If a Marine cuts a loud fart, Ipray the stinkiness invades my nostrills.  When a Marine bends over, I can't

help but to stare right at his ass. You'd think they would have caught on to

my little game by now, but they haven't. I dont' know what it is. I just love the act of farting. I love when other

HOT men fart too, real loud, smelly ones. I love it. It's the deepest

craving I've ever had in my life. I'm obssessed with farting and being

farted on. Ohhhhhh, goddamn, I KNOW MANY OF YOU ARE TOO or you wouldn't be

fucking reading this garbage.  You know you love to hear guys fart, it

probably even makes you laugh. It makes you want to get on your hands and

knees and sniff their skid-marked-underwear. I love stealing other Marine's

underwear, and sneaking off to the head (bathroom) to jerk off with them

over my nose. I love observing their skids. The different lengths of skids,

widths, and colors, some dark, more difined, some more like an air-brush and

lighter. But it's the smell of the "manly skid mark" that sends me over the

edge. You know what I'm talking about. Remember when you were a kid and you

took a quick sniff of your buddy's whitie-tighties? AHHH, c'mon man, I know

you know the feeling. Imagine a HOT MARINE'S underwear, a dirty ole' pair of

Hanes Briefs, maybe with a few small holes in em' too. Just observe where

his ass made those awesome skids, maybe too much farting, or maybe he didn't

"wipe" too well, or even better, he'd worn them for a few days.... Now sniff

them, and feel your cock get hard. See what I mean?

AHhhh, yeah, Marine ass!





Gordy enjoyed playing with his big brother's video games--

what boy of 9 wouldn't? Alone in the house, he snuck into his

brother's room and went into his closet. Even though Jesse had

forbidden him to touch his things, Gordy felt safe knowing

everyone was gone. He stood for a long time fingering the hand-

held baseball game. Suddenly, he heard his brother slam the

front door and bound up the stairs. Knowing he had no retreat,

he quickly pulled the closet doors shut and hid.

Jesse came in whistling, locked the door, and hurriedly

began to strip off his clothes for his afternoon jack-off.

Peeking through the slats, Gordy was shocked and entranced when

he saw his naked brother standing a few feet away from him

playing with his thing! His eyes nearly bugged out when it saw

that it was getting bigger--LOTS BIGGER!

  Jesse was pounding away, working at his stiff boner and

rubbing his other hand over his bare bottom. He was sideways to

the closet and Gordy could tell that Jesse was rubbing on his

butthole! When he saw his brother put his finger to his nose

and smell it, Gordy squinched his nose up in disgust. Yeech!

Why would he want to do that? Jesse did that a few times, then

knelt on the bed and licked his finger real good. Then he stuck

it right up his butt. Gordy could see him working it around in

there. He wondered if his brother was going to smell it again

...or maybe lick it! Yeech!

  "OK, I'm gonna do it now. Get ready to lick!" Gordy grunted

and pushed, straining to open his little hairless anus. "Put

your finger on it and smell it like you did yours. No, wait!

You don't need a finger. Just put your nose up there and smell


  Jesse shrugged, wanting to get the whole thing over with as

quickly as possible. He wasn't even hesitant. He knelt on the

floor at the foot of the bed and just poked his nose between

his little brother's cheeks and rubbed his anus.

  "I don't hear you smellin'!" Gordy taunted.

  "SHIT!" Jesse cried in exasperation.

  "Really?" Gordy was delighted.

  "NO! Just...just a little smelly." Jesse made a big show of

breathing deeply, just to satisfy the little brat. Suddenly his

nostrils began to twitch at the aroma coming from Gordy's pink

little hole. Damn, he thought, this ain't half bad! He started

to smell his asshole in earnest, even putting his hand on the

boy's bottom and pulling it apart.

  Gordy was no dummy. He instantly noticed the change in

Jesse's manner. He could see the reflection in the mirror, and

could tell from Jesse's expression that he was enjoying his

smell! He started to twitch his butt, teasing Jesse's nose.

  Jesse was becoming intoxicated with the tangy fragrance of

the young anus. It was much milder than his own, but as

innocent as the little hole looked, it was obvious that this

was where the boy shit!

  "You can lick it if you want, Jess," Gordy cooed, any trace

of his former belligerence gone.

  "You want me to, Gordy?" Jesse asked, quietly. "It's kinda

nasty, and I've never done that before. But I'll do it if you


  "Sure, Jess, go ahead. I won't tell Dad."

  "OK, Gordy. I wanna lick it, you smell so good!" Jesse began

to run his tongue up and down his brother's asscrack, luxuri-

ating in the taste and feel of the tender skin. He pulled the

cheeks apart more and put his mouth right on the boy's hole and

wiggled his tongue around the wrinkled nub.

immy took off his corduroys and jockey shorts, embarrassed

enough to hold his hand over his penis. Then he got down in


  "No, don't kneel...squat. You gotta be up high enough so he

can lick it. You can hold onto the tree. Now don't be surprised

when you feel him touch you. He'll probably lick your butthole

first, like he did me. Unless it's all dirty. Better let me

check it out." Gordy knelt down between the box and Jimmy's

round little butt. He stuck his head back there and used one

hand to pull Jimmy's cheek apart. Jimmy flinched at the touch.

