is a real turn on for me. Another thing i must confess is the the thought of the smell of a little girls butt also drives me wild, PLEASE believe me im no paedophile but when i see a little girl bending down and her little butt shows i would love to sneak a sniff. i suppose it brings back the best butt sniffing memories i had when iwas a little girl!!!!

Please tell me more about yourself. i would love to chat to u online, maybe we could chat and masturbate share exp, and most definitely share smells!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive been perving at butts all day


I never wash my ass, and wipe carelessly, if at all - so my ass always smells.

I do sometimes smell the seat where I was sitting, or the back of my pants

after I take them off. It's not the same for me as the smell of someone elses'

shit, but when I masturbate, it augments the fantasy, I guess you could say.



He would bend over, laughing because I

couldn't get away, and lay some of his nastiest farts right in my face. He usually only wore grey

sweat shorts without underpants.


Having seen that she'd left her bikini on, I dilly dallied around for about half an hour after she'd lain

down, anxiously waiting for her to fall asleep so I could smell her butt again. I was hard my entire

wait! The only thing on my mind was another chance to smell her phenomenal backside.


Thinking maybe a half hour was long enough, I tip-toed into the room and was overjoyed to see her

choice of sleeping positions. She was laying on her side with her back facing out, curled up in a half

fetal position. This put her ass right out in the open for me! Heart racing, and my breathing becoming

rapid, I knelt down at her ass and took another whiff of it. Oh yeah!! She must not have wiped very

good when she'd taken a shit this morning, because now that her ass cheeks were being spread

open from the position she was in, I was able to smell a hell of a lot more odor then I'd been able to

earlier out on the deck!


Taking my five inch wood out of my shorts, I began jacking off furiously while breathing in Shawn's

delicious butt fumes. The blistering pace I set at jerking off faltered a few times, and on each of

those times my nose had lightly grazed the part of her bikini that covered her crack. I'd never

backed away once in my need to keep smelling her nasty butt odor! I felt myself cumming after only

a minute or two, and not wanting to make a mess of the couch, I leaned back and blew it all over

the front of me. It was a spectacular orgasm indeed!! Not only that, but it was only an hour later

when I came back in to do it all over again!




She weared a small top and tight blue cord jeans....and wow, the jeans squeezed deep in her ass.

And then I couldn´t believe what I saw......... Suddenly she taked off her jeans and I saw her naked butt, great.

Then she smelled at the rear side of her jeans and I saw she enjoyed the smell. A few seconds later she taked the rear side

of her jeans to her ass and FARTED to it. Then she smelled the FART on the jeans

and enjoyed that.....So a minute later she FARTED another one to her jeans and

smelled it.




For several years, I have been turned on most by men's asses. The first thing

I look at when spotting a goodlooking man is his ass. If it is firm, round,

and big, my thought goes to "how does it smell right now." Then I fantacize about sniffing his farts through his pants and having him blow them right in my face.



It felt nice, I just wish I could talk to him. Nah, why get greedy? I'll just enjoy his company, catch a few quick peeks at his adorable face, and later I'll sniff the cushion he sat on and jack off until my nose bleeds.




You have just enterd the world of P-Funk. This is where we smell each         others seat's and sniff each others feet




In 1959 I was fully trained Homomilitia Officer. My rank was 2nd Lieutenant. I had best points in following subjects: Anal Penetration Tech, Blowing, Detecting Diarhhea Before Operation, Eye-gouging and Scratching, Painting Lips and Smelling Other Peoples Butts As They Walk In Front Of You In The Stairs.




We then went to his bed room, we kissed and hugged a few times before getting undressed. We

took off our shirts and then lay on the bed, we kissed again and cuddled for a while. We decided to

take off our cloths and he then went down on me. I then went down to check to see what his ass

was like and what it smelt like. I spread his cheeks apart and put my nose in there. His ass had a

strong sweaty and kinda raunchy smell but that made me so hard that I felt felt like cumming on the

spot. I asked him when was the last time he had a shower and he told me that he had one early that

morning. I asked if his ass was clean and he told me that he had a crap about a few hours before he

met me, boy did that ever turn me on. Because that fact that this cute guy's ass was dirty, I smelt his

ass for hours and liked the fact that it was knowingly dirty. He also liked the fact that my ass was

dirty , but ate it anyways. I find that muscular men have a nice ass smell and odour from thier holes. I

smelt his ass for about 15 minutes and he also liked the smell of my butt hole also. I have found that

this fetish has given me a strong drive and every time that I meet a guy, I always wonder what his ass

smells like. What turns me on is that when I see a hot looking guy later in the day and imagine that

his butt must really have a strong and manly smell. I hope that putting up this page will draw attention

to others who also like this from of fetish.


I first discovered that I liked this about ten years ago , and the first time that I sented a man's hole, I

really did not like it, Perhaps, the first guy I met, his anal smell may have been too strong. I have

found that many men have a variation of anal smell, some almost have none while most have a really

strong sweaty smell and somewhat sweet smelling if not too dirty. I am not into raunch , but I guess

the smell of slight crap and manly sweat just turns me on


I met another guy in 1996 at a park in the east end of Ottawa, he was very cute but he had a few

problems that prevented him from working which I will not go into any details. This guy lived in an

an appartment downtown. I went to his place, but he had to use the facilities , later, he stripped

down. He was about 6 ft tall and 185 lbs and also had a nice muscular built lke the first guy. We got

undressed and went to his bed. we were both nude and we started to sniff each others butt. He had

a nice fresh raunchy smell from just having gone for a crap. He liked toeat an ass that was somewhat

dirty, but mine was not that bad at that time. But his was dirty and I decided to kiss his hole. I could

not hold back, I lost control and then started to smell his dirty hole. I had the biggest load that I ever

did in my life, that smell just makes me shoot further.


Ever since I was at school I loved rough lads in their tight, dirty denims to sit on me so I could smell them. Now I got a bit of spare cash I pay rough 18 or 19 yo straight lads to sit on me. They start on my chest, move closer to my face so I can smell their bulging, dirty crotch, and then they manouver onto my face and wriggle to get my nose hard against their smelly denimed ass. As they wriggle they sometimes fart.





were in front of him, he would then push past me on the stairs. No apology, and no rudeness intended, the action was unselfconscious, natural restlessness, natural impatience. Besides, I liked having this young Latino's ass at face level. Manolo's ass was wide and heavy, like his arms, like his

lips and nose, but I was sure that if I grabbed his buns (had I dared), they would be firm. Following his ass up the stairs, I would silently sniff at it hoping for aroma, but no smell came through the pants



I longed to bury my nose into the valley between his red cotton covered

buns but was not sure how he would react. After all sniffing at his shirt was one thing but sniffing his butt through his pants might make him freak.



 Then I heard one of the boys say uh-oh... I gotta cut a fart, and he turned to his friends and said, hold him down. They pulled the batterd buddy

from under the bean bag and layed him onto the top of the bean bag (his head was in the center facing upwards) He started to struggle (he was laughing, but all the time saying no...don't do it) one of the heavier boys quickly jumped onto his chest to keep him from moving, the other boy sat along the

bag and held his feet in place... (I don't remember the boys name but the two holding the prisoner down said, ok "______" we've got him... let 'er rip. Upon hearing that, the last boy straddled his friends head and slowly sat down squarely onto his face I could see him wiggling his ass making sure

that his nose was nustled between his cheeks...and with the baggy jeans he was wearing, I'm sure his nose was given easy access, Then sure enough I heard a braappp (and boy was it a loud one) All three top boys began laughing, and quickly got off their friend, he just layed there in the bean bag

stunned. I walked up to him and asked if he was allright, he said it was payback... apparantly he had givin a dose of his gas to one of his friend before (I am guessing). I wanted sooooo badly to ask the boys to

wrestle me down and fart on my nose, but wouldn't you guess... the door opened up and a customer walked in... The boys collected their belongings, headed for the door and said see ya later (I hope they meant that!) Sorry about the long story, but that was very interesting seeing a 15 year old boy sit on his friends face right in front of me.