  "Hold still willya!" Gordy was looking at his friend's bum.

He stuck his nose close to smell it.

  "Why ya doin' that?" Jimmy looked over his shoulder. "I

ain't dirty! Shouldn't matter anyway if he's gonna lick my


  "It's OK," Gordy assured him. "He likes when it stinks a


  Jimmy blushed, taking his word for it, thinking he'd wipe

better next time.

  "But don't turn around any more, okay? He's gonna open the

flap on the box. If you turn around he might not pay you."

Gordy twisted his head, smiling at Jesse as he scraped the

cardboard flap aside. Jesse twitched his nose in question.

Gordy put his fingers to his nose, indicating that Jimmy sure

as heck DID smell back there...just the way he likes.

  That made Jesse happy. He scooted on his knees halfway out

of the box and touched the smooth bottom.

  "Jeez!" Jimmy gasped, suddenly realizing the enormity of his

situation. "There really IS someone in there!"

  Jesse softly fondled the little butt, gently kneading the

flesh. Then he knelt on all fours and started to lap at the

hairless asshole.

Jesse reluctantly obeyed, sprawling prone on the grass.

Chuckling evily, the man straddled his head and began to drop

his ugly bottom down to Jesse's face. He hiked Jesse's legs

behind his and began to slap his ass, telling him what a nasty

little shit he was. He grabbed the boy by the balls and

squeezed them. Then he quickly stood up and turned around the

other way. "Yeah, this is better. I don't wanna look at your

cock, I wanna see your eyes!" He squatted down until his anus

was just above Jesse's nose. "Oh, yeah, you like to smell it

first, don't you, uh, JASPER! Well, go ahead...get a good whiff

of that! Sorry, I live alone you know, so I don't fuss much

about cleaning. Shouldn't bother you though, hunh?" he laughed.

  Jesse stared, frightened at the sight before him even before

the offensive odor hit his nostrils. That huge hairy asshole

was coming closer and closer, and Jesse wondered what those

round balls of skin were that were growing on his anus and

hanging down!

  "Oh, and don't mind my hemorrhoids, punk, you might even

like licking them!"

  As surprised as he was, Jesse was less concerned about the

nasty things hanging from the man's asshole--after all, skin

was skin--then he was about how dirty the man kept it. He could

easily make out traces of crusty shit surrounding the smelly


  "P-please, Mr. Adams!" he entreated. Y-your butthole's all

dirty! You smell awful!"

  "Aw, don't kid me, boy. Little shitlicker like you must be

in heaven with an asshole like mine. Now get to some serious

sniffin' down there, then I'll grind it over your lips and let

you clean the shit off my hole! Remember, punk...this is


  OK, Jesse agreed to himself. Maybe this would do the trick.

There was simply no way he was ever going to enjoy this.

Perhaps if he went through with it, he'd never want to do it

again--TO ANYBODY! He began to sniff loudly, breathing in every

bit of the noxious fumes coming from the man's reeking asshole.

It was bad...it was horrendous...but it wasn't stopping his

prick from getting really hard. Then, without being asked to,

he took a deep, courageous breath and closed his eyes while he

let his tongue slip out and touch the hairy, shitty orifice!




When I grew up we used to play tag with some girls in our neighborhood

     and if I was tagged they would take me to their secret place and take

     turns sitting on my nose in their panties while I smelled their butts.



I'm 16 and sit on my brother's head, he's 14. It was fun to read about

     nancy and her brother. I have been sitting on my brother's head for

     a while know and he asks me to smell my butt now.

     go for it girls, it is a fun feeling to have a nose up your butt.

     not too stinky though. LOL




my cousin is hot and she always flaunts her ass in front of me and

     my brother. we are living with my Mom's cousin right now. as everyone

     was sleeping on the floor last night, I sort of put my head down be

     her butt. everyone was asleep so I moved my head closer and she was

     curled up with a pillow between her legs. I stuck my nose in her butt

     and sniffed a nice smell. it was a little musky and stinky but smelled

     good. I was loving it and she had her ass staring right at me. I smelled

     her for about a half hour, it was great. should I tell her???




When I was 14 years old, my 10 year old cousin, Malcolm, came to stay with us for a couple of weeks while his parents were out of town.

   Malcolm was a runt of a boy and looked much younger than his age. As a teen, I didn't like having him hanging around me. I always felt

   like I was babysitting him whenever he was around. One day, Malcolm had gotten on my nerves so bad that I knocked him to the ground,

   straddled his head and sat all of my weight down on his face. I felt that torture such as this would prevent him from bugging me in the future.