Ever since I was at school I loved rough lads in their tight, dirty denims to sit on me so I could smell them. Now I got a bit of spare cash I pay rough 18 or 19 yo straight lads to sit on me. They start on

my chest, move closer to my face so I can smell their bulging, dirty crotch, and then they manouver onto my face and wriggle to get my nose hard against their smelly denimed ass. As they wriggle they sometimes fart.



My boyfriend loves my dirty butt and dirty panties. We're not into anal sex

or anything like that. His favorite is for me to lay on my tummy and pretend I'm asleep usually in just my panties. He'll usually spend all of an hour with his face betweeen my cheeks. Can't wait for the weekend.



Anyone else get off on sniffing other dude's underwear. I have two roommates that wear various brands of boxer briefs. I totally love to sneak into their dirty laundry and pull em out and sniff em. I like not only the musty ball area (complete with pee and cum marks), but also the ass area. For some reason, the idea of sniffing my straight jock roomies hot butts really turns me on.


Hi! the name's vincent, i love the sweaty,wet and erotic smell of a guy's undewear..the smell of his skid makrs on the ass of the pants makes so hard that i can cum just by smelling them!



Try wrestling with your friends and catch a whiff of their butts up close and

personal. I've done it many times... I even had one friend end up sitting on

my face and farting. It was pretty wild! I liked it too!!! : )





My older sister's panties smelled and tasted alot like little sis', only

stronger. I used to go into her room when she was sleeping and feel her

tits and ass gently, so as not to wake her up. I would usually sniff her

ass and jerk off too.



My sister is a heavy sleeper. Last night I snuck into her room for a sniff of her butt while she slept on top of the covers on her belly. I got my nose to her seat and got a great whiff of butt.



I remember when I was around 17 to 18 my friend and I would play tennis together. I would drive us to the club. Anyways after finishing our matches, we would leave, we didn't shower there (not sure if we were embarassed about our bodies or what the reason was) anyways still hot, sticky and smelly, we would get into my car so I could take him home. Once I dropped him off at his house I would quickly return home (only lived about 8 houses down from him) My car had a cloth interior which would soak up sweat and any butt smells left from my buddy. So as I pulled into the garage I would lean over to sniff the seat where my friend had sat. NICE! Musky scent, a little damp from his

sweat. I remember doing this a couple of times, Once to my surprise as I was sniffing, I found that he apparantly cut a fart right before getting out (it was still potent)I sniffed extra long on that day trying to get out every little molecule of his butt scent. I remember thinking to myself "what the hell am I doing sniffing a car seat where my buddy had just planted his ass after a hot steamy tennis match only to fart... and here I am with my face burried in the burgundy velour bench seat inhaling deeply???? Exactly... having the time of my life! I've done this a couple other times with friends, my nephew and his friends... if you can't get em to sit on your face I suppose this will hafta do!?



I really enjoy (crave) the smell of a hot guys crotch and ass, especially one that's in a nice fitting, but not too tight pair of Levis. I don't know how many times I have driven around in my truck and spotted a guy with a nice butt on a motorcycle and damn near cut off everybody to get caught at a stop light and be in a position to be just one car behind and to the right or left of the cycle to watch his ass as he's come to a stop. Yummmm!! When it's warm out, ya know he's gotta be sweating a bit, so when the cyclist stops, usually he'll get up just a little (to "air it out" or to reposition) and then sit back down again. I always get really bothered by it, wishing my face was his saddle. When I lived in an apartment complex about 5 years ago, there was this guy about 25-30 years old (I was 39 then) and he was a hot motha'. He drove a Harley and was mighty fine in his Levis and Chaps. I was fortunate one night to come home right as he was getting off his Harley. It was about 1am and

no one was around. Where he parked, it was kind of dark, so I pulled in right next to his bike. My heart started to pound real hard, and so did my dick, 'cause I knew what I had to do!!! I got out of my truck, looked around, dropped my keys, and planted my nose right into that leather seat. It was

heaven, if there is one, I found it that night. It was the only opportunity I ever had to do that with his saddle. The only thing I had wished for that night was that he hadn't gone into his apartment and that he would have caught me. Boy, I would have been in trouble!!! Next to having my face in a guys

butt, is sniffing the leather seat, be it a saddle on a motorcycle, or a cushion that's had a hot male butt and crotch on it... when it's warm out, or the seat has been sat on for a long time.... Maybe I should change my name to Sniffer??? Oh, by the way "mmmppff", this is a true story, but a great

fantasy could come from this topic.


Can I smell your butt? "Okay then," he says, fully grinning now, lifting slightly from the seat, "get yer face down here."


I turn around and lie back onto the seat, next to his arse. He lifts himself further off, and I slide underneath him, my face under his backside.

Through the cotton of his shorts, I can't smell too much; I was kinda hoping he'd pull them down. I sniff away anyway; his shorts wet with sweat, and just the hint of musky odor. "Ready?" he asks, relaxing his legs, letting all his weight fall back down, down on top of me.

I nod from underneath his arse, not knowing what I was being 'ready' for, my head hardly able to move anyway from his weight. "Good, 'cos here it comes..." He lets out this enormous fart, that is instantly loud and putrid. Just a long; "Pfvppppppppppp..." which seems to carry on for a couple of seconds. It fills what little air there is under his arse, with the most foul stench

imaginable, and I just breathe it all in, nearly choking on pure methane.

After half minute, I start to lose my breath and I struggle to get out. He lifts his arse up so I can breathe. Keeping my head there, underneath him, I thank him, adding; "Oh man, that was wonderful." He grunts in return, and I start to wank off, grabbing my dick from my pants, and he puts his arse back down. I sniff away at what's left, trying to lick at his hole through his shorts. Oh, he had one masculine backside, I can tell you; not only ripe smelling, but large, firm and in proportion to the rest of him. It was his belly where he carried most of his weight, but it was his arse, or more to the point my face, that bore the brunt of it now. I was feeling myself getting closer, when his shifted himself, moving his arse around on my face- and it happened again. One long, loud, vibrating noise above me, dropping its load of pure raunch, into my nostrils, into my mouth; in fact I could almost taste it.

It was breathtaking, in more ways than one. I heaved it in, trying not only to get as much of into my lungs, but whatever oxygen is left to stop me from suffocating. My breathing was getting heavier of its own accord anyway, and I sucked in that masculine stench, wishing the cotton of his shorts wasn't in the way, that his arse was directly on my face; I was now at the point where I could burst.




when I was 10 to 13 of age some evenings a week I was sitting on my younger brothers face for 10 or 15 minutes. This game was ever opened with a little wrestling and schoolboy-press. I let him smell under my butt and put his nose between my asscheeks. But never naked, only with underwear. Sometimes I farted in his face. He dosn´t like this game, but I enjoyed it.




It all started when she had this guy over to her house that she had a      crush on. He sat on their couch the whole evening. After he had laft, she made sure no one was looking and then she took a whif of the couch (where his butt was) to see what he smelled like!



hi anyone in the so calif area who is into mutual buttsniffing thru jeans/pants...