   I was sitting on him facing his feet, but there was no struggle. He just laid there, without any movement. I knew he wasn't smothering,

   because I could feel his heavy breathing, in and out, against the ass-crack of my Levis. I wondered what it smelled like to him under there,

   because I had worn the same pair of faded Levis for 2 days and was sure he was having to smell some heavy duty butt odor. I sat there 5

   minutes, then 10 minutes, still no struggle to get me off, just the regular in and out breathing against the butt of my jeans. Finally at 15

   minutes, I let him up, thinking I would get some explanation of why he didn't try to kick out or buck me off. All he said was, "Pew, your

   butt stinks.", and went off to watch t.v.






anyone like smelling a girl's butt. I sniff my sister's ass when she

     is sleeping. it smells good. I got turned on smelling her butt when we were younger. she used to

     sit on my face in her underwear almost everyday. now that we're older

     I usually wait until she falls asleep on the couch or in bed and crawl

     on the floor and stick my nose in her butt and smell her musky stinky.




I dig farting in other guys faces too. but when i'm wearing my camoflauge pants without underware

(forest,urban)also getting a nice loud ripe one right in the face by a guy wearing camo's or sweat short/pants without underware or a jock on under







"And dirty asshole?"  I asked, looking deeply into his eyes.


"I love the smell of dirty ass, Alex!  Do you?"


"I've never sniffed anyone's but my own," I answered.  The conversation

was turning me on and I was comfortable with Brandon.


"Well ... uh ... I suppose ... that's only if you wanted to ..."


"You'd let me smell your ass, Brandon?"


"Only if you wanted to."


"Is your ass dirty now, Brandon?"


"Yes.  It is."


"Whew!"  Brad uttered, as we approached the pen, "sure does stink around



"Yeah!  Sure does," I responded, riveting my eyes on Brad's luscious

ass, wondering what his ass smelled like.

At the same moment, I let rip a juicy fart.


I knelt at the foot of the bed behind him, looking up at the luscious

mounds of his muscular ass encased in a pair of gym shorts.  The

material running down the length of his ass crack was wet with sweat and

stood out in contrast with the material that was dry.


I pressed my face into this wetness and inhaled deeply.  Immediately, my

head was filled with a rich, manly aroma.  A blend of sweat and the funk

of asshole.


"There was one time he told me to turn around. He

said he wanted to see my bumhole. Didn't matter to me, so I

bent over. I remember letting him get a good look by

pulling my cheeks apart, then I started teasing him by

saying, 'while you're down there, Buzz, smell me up!' I

felt kinda evil, so I reached back and pulled his face

tight to my ass. I could feel his nose on my hole, and even

though he was trying to pull away, I heard him sniffing

like I'd asked him to. Finally, he pulled away. 'OK, OK, I

smelled it!' he yelled at me. 'That was a dirty trick, you

old poopbutt! Don't you know they invented toilet paper!' I

laughed at him while he started to rub all over his nose

like he was tryin' get brown stuff off of it. There wasn't

really any there, but he made a big show out of it. 'Want

me to give you a fart, Buzzy?' I asked him. 'Wanna smell my

fart, too?' I giggled. It was so silly, he started laughing

too. 'GET THAT STINKHOLE AWAY FROM ME!' he cried, 'I only

wanted to look, you creep!' He took it all in fun, but we

never did it again. Funny, I can't remember the feel of his

nose, but I'll never forget hearing him sniffing me!"

   "Can I sniff you, Eric?" he suddenly asked, ending my


   "HUNH!" I gasped.

   "I-I wanna sniff you! Come on, let's go over to the






I've always had a fetish about a woman in leopard skinned underwear.

     it's seems so primitive. I used to sneek up on my cousin Jody when

     she slept at our house and she always wore those panties. I used to

     smell her butt while she was sleeping but I think she knows

     what I did. She always smelled a little stinky but really good. it's

     a smell that I learned to love.



I'm honest, I had two older sisters who used to sit on my nose in

     their undies and I would smell their butts. when we got older I used

     to sneak into their bedroom and sniff their butts while they were




I snuck into her room and crawled on the floor next to her bed. she

     was sleeping on her side with her knees bent and her butt was right

     there. she was wearing light blue silk panties and I carefully tilted

     my head to the side and put my nose up aginst her butt and smelled

     deeply. she smelled really good and my head was spinning because I

     was so excited. I stayed there and kept my nose in her stinky butt

     for about a half hour.

     I saw her this morning and she didn't say a thing. wonder if she knows?






She said ok smarty here it comes

     and she sat on my face. she was wearing black polyester pants and

     I got a good whiff of her musky butt. I didn't know she smelled like

     that and my cock got hard. she noticed it and and said to keep still.

     they were both laughing and her freind said she could sit like that

     all night. I finally got up but not after I sniffed her ass really

     hard and I felt her press down against my face until my nose was really

     up her butt.