I definitely remember wrestling around with cousins and stuff and trying somehow to catch a sniff of their butts. One of my earliest memories of catching a really strong smell was of a buddy of mine.  We were about 9 or 10, I was sleeping over and we were trying to do the "blue flame" thing....where kids light their farts in the dark.  What we would do was turn out the lights, hold a match to each others butts, and cut a fart.  Well, what we would do would be, in our tight white underwear, is bend over on our hands and knees and try to fart while the other kept a match lit right near our buttcracks.  With the lights out, and him trying to strain, I would press my nose close and sniff.  I could totally smell the strong, probably-shit-earlier odor of his ass.  Of course, I would usually blow the match out just before he farted (and had my face maybe 5 inches away) so I could smell it all.  It was usually pretty nasty!! I also used to sleep with a another cousin on summer vacations and would sneak sniffs of his butt while he slept.  It was a constant turn on.



Another thing that kind of turns me on too is to have others smell my butt.  I usedto wrestle around with another buddy of mine, back when I was 10 or 11 or so, and we used to try to facesit the other.  We were clothed so the smelling

wasnt that nasty, but we would always say things like "smell my butt, dude".

A friend of the families would also stay over alot.   They had a kid who was

about 3 years younger than me and I would always make him smell my butt to

play with me...he would want to hang out and I would say things. I remember

saying this RIGHT to his face, and watching hims say he would ..."OK, if you

want to play Atari with me, you have to smell my butt....

he actually got on his knees behind me and sniffed - right into my

butt seam.  And it did not smell pretty that day, I can assure you.  Its funny,

then we would play and act like it didn't even happen.  I made him smell my

butt many times...probably 2 dozen or so!




I was about 13 at the time, and his friend, Tommy, was about 11.  He was

staying the night one time and I remember always trying to go into a room

after he was just in there to try to smell where he had sat.   The three

of us had been playing a board game in our kitchen for about an hour when the

two of them decided to go out and watch TV in the living room.  My folks were

out there as well.  To my delight, they both quickly got up and raced into

the other room and that left their seats exposed and fresh (if you know what

I mean).  I quickly fell to the floor in front of Tommys seat and pressed my

nose to the seat.  It was made of that fake leather material and held here

scent very nicely.  Feeling the heat on my face as totally awesome...I mean

he was JUST sitting right there.  So I inhaled and....WOW....I could really

smell poo.  I was thinking that he must have a smelly butt,

right now.  It made me very excited.  Later that night, after everyone had

changed into their PJ's, I snuck back into my brother's room to see if I might

find...ahem...anything to sniff.  I got VERY excited when I saw Tommy's

upturned undies still rolled into his jeans (I could tell they were his

because I knew my brother had not been wearing jeans).  Quickly i kneeled on

the floor near them.  I didn't want to touch them because i was afraid

someone would guess I had been in there if they were even slightly moved.  As

i got closer I almost came right then.  Right in the middle of his undies was a 1 inch long, but very thin and faint, brown streak.  I pressed my nose

to them...sniffed in his incredible odor of poo.  Omigod!!  It was a scent I

will never forget.



I was just thinking about a time when I used to smell the seats of the

other guys chairs in my class.  I was in 8th grade and i would bend over

the chair like I was picking up something or tieing my shoe and sniff

the seat. I also used to skip P.E. and go to the locker room. I would

find the lockers that were open and dig through their shorts and smell

them.  It would only be a kid who I thought was cute,  but it was fun



Men who love to snift butt in SF. Into porno, jacking off and smelling butt.



I peek in and see you asleep on top of the covers clad only in your silky panties and a T shirt. I quietly go in and kneel at your bedside. I bend down to place my nose against your butt crack to inhale your scent.



FAV SMELL: butt.... just kidding!!!!! I like roses a lot



When Eric leaned forward, I wanted desperately to place my nose to his butt and sniff it. My penis became monstrously erect thinking about sniffing his ass, and smelling a fetid odor, so I tried to ignore him by paying attention to the lecture.




Last night I was at a casino and had this real hot woman playing a slot machine right

             next to me. She had on a pair of thin silky pants and a tight shirt. Ever now and then

             she would drop a coin on the floor get up and pick it up. When she bent over her ass

             would almost be right in my face. It was late so there weren't to many people around.

             About the third time she did this, I leaned over as close as I could and sniff her

             ass...What a great smell..I got so hard I almost had to go and stroke off in the mens

             room. Once I got really horny I didn't care if someone saw me sniffing her ass when

             she bent over. The last coin she dropped before leaving I just about shoved my nose

             right into her ass. What a great smell...I would love to have eaten her ass from

             behind....Later that night I saw her doing the same thing at another machine while

             sitting next to a guy.....anyone else ever do this? I also rubbed a womans ass with my

             hand while trying to squeeze through a crowd that was watching a band..That was

             awesome....e-mail me if you share the same experiences...




I stumbled acroos this webpage and thought I'd share some of my experiences. When I was a kid we used to play tag with the girls and when tagged, would have to go to a secret place and smell their butts through their panties. They would lift their skirts up and sit right on my nose while I smelled them. It was alot of fun. They didn't fart but I think I would've liked it if they did. My old girlfriend liked to fart and would sometimes come into the living room while I was laying on the couch and sit on my head. She liked to fart and liked it when I smelled them.





That is so weird!! That is exactly what started my fetish for scat!! When I was an adolescent(15-16), my cousin (same sex,6 years younger) smelled my butt in the bathroom. It startled me at first, and then made me real horny. Then we started licking eact others butts,etc,etc. Every time my husband and I have sex now, we smell each others butts first. that gets us both aroused very quickly.


















Hi guys.

   recently signed onto club. nice to know there are still boys out there who like to sniff ass. All through junior high and up, I used

   to sit on my two little brothers' faces sometimes on my little sister. my favorite was coming straight home from wrestling or

   football practice, stripping down to my jock and squatting my ripe hole right on their faces. often would fart in their faces. and

   on occasion a couple buddies would come home with me and do same.

   in college i learned one of my football buddies was a butt sniffer. caught him sniffing my dirty fart-stained briefs. strange thing

   is he was straight otherwise as far as i kno, he just really got off on sniffing my butt.

   these days, still have some butt sniffers around. even my girlfriend likes to sniff.





Well I have been panty sniffing for a long time..My mother in-laws and sister in-laws are the best..However the other night I did something I never thought I would do..I went to my in-laws house. My father in-law was at work and my mother in-law was sleeping on the couch. She had her nightgown on, which was pretty thin. I could see her panty lines...I went into the bathroom, right to the hamper and pulled out her panties. First a nice pair of blue ones...they smelled great..I had my cock out and started to stroke it real slow...I was getting real horny. So, I

decided to stroke my cock while sniffing her dirty panties and looking at her while she was asleep...What a turn-on..Then I got real daring and knelt down next to her and began to sniff her what a great smell..I was close to her ass and so afraid of her waking up, but I couldn't stop




When I was 14 years old I was sexualy confused and I'm ashamed to say my older sister's ass really turned me on. Anyhow I've been obssesed with female farts for as long as I remember and one day my sister had really bad wind. She kept blowing off and I was becoming very excited and aroused so I came up with an idea. I left the living room and waited for her to fart again, when she did I re-entered and told her our mother was calling her from upstairs. She left the room and I quickly shut the door and went to where she had been sitting on the sofa. I buried my nose in to the warm material and inhaled deeply. The smell was unbelievable, it was strong and smelt like bad eggs. I knew what I was doing was dirty and wrong but that made it all the more exciting. I continued to sniff all the rank odour from the sofa for about a minute when I heard the

     door opening. I quickly got up and sat down staring straight ahead. My sister questioned me as to why I told her our mother was calling her and noticed my face was red and I was acting embarrased. She knew I was up to something but thank god she never found out the truth.