I crawl in your room and see you laying on your side on a hot summer

     night. you have on some silky leopard panties and I kneel right next

     to your ass. it looks so nice and I get a little closer and brush

     my nose against your butthole. I take a small sniff and start rubbing

     my cock. you stir a little bit and then I get bolder and really press

     my nose in deep and smell your intoxicating scent. I can't help but

     to breathe really deeply and rub my cock faster. all of a sudden you

     wake up and roll over and...



on my knees by the side of your bed sniffing your butt through your

     panties what would you do?



I would love to kneel behind you and smell your butt. i like to stick my nose in a girl's wedgie after she wore her panties

     all day and is stinky.




40 yo guy on long island into the smell of ass and farts looking for guys who are into the same.after i'm done working all day i get  naked squat down rub my sweaty stinky asscrack/hole with my middle finger and then bring my finger to my nose to sniff it.i also  squat do wn and faert as i waive the gas smell up to my face so i can get a good whiff.i love to sniff underwear thats been worn all day  which are all farted up and has shitstains in them.i wanna meet with guys who like to take turns smellin each others ass,farts,and           underwear.



my sister and her friend slept in the Den last weekend and I sniffed

     each of their butts while they slept on their sides.



we had a big pile on one day(20 people) and everyone was all mixed

     up. I was like midway in the middle and was sort of stuck. I saw this

     girl's panties from only a few inches away, her ass was almost right

     on top of me but someone's leg was preventing her from getting closer.

     I grabbed whoever's leg it was and pulled it out of the way, it was

     a tough thing to do but i was fixated on her ass in light blue panties.

     I pulled the leg and she came down hard on my face, it hurt a little

     bit but when my head cleared her ass was right there. I stuck my face

     in nice and tight and she was saying hey what's going on? but couldn't

     tell who was doing it to her. I kept it there and pressed my nose

     up her butt really deep and took a big smell and she sort of relaxed

     all of a sudden and wasn't saying anything anymore. By the time I

     got out of there she was sitting so hard on my face I thought I was

     going to suffocate! but she still doesn't know who it was, she has

     it narrowed down to me and someone else. I'm going to keep her guessing

     for a little bit.






Just tonight I was at Circ Du Solei (amazing show -- lotsa girls w/great butts in Spandex), and I was sitting next to this woman with THE

   MOST AMAZING ASS EVER! During intermission she was standing up, leaning over to talk to someone and there it was! Well, I gotta

   tell yah, I dropped my beret a couple of times just to steal a nice big whiff of that awesome ass! Made me so wet I sat squirming through

   the second act!





 would love to have boys jeans to sniff.

   i like to have the boy smell and the butt smell.

   I went to summer camp and took a cute boys jeans and I sniff them every night.














I remember one time at my ex girlfriends house her S-E-X-Y friend Rachel came over wearing a pair of red short shorts. A portion of her

cheeks were showing as were her bikinis when she sat down.


We were all gabbing for a while then Rachel needed to use the bathroom. I heard the toilet flush and when she came out her buns were

covered by the tiny shorts and her bikini line was moved. This told me she was on the toilet.


Anyhow pretty Rachel sat in that chair for about 2 hours taling with us, and when she and my ex(lisa) got up to go outside for a smoke my nose

dove right for Rachel's seat.


YESSSSSSS!!!! no doubt, i smelled a good whiff of buttcrack. Sexy, blond Rachel's asscrack! Now if the chair smelled so good Imagine how good those white nylon bikinis smelled





Often wanted to sniff levi butts, the closest I've got was sniffing the seat where they sat, like the seat of a bicycle/motorbike,on the beach.   Sniffed a guy's jeans while he was in the shower,and shot a load into them...  have sniffed guys while they were asleep,would love to smell your butt-now...



I was about 14 or 15, and I used to have this metal fold-up chair in

               my room, and one day, me and my cousins were farting a lot, so we got

               the idea to pull down our underwear and sit in the metal chair to

               magnify the sound of the farts. So we did that. Each time we felt a

               fart coming, we would sit in the chair and let 'er rip as loud as we

               could, and it sounded twice as loud against the chair. Then we would

               sniff our own farts in the chair, and soon I was sniffing my cousins'

               too. I got some very nice smells from that seat and fell in love

               with sound and smell of farts. One of my cousins farted so hard in

               the chair that he had to run to the bathroom. Almost a little too

               much came out. Later on that night, while they were sleeping, I

               sneaked and sniffed each one of their butts when they didn't know

               it. I was addicted. It was a hot experience and that is why I enjoy

               farts so much today.



I am laying on the bed and watch as you climb over my head and straddle

     my face. you tell me your gas is really smelly today and force my

     nose up your butt for an afternoon of butt sniffing.





 Since everyone was asleep I stripped down to my boxers and started to walk toward the toilet. As I passed my brother I noticed that his jeans were on the floor and most of the bedcovers were drawn up above his boxer-clad ass. I stood there for a while and soon I couldn't help myself. I leaned over and smelled his ass,




she was sleeping on the couch! I couldn't help it, her ass was sticking

     out while she slept on her side and I stuck my nose in her panties

     and breathed in her butt smell!



my sister fell asleep on the couch and was laying on her side with

her butt in panties facing out. I couldn't resist and crawled over

and sniffed her butt while she slept. I was smelling it and she woke

up and asked what I was doing and I was busted! Afew days later she

asked if I really liked it and I said yes, so she told me to lay down

in her room and sat on my nose for twenty minutes while I smelled

her butt. she likes it now and I bet alot of other girls would too!