So you want to know what facesitting heaven is like? This is what it's really like. You are lying on your back on a comfortable bed. In walk two beautiful, one dressed in very pale blue faded denim jeans, the other in a school uniform - very short pleated skirt. You are instructed to relax. Girl in tight jeans sits astride your chest and begins to talk dirty. Girl in schooluniform kneels by bed and takes your stiff cock from your pants. Girl in jeans eases her lucious bod up until the crack of her lovely arse is parked right on your nose. She continues to talk. 'Do you like the smell down there, ah, I want to fell your nose sniffing my arse etc ...' Girl in school uniform has your cock in her mouth and is busy sucking you to the outer reaches of pleasuredom. Girl in jeans is still on your face, but it's not an uncomfortable position for you because the material is soft from constant use on bicycle saddles etc. The dirty talk continues. Your nose is now in seventh heaven and you continue to smell her lovely arse aroma. If you smell hard enough you'll get a whiff of shit, which just makes it all the nicer. Just as girl in school uniform bring you to climax the girl in jeans farts on your nose. Ah, the smell even minutes later is still lingering in the soft jean material of her arse.

The girl who work with me are obliged to wear white tops over black trousers. There's one I really fancy cos her arse is beautiful and every time she bends to clear a table I get a stiffener just looking and eyeworshipping the curves of her sexy behind.
Recently while I was locking up I noticed that she had left her overnight bag behind. Naturally I couldn't resist the temptation and I opened it. Inside were the usual girlie stuff. Panties, bras, make-ip etc. I removed one pair of panties which were stiff in the ass area. I sniffed
them, and licked the dried skid mark area. Oh, pure heaven. Further rummaging in the bag brought another surprise, for there were the pair of trousers that I worship every day. I pulled them out of the bag and sniffed the ass area which was beautiful. Then I stuffed all her panties, pullovers, etc into the the black trousers to make the sniffing more realistic. And, it really was. There in front of my eyes was a stuffed ass looking exactly like it does every day to my eyes. It was even shiny as I plunged my nose into the seams of the ass. And the smell...... then disaster because standing behind was the girl who had returned to collect her bag. 'Would you like to smell the real thing,' was all she said as he reached over to pick up her belongings. In a matter of seconds whe was wearing her black trousers, I was lying on the floor and she was easing her delicious ass onto my face. 'Now I'm going to teach you a lesson for sniffing around at my stuff,' she said and she farted right into my nose. She actually thought she was punishing me. Little did she know that that fart from that lovely arse into my face was the best moment of my life


I cannot understand why you fail to get aroused by sniffing a girls ass through her jeans. I do it all the time and I'm always stiffened. My wife wears jeans which are old, faded and the material in the ass part is very soft. Also the seam in her jeans has a slight rip which allows me to probe her rectum with my nose and tongue. Also, it helps if the jeans she wears are slightly soiled. This allows them to maintain smell of muskiness in the crotch area and the lingering smell of farts ect in the ass area. Also, when she's facesitting you or when you are sniffing her bum from the kneeling position, do it slowly. Work your nose into the lovely denim cheeks in a slow way, talking to her sexily aas you do it. tell her she smells great etc. Does she wear spandex or lycra? Has she still got her old school uniform. Wmy wife has, and she wears it occasionally for our face sitting sessions. Hers is blue, made of serge and the ass part is shiny from all those days of riding her bike to school. I tell her this when I'm sniffing her ass and she loves it. Jodpurs, too, are great for sniffing, particularly if they have been worn recently for riding. Lovely tight white ass cheeks in those jodhpurs descend slowly onto your face. Let your imagination go wild and get on with the sniff. Essentially we are into facesitting because we are turned on by the smell of ass. And there is nothing better the increase that pleasure than by sniffing the ass through sexy clothes.




Like everyone on this site my passion is all about facesitting, but it goes a little bit further than that. My big thrill is to kneel behind my wife or girlfriend and sniff and smell her ass, particularly if she is wearing tight faded denim jeans. The softer the material the better it is for my sensitive nose. The prime attraction of facesitting is that the ass action usually ends up on top of your nose - this explains the smell factor. And the smell, in my humble opinion - is most important.
My wife understands my needs and doesn't complain if I ask her to sit on my face while she's watching telly. Sometimes she'll even raise her ass up a little to allow me rub my hands and tongue across the lovely soft material covering her ass cheeks.
But the action always ends with me inhaling one of her beautiful farts
while she sucks my cock.
Am I unusual in that I like to smell
asses through soft material ie well worn jeans, spandex, lycra, slightly soiled panties. Sometimes it even happens by accident. recently I was going up stairs of the bus, and admiring the lovely ass of the girl in front of me. Anyway, the bus jolted and both of us were hurtled forward. Yes, my face ended up right in the lovely ass crack of her denim jeans. And the smell was really great because the jolt must have made her fart.


One of my most thrilling sniffing moments can come, quite by accident. Like, for instance if my girlfriend is wearing black spandex or pantyhose and leans across the table to fetch something. This is usually an invitation I'll hardly refuse. So, down on my knees bedind her lucious ass, face into the sexy curves and let my nose get on with its worshipping job. The thrill is finally completed when, with my nose right up her ass she'll fart.




"Sure, let's go." Monica grabbed her purse and followed Jennifer's tight,
mini-skirted ass up the aisle to the bathroom. She wondered what it would smell

like to have her face pressed up against the leather-covered ass crack. She
didn't want to lose that scent, so she moved up closely behind the girl,
brushing her ass cheek with the back of her hand. As she walked, she then
brushed that same hand to her leather-jean-covered crotch. No one could see as
they walked single file in the back of the restaurant. Then she lifted her hand
innocently to her nose and
sniffed. It was a heady aroma of perfume, leather
and-- was that a bit of ass smell
? She would have to check it out later



I found a woman(good looking too) that likes
to sit on my nose in her underwear after she wears them all day and I smell

her butt. It is very erotic. she hasn't farted
yet, I'm just enjoying the smell



















Thrill 1: I'm in a brightly lit girls classroom. Girl, a beautiful slender blonde with great figure is wearing blazer over short blue gymslip. She leans across her desk and commands me to worship her lovely curvy arse. Dutifully I knnel behind her and gaze lovingly at those rouded globes encased in the gymslip. I notice that that the ass area of gymslip is shiny from constant sitting on hard seats. This vision of sexual heaven makes my cock rock hard. I just kneel there and let my hands wander around that lovely bottom. 'Woship it she says, with your nose.' I bury my face into her ass while she puts her hand on back of my head forcing my nose in further into shiny blue material. And I sniff and smell and smell again until my cock nearly explodes. I then raise her gymslip for closer butt inspection. She's wearing white cotton panties.'Sniff my panties,' she commands. This time her ass smell is even more intoxicating. I nearly pass out with pleasure.
Thrill 2: She cahnges into tight white jodhpurs and commands me to lie ob floor. Then she sits on my face and tells me to smell
those heavenly white globes that smother my willing nose. The smell is incredible. It's a mixture of ass odour and good healthy outdoor sweat. To complete this thrill she farts, not unpleasantly in my face.
Thrill 3: She's wearing old faded jeans for this facesitting session. As I plunge my nose deep into the seams of her ass I notice that the ass area is soft, well worn, indeed so thin that I'm able to get a great ass smell
. My nose is so far up her jeaned butt I feel it's nearly in her tummy. Same procedure as above, except on this occasion she talks me through the action. 'What's the smell like', she asks. I cannot answer, because how can you describe heaven



my former little brother was the opposite: snot-nosed, dirty tear streaks from when I had to smack him out of Dad's TV view; plus too dumb to write lower case letters; worst of all, his butt smelled through his clothes.