I've been sniffing boys' jeans since I was 11. At that time I knew a man (my friend's dad, actually) who couldn't get enough of that after-school boysmell on the seat of my Levi's. Details if you'd like...



 That's all I could say as my sisters best friend had me pinned to the floor and her ass sitting squarely on my face. She was rubbing my nose raw, grinding her ass back and forth, side to side, trying to shove my nose farther up her denim clad ass. It surprised me that I could even smell her ass, this bad, thru her jeans and panties. She moved back onto my chest, positioned her knees on my shoulders, and held down my arms with her hands. "So I see you like sniffing girls underwear"... (earlier that day, she and my sister walked into her room, and caught me sniffing her white cotton panties)... "well, lets see how well

you like sniffing them when it has a stinky butt in 'em", She raised up off my chest, and inched forward again, until she was hovering her ass just above my nose. I tried turning my head, but she grabbed onto my ears... "ah-ah-ah.... nope... you're gonna sniff my butt!" and she sat back down on my face, again wiggling around trying to shove my nose up into her ass. "ASHLEY.... STTMMOOPPFF..." I yelled, trying to get her off my face. I felt her raise up slightly, and I thought the tormenting was over, but then I hear a soft "PPFFFFFFFFFTTT" and a warm breeze blown right onto my face. OH MY GOD!!!, SHE JUST FARTED ON MY FACE!!, I thought to myself.. then the smell hit me. God it reaked of sulfer. "How's my panties smell now?" and she let out this evil laugh.

"Take off your jeans and fart on his face in your panties this time Ashley"... I recognized the voice.. it was my sister... "OK, that way I can get his nose farther up my crack!" she replied. I felt this huge pain on my chest, and figured out that my sister had jumped there to pin me down, while Ashley takes off her Jeans. Everything was hazy and my head was spinning, one because of the 5 minute smother from Ashley, and two... having her blow this huge fart up my nostrils. But I could see her bending down, pulling her legs out of her jeans, then standing there in her white panties... "Shit, Jamie... your brother gave me a wedgie with his nose" and I saw her dig into her ass and pull the cotton material that was lodged up in her ass crack. She then held her hands to her nose, I heard her breath in... SNIFF SNIFF.. "Damn my ass smells bad, Here.... why dont you take a whiff and let me know what you think" She straddled my body, facing my feet and slowly desended down towards my upturned face, still trying to turn my head,



I couldn't help it. you were sleeping on the couch with your butt

facing me and i knew your panties were stinky. I had to stick my nose

firmly up your butt and take a sniff. can I smell it again?





Hobbies: I like Sniffing under teenaged Girls butts and there school Seats. mmmmmm, I like threesoming with my neighbours sheep and my cousins German sheppard. Looking for a Girl to join us in our LOVE MAKING s

Latest News: Been gang Banged by My cats and Dogs. 


Favorite Quote

"If u cant smell anything, it means they are Clean....DARN."


I like to smell seats after people have sat in them, especially if they have diahorria.



I love being facesat and smelling the ass of a lovely woman, particularly if she is wearing skintight denim jeans. However I do not relish the idea of being suffocated or having my face crushed. My idea of the perfect facesit is when the woman gently lowers her butt onto my face so I can worship, feel and smell her bottom. Indeed, sometimes I even smell the seat of her jeans while she is at work or out shopping. Does anyone else share my kink for smelling a womans ass. I would lover to get Diane's reaction on this.

Diane seems to be a sensible person so maybe she can explain if my fetish is totally unnatural. I don't like facesitting, but I DO like fondling, smelling and worshipping a woman's ass. However, I am not turned by her when she is nude. I love to smell her ass when she is wearing white panties, tight trousers or jeans. I love the feel of her ass on my face if I'm kneeling behind her or she's lying on her stomach. I never tire of this and can spend a long time with my nose buried in the crevices of her ass.

Two occasions stand out in my memory. The first concerned a girl in my office who always wore skin tight jeans to work. She had an incredibly sexy ass in those jeans. One evening she changed her clothes because she was going directly to a party from work. She left her jeans benind her and, yes, I couldn't resist the opportunity of sniffing her divine denims as soon as she had left. As I shoved the ass part of her jeans into my face I experienced a huge sexual thrill, which I still remember to this day.

The second occasion concerned a girl I met in a bar. We got talking and drinking and talking. Eventually I left her home where we kissed and drank some more. She was wearing white trousers which were figure hugging. Anyway she lay on her bed , on her stomach and fell asleep - and I lay beside her and proceeded to fondle her lovely ass. Eventually I started to kiss her ass. And then to smell it. For at least half an hour my nose was worshipping her lovely ass.

Diane, what are your views on my fetish. Is it a natural desire, and is it right to simply love to smell a woman's ass when she is wearing tight, sexy trousers.

Brings a whole new dimension to facesitting. LOL!



Seeing those pics does bring to mind something I used to do as a small boy. When I was 3 or 4 years old, I had this big stuffed bear that I played with. I was already into watching wrestling on t.v., so I would wrestle this bear sometimes in my underwear, cause I wanted to be in trunks like the t.v. wrestlers. The bear was as big as I was, so it was like wrestling around with another kid. This bear had a pointed nose, so when I put it in a headscissors, it's nose inserted between my butt cheeks. I finally stumbled onto the idea of sitting on it and scooting up on the bear's face and sitting down. The nose REALLY went between my butt cheeks that time. I sat on it and wiggled and squirmed around for several minutes. I got off the bear's face and sniffed it's nose. I could smell the shit smell from my butt. I got the first little boner I can remember and rubbed off on the bears face. The bear was my wrestling buddy from then until I was 5 years old, when I had to take my first smelly Levis facesit pin off my cousin. Then, HE became my wrestling buddy until we graduated from high school.

I guess the reason I remember the bear facesitting at such a young age is because my brother caught me a few times and would make fun of me.

Whatever possesed me to sit on it and smell it when I got off of it still makes me wonder to this day. I grew up in the time period when everybody had those plastic slip covers that you put on your furniture. How tacky, but boy did they catch the butt scents!!! At five, I was always trying to sniff them when people got up from them. I also loved the way that it took a long time for the air to escape from the cushions covered in the plastic cause you could see the impression of the person's butt on them. I still like the noise of air gushing in and out when someone sits on a leather or vinyl cushion. I imagine my face as the seat.



I did and liked it. she used to fall asleep on the couch and be on

her side and I stuck my nose in her panties and took a couple smells



dahmer is apparantly smelling the ass of his pants. this scares me for several reasons.




2) this means that he hasn't done laundry in a while and needs to see if his pants ass smells bad enough to wear out to a nice restaurant



It was my final year in college and I was perusing the ads in the

campus newspaper. While glancing through I noticed that their was

going to be some kind of business fair going on next week on campus.

These fairs usually take place during the spring and consist of

companies setting up huge tents on college campuses and having college

students participate in stupid games to win products.


What caught my eye about the ad, was the fact that the Odour Eaters

company was sponsoring a stinkiest butt on campus contest. The winner

was going to get a whole bunch of free products. What I wanted to know

was did they need any judges? Right below the add for the            

business fair was a telephone number for employment. I decided

to call.


" Hello I am calling in regards to the ad for employment during the

business fair later this week. I wanted to know what kind of jobs are

available?" I was talking to a young man named Mike.


" Well we are looking for judges in many of the competitions and games

that will be taking place. But the sign up period has already started

so their might not be many good jobs left. In fact I believe their are

only a few positions left at the Odour Eaters booth. Believe me, you

don't want to work their." said Mike.


" Why not?" I asked hoping to hear the answer I wanted.


" Well you would be judging a smelly butt contest. Besides I don't

think 20 bucks and some free products are worth it." Mike said,

shocked that I might actually consider it.


" Well tell me where the sign-up sheets are I would still like to help

out." Mike informed as to where the sign up sheets were located and I

skipped my afternoon class to get my name on the list. I went to the

student union and saw the sign-up sheets. Mike was right many of the

places had been filled. I finally found the Odour Eaters sign-up

sheet. Sure enough their was hardly any names on the list. I looked

both ways to make sure no one was watching and I put my name and phone

on the list.


I got a call later that night. It was the Odour-Eaters rep telling me

where to go and what to do on the day of the contest. He thanked me

for signing up for the event since hardly anyone ever did. I asked him

how many contestants do you usually have. "Oh quite a few, around

fifty the past two years. Mostly jocks and skaters, they always seemed

to have the worst smelling butts and I know it." replied the rep. "


Believe me you have got your work cut out for you. I had to judge the

contest a couple of years ago and swore I was going to be physically

ill at the end."


"Well I don't think I will have that problem. Nobody's butt could

smell worse than my roommates." I lied because I had more than once

enjoyed his stinky butt.


"Well we see how you do after the contest" said the rep.


Friday had finally arrived and I headed on down to the union. The rep

was right most of the contestants were jocks or skaters. They all were

very attractive in their own way and I could not wait to take in the

beautiful bouquets that were their butts. I actually was sort of

embarrassed because some of these people were in my classes. I had to

go in a meeting before the contest began to be briefed. I met up with

the rep I spoke to last night on the phone. He told me what he thought

was bad news. His other judges were no-shows so I would have to smell

all fifty contestants butts. Could I do it? I said sure. He even

through in an extra twenty bucks.