yea I sniff my 14 year old nieces butt when she is asleep. She sleeps with a
pair of panties on and I pull the sheets down and sniff
real hard around her



I work as a shop assistant. It is an old fashioned shopwith a very high counter which allows the

  customer to only see you from the waist up. I am female and, yes, I too am into ass sniffing,

  particularly the beautiful ass belonging to to male colleague who works alongside. Sometimes

  when we are not busy I will kneel behind him when he is serving a customer and smell his ass. He

  loves this and will facilitate my nose by leaning foreward on the counter. he wears tight faded

  denim jeans which give off a lovely ass odour. Kneeling behind him with my nose pressed into the

  denim ass crack I will usually fondle his cock as well. Sometimes I may even crawl in front so as

  to take his cock into my mouth and suck it until he comes. That's lovely, but not as nice as

  smelling his ass.



when I was 10 to 13 of age some evenings a week I was sitting on my younger brothers face for 10 or 15 minutes. This game was ever opened with a little wrestling and schoolboy-press.
I let him smell
under my butt and put his nose between my asscheeks. But never naked, only with underwear. Sometimes I farted in his face. He dosn´t like this game, but I enjoyed it.

I went in to check on susan and her covers were half off of her little
body. As I reached for the covers at the bottom of the bed I caught
a wiff of her bottom. I was suprised that I got so excited. I had
a hugh stiffy. She was laying on her stomach so I could see very well.
I pulled out my cock and started to maturbate and put my nose right
up to her butt crack and took a deep breath. I came right away all
over my hand.



My fetish for smelling women's trousers began when I was about fourteen years of age. The girl who lived beside me was four or five years older than me and she had a gorgeous figure. When she wore her tight, faded denim blue jeans I was forever staring at her ass and wondering what the smell would be like. Anyway, one day my dream came true when her mother asked my mother if she(my mother) allowed her to use our washing machine because theirs had broken down. The washing basket from next door was duly delivered - my mother had said that the washing would be done later on after she had returned from the shops.
When the house was empty I just couldn't resist the temptation to explore the basket. It was stuffed with soiled panties, shirts, socks and to my delight the jeans that the daughter next door wears. I recognised them because of the logo. I stuffed them with the panties etc and then had the horniest experience of my young life when I began to smell
the ass part.
Years later, and still the fetish of smelling
womens trousers still lingers. The girl in my office knows of my passion - I blurted it out to her one night when we were both drunk - and she obliges me every now and then.
Her favorite trousers are black cotton ones which look like they are painted onto her. And the ass part is shiny from constant wear which excites me even more. I like nothing better than to lie on the floor while she straddles my face. When I see her beautiful black ass desending on to my nose the pleasure becomes almost unbearable. She doesn't apply any pressure to my face. I just like to stick my nose into the shiny black ckeeks of her trousers and smell
Incidentally, am I alone in my fetish in that I like to smell
asses that are covered.







I have a fetish for facesitting and ass smelling. However I get no pleasure in having my face pulverised by some She Mountain - where is the thrill in that.
Smelling ass for me is a gentle pleasure which began as far back as my school days when I worshipped the most beautiful shaped female ass in my class. Indeed such was my lust for her bum that I even used to smell the saddle of her bike and the seat the sat on. But I was caught and I was forced to admit to her my secret desire to smell her ass. Happily she fancied me - and My - ass as and agreed that we should share our pleasure.
For my first 'smelling' experience she wore incredibly faded blue denim jeans and lay on her stomach on her bed - her house was empty, of course - while I proceeded to fondle her lovely bum. I began by sniffing
the area above her knees and then worked my nosy up until it was burrowing into the tight crease of her jean cheeks. Although the smell wasn't too strong the sense of bum warmth was an incredible turn on. I Then lay on my stomach while she sat on my face, talking sexy talk while she did so. 'Do you like the smell, would you like me to fart on your nose etc ...'
Although many like nude face sitting I think that when the ass is covered by soft well worn jean material the effect can be fantastic.
Then it was my turn to sit on her face. I had never sat on a girls face before and I was a bit worried about offending her. But nothing could have prepared my for the pleasure she seemed to get from the experience. I was wearing skin tight jeans as well and I got a terrific hard on just to feel her nose smell
its way into my hole. We then tried the 69 method - she smelling my ass and me smelling her ass.
For a long time after that we experimented with our attires. She would wear her school uniform - a short navy blue gymslip while I would wear my black spandex pants. This was safe sex at its best - there was never any penetration at all, yet for both of us the smelling
thrill was unbeatable.
I would love to hear from someone who like to smell
the well rounded ass of their girlfriend in tight trousers.
But, please no more of the she mountains with ass like monumental chunks of raw beef. I wouldn't smell
that if my life depended on it.




My girlfriend is a recent convert to the fetish of pleasuring me with her arse. She has done it nude and she has done it fully clothed. And although I enjoy it both ways I really prefer to smell her arse when she is wearing tight trousers.
Recently she bought white cycling shorts to wear during our facesitting sessions - and they are driving me wild with desire. They are so tight around her bottom that they are almost like a second skin. She sits on my face, facing my feet and slowly moves her delicious up my chest until the crack of her arse is firmnly embedded on my nose. This is where the enormous thrill begins. For me it is pure heaven just to smell
that lovely aroma of ass while she leans forward and takes my dick in her mouth. And just as I am about to come in her mouth a fart escapes from her tight white bottom which sends my senses into ecstasy. As a committed ass sniffer I doubt if there is a better sexual thrill.



Angela is a student at a very posh boarding school in England. One evening she returns to her classroom to retrieve her maths book which she had left behind. On entering the empty classroom she is surprised to discover her Maths teacher on his knees sniffing the seat she had sat on an hour previously.


Slater exclaims, “but what I really want to smell is your ass. I want to see if your bum stinks from the fart you let go earlier and then I want you to fart into my face.”

Slater exclaims, “but what I really want to smell is your ass. I want to see if your bum stinks from the fart you let go earlier and then I want you to fart into my face.”

Jessie just about orgasmed just from hearing Slater utter those words. Jessie slid her ass forward on the chair and then leaned to one side allowing Slater’s nose access to the treasures of her ample ass crack.

Jessie could feel Slater’s nose rub up and down her ass crack sniffing and exhaling loudly on the area covering her aromatic anus.

“Oh yeah! I can smell your sweet bum sweat… SNIFF!…It’s embedded in your jeans…SNORT!… your fart is still lingering in your fragrant bum valley…WHIFF!…Blow a big fart in my face baby!….SMELL!…


I found a woman(good looking too) that likes
to sit on my nose in her underwear after she wears them all day and I smell

her butt. It is very erotic. she hasn't farted
yet, I'm just enjoying the smell





l begin by telling you guys that my infatuation with my best friend's backside became apparent to me during our freshman year in high school. Greg was very petite then, maybe 5'7", 115lbs, and probably a 28 inch waist. I sat behind him in our math class. One day he was leaning forward to talk to this kid in front of him, he was sitting on his knees on his chair, and when he leaned forward he had his ass arched out right in my face. Wow, a blind man could have seen it, it was so close to me. That's when it happened, I'd never noticed it before, but something was stirring in me like it never had. He was wearing his Levis, and I couldn't help but think how cute that little red tag looked attached to his tight compact ass.