The contest was on. The great thing about it was I got to remove the

contestants briefs. After each removal I would lean in close and take

a huge whiff. It was tough to keep my hard-on from showing but I

managed. Each time I leaned in the guy I was judging would try to

shove his butt right into my nose. This was the greatest job I ever

had. The crowd looked on in disbelief as I sniffed some of the

smelliest butts on campus. With every whiff the contestant would smile

down. These guys took pride in their stinky butts and loved having

another guy at their butts smelling them. It took around an hour but I

finally smelled each contestants butts. I got up to the podium and

told the contestants that they all had pungent butt odour but I would

have to go with contestants;3,17,24,42,48.


Naturally these were the best in the field and the most cocky. The

other contestants walked off stage looking disappointed not knowing

that I would have given them anything as a consolation prize.


It came down to the last five and the next part was a Q&A round. I got

to ask the guys questions. Of course all butt related. Here is the

question I asked each guy and his response.


ME: Contestant One: do you take pride in your repulsive smelling butt.


Contestant One: Hell yes! It shows I can work up a real sweat unlike

some guys.


Boy he was cocky. The bodybuilder type with a great physique.


ME: Contestant Two: what is the most embarrassing situation your

smelly butt has gotten you into?


Contestant Two: Well my butt has gotten me into several jams. For

instance I can never take my jocks off around girlfriends. Especially

after my butt odour made one of my former girlfriends physically ill.

That is probably the most embarrassing situation.


I loved this all American boy next door types answer. He had a cute

face and a smile to die for. He even turned a little red while giving

his response.


ME: Contestant Three. Do you have any special motivation for being

here today?


Contestant Three: Well my girlfriend and all my dorm buddies said I

probably could win. After all I am not aloud to take my briefs off in

the dorm without immediately showering.


My god. I could not believe these responses. This guy was another Boy

next door type.


Me: Contestant 4 what is the best and worst part about having a stinky



Contestant: Well I guess I can gross out my friends. Sometimes I like

to stick my stinky butt in their faces as revenge.


Another spectacular answer! This guy was skater type and really had a

great model type look about him.


Me: Contestant 5 Besides money, what prize do you think you should

receive if you win the contest today?


Contestant 5: Well, someone to take care of my butt. You get the idea,

I'm sure!


The crowd was shocked by this answer. I however had picked a winner.

Contestant 5 was Shane Simmons the star player on the soccer team. He

had came to the competition right after practice.


After a short deliberation I announced the winner. Shane was thrilled.

He won a lot of care products. He contacted me a week after the

contest and told me that he spotted my boner during the contest. He

knew I wanted his butt and that I could make a dream come true for the

both of us.




"An ex girlfriend of mine had skidmarked panties most of the time, I would sneek a look at them when she wasn't around. She was tall blonde and thin and quite attractive. She used to wear mainly white cotton panties but she also had a couple pairs of cream coloured silk ones. She would sometimes have small skidmarks but sometimes she had large crusty skidmarks like she had an accident and then carried on wearing her panties. Once when we were out walking she said could we go back to the car and go home as she felt she needed the toilet, while we had walked for an hour so it was about an hour and half later before I got her back to her home. The next day when I went round to pick up her to go out she hadn't got out of bed, so I woke her up, she got out of bed wearing her panties and bent down to pick up her jeans to put on and I saw a huge brown stain showing through the back of her panties but she pulled her jeans on over the top of then finished getting dressed and off we went, all day I could only think about the state of the panties she was wearing. I have also seen some other girls dirty panties which I may post about later if there is any response to this one. I thought girls were supposed to be so clean."
"...The two girls were sharing our spare room so I sneaked in, and the first thing I saw was a pile of Melanie's clothes on the floor. She'd worn jeans and a white top. But wrapped up in the clothes were a pair of white panties. They were cotton ones with a small flower print on the front. I picked them up and looked at the crotch. I was quite surprised, because little quiet Melanie had a huge dirty skid mark at the back of her panties. They must've been rubbing up her ass almost all night as she was dancing. There was a yellow stain at the front too, but the shit stain at the back was the biggest turn on. Smelled good too. I had to look around for Helens. She was a bit more careful as to where she put her clothes. She'd shoved them right in the bottom of her bag. Maybe she was ashamed! Helen's panties were cotton panties too, but with writing on the front which read "Love me". Inside they were quite clean. Not much of a stain at the front, and a light skid mark at the back. Enough to have me imagine them rubbing against her dirty ass as she flirted with the guys in the club. Her skid mark was much lighter than Melanie's, but smelled good. I took them to the bathroom and sniffed them both as I masturbated. I sniffed their dirty asses and imagined how embarrassed they'd be if they knew I had seen their skidmarks."