The masturbation episodes began promptly at 3:30pm when I returned from school. I had never had an orgasm thinking about a guy before, but then again, I had never witnessed a site so awe- inspiring as I had that afternoon in math class.

I blew my load in about 90 seconds. In my mind, my face was pressed up against the faded denim of his ass, my nose directly in contact with the middle seam. From the corner of my eyes I could make out the little red Levis tag attached to his right pocket. I imagined that his ass would smell
dirty, and that really turned me on. I wanted to smell him so bad, I even imagined him farting with my face implanted between is taut ass cheeks. I had seen Greg fart before, he would always arch his back so that his ass would stick out during the expulsion of gas. I imagined him doing that same maneuver as he "ripped a beaut" (as he always says) directly into my face. It was at that thought that I had my first orgasm imagining my best friends ass. The journey of a lifetime was underway. After that first time realizing my attraction, I must have masterbated at least twice a day to my buddy's ass. The first time I actually made contact was about two months later. We were over my house; it was Greg and two other friends of mine, we were playing some poker. This was still in 9th grade I think, right before summer vacation. During the poker game, well, let's just say happily for me that Greg had gas. He must have ripped a good seven or eight farts. I thought they smelled wonderful. The sounds and the smells gave me a perpetual woody that entire night.
After the game ended, my other two friends had to leave, but Greg had planned to spend the night. I moved the conversation to his farting
(I'm so sly, aren't I?). Anyway, I bet him that I could rip 5 farts before he could rip 5 farts. He thought it was funny, and he knew he would have the upper hand. And the bet, you ask? Loser had to smell the winners farts for the rest of the evening.
Now guys, keep in mind, this really happened, I shit you not. Now of course, I lost. Actually, I won in my book. Even the five farts
Greg had to produce were just phenomenal. When it came time for my first fart to sniff, Greg stood up and turned his back to me while I was on my knees facing him. He arched his ass out so that my face was now about 1-2 inches from his faded denim clad backside, the seam of his jeans running into his tight ass crack. He told me I had to press my nose all the way into his crack and hold my face in place for 30 seconds.
I moved slowed until my cheeks were flush against his cheeks, hehe. I could already smell
his ass, holy fuckin' shit, I was so hard. It felt so wrong, so unforbidden, I was ready to explode. He tried to rip one out, but he was having difficulty now for some reason, maybe stage fright or something. I didn't mind the wait. Then it happened, a good solid, loud fart. I could feel it seep through his jeans into my face. His intoxicating love gas directly in contact with my face, it was so humiliating.
I WAS IN HEAVEN. Of course, I pretended how sick it was, and just to cover myself that I wasn't a fag, I told him that was it for me for the night. He agreed. I jerked it 4 times that night quietly with him sleeping beside me. I'll never forget that night. I wished it could have been his naked asshole in contact with my face, nose, and mouth, but that's another story.
By the way, my favorite part was how Greg almost was commanding me to place my nose into his ass and hold it there for 30 seconds.


Suddenly a pager started going off. "Shit." Jennifer said. She turned and crawled between the car seats to find the thing and turn it off. It was then that I noticed that due to her compromising position, her beautiful, SEXY ass was RIGHT IN MY FACE! I felt myself gush with wetness. I closed my eyes and bit my lip as I tried to ignore what I was seeing, but soon my nasty side got the better of me. Before I knew what I was doing, my nose was dangerously close to nuzzling Jennifer's ass. I sniffed softly to try and get a whiff of her... but I wasn't close enough. I moved a little closer, when suddenly, she found the pager, started to come back, and bumped her ass right into my face! I almost died.

"Oh..." Jennifer excused herself, "Sorry... didn't see you there..." She seemed a little curious as to why my face had been in her ass, but by no means upset. I was mortified, and I turned bright red. A smile curled the corners of Jennifer's mouth. "Uhh..." she grinned, "What were you doing?"

"Nothing!" I tried to sound convincing, but didn't do too good of a job, "I was just stretching..." Stretching?!? What was I, an idiot?


The next morning, Denise woke up lying next to Courtney on her bed. Erika wasn't home... she must've spent the night with her boyfriend. Denise looked over, and saw Courtney, lying on her stomach, and sleeping soundly. She had stripped off her top in the night, and was lying there in her bra and sexy little tight satin hotpants. Denise stared at that perfect, tight, round SEXY butt. God, could she be getting horny AGAIN??? In a sleepy daze, she bent down and laid her cheek up against Courtney's ass. She rubbed her face on the tightly-stretched satin, and laid soft little kisses all over her friend's beautiful ass. Then she started to nuzzle her nose into the indentation of the shorts where the crack of Courtney's ass was. She sniffed and kissed, inhaling Courtney's nasty sexy smells. She rubbed herself against the bed as she spread Courtney's legs softly apart, revealing more of her crotch, and burying her face deep in it. Denise couldn't get enough of Courtney's stinky little butt... she pushed harder, sniffing and kissing deeper... God, what was sh



I love them tall black studs in shorts, hmmm i could sniff their butts all day long!


I'ts good sniffing a hot hole through a pair of pants;.... my favorites are sweat pants;...but I agrre it's not ass until you see that hole ....just sniff it for a while it smells even better if the guy is verbal and is into it.... everything else is just foreplay


EVERY TYME I get cute girls visiting my house, I'd always sniff where they sit once they're somewhere else in the house. At night, I'd smell either their asses very closely when they're sleeping or their panties and clothes. If I get a chance, I'd take the risk and jack off on either their panties or their asses (in bed, through their pijamas)

Hi Vector
I know what you mean about great fart
smells from a girls arse (ass) I have
experienced Heaven by just sniffing
a seat.
A friend of my wife, this really hot girl with a bum to die for,
is sitting on our couch and we hear a little rumble, my wife (and this is why
I love her), says to her friend I've really got to show you ---,this way and
they leave.
I went over to sniff
her seat and the smell was really strong, but just so
Well guys, the internet payed off. I found a woman(good looking too) that likes to sit on my nose in her underwear after she wears them all day and I smell
her butt. It is very erotic. she hasn't farted yet, I'm just enjoying the smell alot.


        use of the smell it is one of the fart experiences I will not forget easily.THOSE MEMORIES

just wondering if you ever sat on a guy's nose in your underwear while he smelled
your butt? you should try it. I love to smell
a woman's buttWILL ALWAYS BE IN MY MIND. :




Man i dunno for some reason i love guys farts so much i mean when my freinds do it around me i have to mentally seperate my self from the situation before i become obviously excited, when i see a guy i find attractive i immediatly wanna smellhis butt and have him fart around me while saying somethin like "aaahhhhh" or "that felt good" afterwards if not at first announcing beforehand "guess what" or "shhh,shhh listen" man iv seen the movie Biodome which had scenes so good in it i cant ever watch that movie again for fear of havin an accident, im 20 in virginia and if i can have regular phone conversations about any other guy who loves to farts or loves farts as much as i do i'd be in heaven, just to talk about em experiences with them or even just to say fart continuisly (love to hear guys say the word) i can relieve some of this damn tention... ill get bac




...sometimes we would lay around watching tv mostly basketball he would be in white calvin fitted briefs (the ones i bought him) (of course) he would first cut a fart then he would ask if i wanted to smell his ass i would then i would sniff it until he farted again.. sometimes i'd leave my face there for about 15 minutes taking in his smelly ass. he would ask me how it smelled i would be so hard at this time and then he would grab my dick and start jerkin it. then he would get turned on sometimes we would jerk off together. when we were done he would get up to take a shower. he always dropped his drawers where he stood sometimes pickin them up and smellin them then givin them to me. he sometimes told me he was a nasty mother fucker showing me his skid marks as he walked off to the shower sometimes i'd jerk off again to them..k to y'all



When Dan fell on me
and started sniffing

my butt

When Dan fell on
Mike and started
sniffing his butt

The time I fell on
Mike and got a whiff

of his butt


When I was about 15 years old, my cousins would all come and sleep over my house. I don't know how it came about, but somehow, we started this habit of farting in this metal fold-up chair that I have in my room. Sometimes we would keep our pants on, and sometimes we would pull our underwear down and rip a ripe fart right onto the chair from our bare asses. (We called those "raw farts".) Well anyway, after we would fart, we would smell the chair that we had just farted in, and have the others to smell it too. We would just crack up listening to each other fart and seeing who's smelled the worst. And sometimes I would sit behind the chair, on my knees and wait for one of my cousins to pull their undies down and rip a fart into the chair, while i kneeled behind them and watched and smelled at the same time. A couple of times, one of them would fart in the chair and feel a turd come out and run to the bathroom, laughing. They thought it was all a joke, but it really got me hard each time. Little did they know, I would sniff their hot farters once they were asleep. Boy, was that a nice smell. After farting all night, there butts were nice and funky. My favorite would always be my 12 year old cousin's. I would sniff his butt through his briefs, which usually had light skid marks in them, probably from all the farting. It was always a ripe, sweet smell like sweaty half-wiped ass. Ahh, I wish I could go back to those days.


so after the last story she would fart in front of me and I was enjoying it.
she used to sit on my head on the couch sometimes but never farted
on it or
anything, just sat on it so I could get a quick sniff
of her butt.
one time she went away for three weeks and I went up to Rhode Island to see
her and when we were in the elevator going up to our room she said I missed
her farts
. I said yes, I want to smell one. so when she was in front of the
mirror and sink in the hotel brishing her teeth I kneeled behind her and stuck
my nose in her panties up her butt and smelled
and said go ahead. she didn't
have to at that time but liked me smelling
her butt.




I got high with my sister and her friend and my sister told her friend that
she used to sit on my nose. her friend was like "can I sit on you?" I didn't
know what to say but layed back and said ok. she sat on my face in jeans(which
sucked). my sister told her to sit on me in her underwear and she did. Her butt
smelled so good, I had a big raging hard on and am going to smell her butt this


Last night, a few friends and I went out to see the movie "Shaft" Right before
the movie started this group of teen girls came and sat right in front of us.
Man did they all have great butts!, the kind that makes you wanna just shove
your nose far up into their cracks and inhale (did I say that outloud?) Anyways
about 1/3 of the way thru the movie, I smelled
something rank, I looked at my
friend and said.. did you shit your pants? he laughed and said hell no. About
2 minutes later, He turned to me, and said that he smelled
it also, Then we
heard the girls in front of us giggling. We both looked at each other and said
that we couldnt imagine that an ass that fine could produce such a terrible
odor! Anyways, there was a silent part in the movie a few minutes later, and I noticed
that the girl on the end, leaned to the side and ripped a good healthy fart
(not real loud, but pretty audible) They all bursted out laughing, as so did
we. My friends were grossed out by the smell
, I was turned on... needless to
say, that was one of the best movies ive ever been to, haha Here a gross idea, imagine if you worked at a movie theater, you could see what seats the the hot chicks sat in. Knowing that their asses are planted there for at least 2 hours. (thats alot of butt smells
imbedded into the seat Afterwards, during clean up.. maybe go up and give a little sniff sniff? (I knew that would gross ya guys out) Oh well, thought ya might wanna hear about my fart experience last night     mmmpppff


My g/f put a new cushion on our computer chair and after a couple of days of
just her sitting on it, I gave it a whiff
. I could tell she's been farting up
a storm on it. She sits in front of the computer for hours, while I'm at work.


my brothers hot girlfriend and i were siting on a couch for 3 hour tailkin and
stuff then she left, i then instanly dove into the excat place her ass was....MAAAAAAAAAN
it smelt good pure fart
smell left,it lasted aleast a minute as i sniffed all
up .
i knew it was pure fart
beacuse it had a hint of steak which we had for dinner
a few hours ago. chicks seem to have the ability to hide there stinky farts

by pressing there ass firmly to a seat
i swear, she must have pumped five farts
worth into that cusion..
man it smelt good.


When i was about fourteen years of age I fancied the ass off a lovely Spanish girl who was a student in our house. She was about twenty and she had the greaterst ass I ever saw. I couldn't kep my eyes off it, particularly when she was wearing her skintight faded denim jeans.
On the night before she went home she went out with her friends for a few farewell drinks and came home pissed. She told me she had a present for me in her bedroom and i went upstairs with her to get it. But she wwas so drunk she fell face down on the bed and went into a deep sleep. I was awestruck just looking at her beautiful ass in those faded denim jeans. I knelt beside the bed and began to rub her ass which was really soft. I then eased my face into her ass and smelled
her jeans ckeeks. The smell was a huge turn on

Just to pass on a memory, I was in a straight night club in Nottingham (UK) and I spotted this stocky guy leaning over a balcony. He had black trousers on and his bubblebutt was sticking out. I noticed there was a chair and table next to him so I sat down (He never saw me). I gradually moved the chair closer and I had the best view you could imagine.
It was then I found that I could resist no longer (Alcohol prevailed), I looked around and to my surprise we were alone so I pretended to drop something on the floor. I then lent forward and sniffed
his ass (mmm), unfortunately at that moment he moved his ass back right onto my face.
There is no way he couldn't have felt it and I thought I'd get punched but nothing happenned. Just then then people started to appear in the area, but I had gotten away with it.


When I was ten year old, I already liked to smell grown men's asses. There was one camp counsellor in particular. Somehow, it seemed that there was always an opportunity to get a whiff of this guy's ass. While I may have been able to get one or two shots at ther other counsellors, this one just always seemed to be targetable. Of all the counsellors, he had the smelliest ass, too.


Sure! I used to do that all the time and still do sometimes. My cousins Lee, Ronnie, and Charlie used to sleep over all the time. Before we went to bed, if they were in the bathroom, I would slip over and sniff their levis; in the crack area and around the back pockets. I would jack on my dick till they came out of the bathroom. They would wear the same pair of levis the whole weekend, so you can imagine the smell.


When I was 15 years old and my cousin Lee was 14 years old, we used to wrestle each other ALL the time. His favorite hold was to put me in a nose-to-butt headscissors and make me sniff his Levis while he farted in my face. One day I decided to go on the attack and get him before he got me. Well, Lee was sitting on the floor watching T.V., when I sneaked up behind him and pulled him to the floor and climbed on top of him with a reverse facesitting pin. I was trying to make myself fart, but I couldn't. I could hear his muffled voice beneath my butt and feel the heavy breathing against the crack of my faded Levis. I decided to sit up to see what he had to say. He said, "Your butt stinks! I can smell you right through your bluejeans! Pew!". I said, "If that's the way you feel, then smell my butt some more.", and I sat back down on his face with the full weight of my ass pressing against his nose. The breathing was becoming heavier as he had to continue smelling my nasty butt. His muffled voice was begging me to get off his face. I was going to, but then I noticed that there was an occassional throbbing motion that was taking place in the crotch of his Levis. I decided to sit there and enjoy myself. I started to ride his nose rocking back and forth. This gave me an erection and I started to massage my crotch as I rocked on his face. After a few minutes of this, I heard a slight moan come from under me and noticed that a huge wet spot had appeared in the crotch of his jeans where he had just dumped his load of cum. This turned me on so much that I lifted up his t-shirt, exposing his chest and stomach, then unfastened my Levis and after taking out my dick began to beat it at a furious pace. It wasn't long before I was spewing my own cum all over his chest and stomach. It felt like I had cum buckets full. I was exhausted and slid off of his face and lay beside him on the floor. Expecting retaliation, I was prepared to make a run for it. But all he said was, "That's the best cum I have ever had." We smiled at each other.

I thought I was the only one who liked this stuff. I'm 15 and my sister is 18. I have been smelling her butt since I was 12. we were wrestling before bed one night and she pinned me down and sat on my nose for the first time. I smelled her butt and liked it alot. ever since we sometimes wrestle but I can beat her now and she sits on my nose and I smell her for 5 or ten minutes. I have a girlfriend but don't want to tell her I like it. should I ask her to sit on me?


My sister has farted on me so many times its hard to remember so ill post all
that i can think of now...wacthing tv in the basement she was lying on the couch,
i was on the floor below. she rolls off and falls on top of me, her butt near
my face. i said get off. and she said "but i have to do this first" lowers her
black jean covered butt causeing my nose to enter right up then...ffffffffffsssss
hot, hot sbd felt like my face was in an oven, smelt like how all her farts

smell like, sulphur and eggs

i was dozing of in bed when suddenly my sister backs up, ramming my nose way
up her now grey spandex covered butt hole......brrrrrap! she gigled saying "oh
your nose is sooo far up!

laying on the floor she comes and just plops down wearing only thin shorts,
my god it was like 6 seconds long ad so hot and stinky. she said "your nose
is stabing my butt hole, smell
good chris"?

one time my friend lauren was over and we were sitting in my room. lauren is also 13 years old. we were sitting on the floor right next to each other. suddenly she let out a huge bubbly fart. i secretly started to sniff it all in with a peaceful smile on my face. she blushed like crazy and apollogized, but she just laughed it off. i then said that i had one too, but that i would go into the next room if she wanted. she just said, "just do it, it already stinks in here, right?" so with that, i smiled and pushed my big fart right out of me. it wasn't as loud as lauren's, but it filled up the room with its girl fart smell in a real hurry! lauren covered up her face with her shirt, i was hoping she wouldn't, but oh well. she said, "how can you stand it, mira?" i just giggled back at her. i was enjoying the sweet smell of our farts getting mixed together in the air.

all that evening lauren kept letting out farts
, and i kept breathing them all in with a peaceful smile on my face. she kept apollogizing whenever she farted, oh if she only knew how i loved every single one of them!

you know what i wish? that my friends were the kind who would want to have farting
contests. i wish that my friends and i could just keep on farting at each other and filling up the whole room with the smell of our sweet girl farts. that would be awesome


 love sniffing a girls ass, and when they've been sittng down for
awhile I sniff
the seat when they get up its so warm and it smells
like butt. Do any girls like this . i love sniffing
a girl ass. i love burying my face in butts, i can shoot a gallon of cum
just thinking about a girl wearing skin tight pants sitting in a chair
and her catching me sniff
the seat when she gets up and making me
sniff her ass, please tell me in detail if you have experiences



All they were wearing
were Jams, and of course Ralph was still wearing Ricky's undies. The next time
I looked back at Ralph, he had the underwear off and was smelling of it. As I
pulled over at the rest stop on the interstate, he was really smelling around
the asscrack. "Here," Ricky said, lowering his Jams, "I'll let you smell the
real McCoy," and put it right in Ralph's face. Shit - Ralph buried his nose in
that hole as I watched. Thank God the dark tinted shit was up over the windows!
Ricky let me get a good view as he stayed there for five minutes in that
position, Ralph's nose breathing Ricky's asshole, and Ralph jacking himself
off. It was unbearable for us all. I jacked Ricky off while he was standing
there. "Damn, this is killer shit," Ralph kept saying. "I know it is," Ricky
said as he kept laughing.


 mean if someone was behind me sniffing my ass to see if  it smelled, I am certain that I would cut loose a fart, (if I could) at
that precise moment


Although Greg and I had incorporated face sitting/butt sniffing into our games playing, we really never talked about it. We talked about playing doctor and spankings as these activities were suggested by one of us. Neither of us ever said "wanna smell my butt", it was always coded as "wanna wrestle" or one of us just jumped on the other without warning and the wrestling was on. Face sitting and butt sniffing would most certainly follow.

The first time smelling
another boy's butt was actually mentioned was when I was in the first grade. These two guys, who I considered to be cool and wanted to hang out with, Walter and C.J. were forming a club. Greg and I were invited to join and we went to Walter's house and to his room. C.J. told us if we wanted to be members we'd have to smell their butts. Greg and I looked at each other and started to laugh. Walter got sort of pissed and said "look you guys, do you want to join this club or not?" Greg and I both said that we did. "Well then you have to smell my heinie and C.J.'s as well" Greg and I agreed and Walter pulled his jeans down and bent over his bed. I put my nose up to his underwear clad bottom and C.J. pushed on the back of my head so my face went into Walter's crack. I protested even though I was enjoying myself. Greg took his turn smelling Walter's butt and then Walter and C.J. switched roles. C.J. lowering his jeans and sticking out his butt, and Walter making sure that Greg and I each got a good sniff.

Two things I remember well are the neither Walter nor C.J. wiped themselves very good (I guess most 6/7 year olds don't) and that they didn't fart
in our faces. If the roles had been reversed and Walter and C.J. had been sniffing mine and Greg's butts, they would have been treated to a fart or two. Greg was very much into farting in other boys faces, even more than I was. Having to smell another guys butt seemed to be standard procedure for initiations. I even had the "pleasure" of being allowed to hang out with second and third graders after I "took a sniff". To this day I wonder how many of these guys really thought it was a degrading act, and how many actually got off on it. Maybe it was a little of both.


Another good memory from JohnDave! Come on, guys, I know that more than 3 people out there have memories of being facesat or farted on or, as in my case, facesat and farted on at the same time. Something in the story that rang a bell with me was the phrase "Wanna wrestle". Those were the exact same code words my cousins and I used for when we wanted to butt-sniff each other. We couldn't just pull our jeans down and sniff, it had to be a part of a wrestling match. Of course, as we got older, the same phrase also came to mean, "Let's jack each other off".



Sorry I dont have any pics, but I have a great story I would like to add. I live with male roomate & he has quite the bubble butt. he is always wearing his tight ass worn out wranglers. His bubble butt is so defined & firm. I first starting smelling his bubble butt when was passed out from drinking. I loved smelling through his faded tight jeans. One night while my nose was in his ass, he rolled over & let out the wettest, juiciest bubble fart I ever heard. It smelled wonderful. I became Hard instantly, I kept smelling & by the time the smell lingered off I had cum all over myself. over the next couple of weeks I was getting him drunk everynight. sometimes so drunk he would allow me to sniff his ass & farts while he was awake & would not remember anything by morning. this has been going on for a couple of years now. I think by now he is onto me but to this day he has never mentioned it to me. Do you think he is enjoying this as much as I am.