"Awhile ago I was dating this girl called Gillian. She's about 26, and a teacher. She had gone on holiday with her parents and I got the house to myself for the first night and decided to see if there were any dirty panties around. She'd taken a lot of her underwear on holiday with her, but there were a few pairs in her hamper, along with jeans and stuff that she'd decided to leave. The first pair I found were a very small pair of cotton print panties with sort of green and red flowers on them. I think she'd die if she knew I had seen them. They WERE a turn on though, because inside they were stained with piss and shit. The skid mark at the back was about two inches long, but pretty thin. I guess the tightness of her panties had given her a wedgie that day. The skid smelled nice too and was a deep brown. They smelled really strongly of piss. Not sure whether it was just a leak or not. I couldn't really see a stain at the front because the pattern was dark. The second pair I found were really badly stained. They were white cotton ones, but with the sides that tie-up.. and sort of lacy at the front. They were plain white, and the skid mark at the back was so big that you could almost see it through the other side. She must've had such a messy ass that day. I don't know whether she didn't wipe or not, but she must have scratched her ass through her panties to get them so stained. I was pretty shocked at first. The colour was a little lighter than the other stain, but it was much bigger. maybe three inches long, but at least an inch or so wide! It smelled quite good too... I licked it and I loved it. It was a real turn on seeing her a few weeks later coming home and flirting with guys thinking that she was really something. She didn't know that I'd seen and licked her dirty skid marked panties!"
She also likes to make me crawl behind her on my hands and knees with
my nose in her crack.




Whenever he was ready to cut one, he warned me so that i rushed to put my nose on his crack before he blasted loudly or silent farts, boy did they stink ! i remember he often was wearing a tight bright yellow short and he really enjoyed wriggling back and forth before and after he had farted. I’m still in it but i can hardly find someone to do it. What i also used to do was sniffing seats in which men sat on and when it didn’t take me much time to differenciate a smell from another, the more it smelled the more i was turned on and the best my cumming were…i also liked sniffing the seats of my cousin’s pants a! nd it mostly smelled sweaty and shitty. What a load of fun i used to have in those time ! : o ))




I can remember playing hide and seek with my hot neighbor barb when we were in high school. We would always hide behind these big trees in our neighbor's yard, and she wouldlower her shoulders top the ground and arch her round, stinking butt into the air. How could I resist taking a big sniff?



...ooo, Jeez!  Hard tellin'.  I remember the little boy next door when
I lived with my grandmother in Milwaukee--I was around 6, I think.  Or
the father in the family next door when I was around 7 or 8--I used to
see him waiting for the bus and after he left, I'd go over and sniff the
seat (covertly, of course).  Is that twisted or what?


I see where a boy is riding on the bus and when he gets up I smell the seat 
>>where his little butt was.


but sneak around and sometimes smell your seat after your
>done sitting in it


On the backside, the smallest of skidmarks showed where his beautiful ass had snuggled against the soft cotton. I smelled the seat and could just about imagine his hairy butt rubbing the inside of the underwear. I think I shot my wad in a matter of seconds





BUT..... it wasnt facesitting.... I had 2 dudes over tonight to play some basketball and some PS2. After getting all hot and sweaty from basketball, we headed up to my room to play some video games. One sat on the bean bag, the other sat on the foot of my bed, we played a baseball game for about 1/2 hour. Then those two switched positions so I could get a turn. Then one that got onto the bed, he layed face down, into the same spot where his bud's ass was sitting.. DAMN MAN.... YOUR ASS REAKS! he said. Well, ya know that got me thinking... (i wanted to go over there and just inhale all the fumes into my nose.. but didnt want to do it in front of them)

Well, the one on the bed, couldnt take the smell any longer and switched again with his bud (man, if it was me, id kept my nose there the entire game and sniffed away!) but.... so now we were teasing him about his stinky ass.. calling him smelly butt, etc.. so he got up, and put his ass at the head of my bed... and was rubbing it back and forth on my cover.. then pulled back the comforter and did it on my sheets.

The other friend, told him to pull down his pants and do it, but he said he would do it later (which he didnt!! DAMN).. now the whole time this was going on, I still havent had the opportunity to sniff the bed myself. Ok, so it was time for me to take them home, we all left my bedroom, headed downstairs, and i drove them home. Well, needless to say, i drove back much faster.. feeling the desier, the need to see just how bad my bed smelled...and boy DID IT SMELL OF ASS!!! I rubbed my nose gently back and forth, up and down on my comforter, sniffing, whiffing, smelling his ass smell.. man it smelled GREAT!

Now, im typing this post at
11:30 at night.. and the whole "stinky asshole" incident happened at 5:30... and let me tell you... IT STILL SMELLS!!! I have been going over there like ever 15 minutes.. ya know.. just for a science experiment.. see how long a butt scent stays in cotton fabric, well, actually, i just wanna sniff some ass!


Anyone else sniffed some seat cushion, chair, car seat or whatever where some ass has sat for awhile, grinding their dirty buttsmell into the fabric??? do tell!

well, sorry, but i just had to tell ya about this, i thought it was cool the way the smell stayed in my bed for like 5 hours, and is still there.. I think i might have to put my face at the foot of the bed tonight.


I couldn't believe it! Yesterday one of the ladies at work changed clothes in her office, and left her panties sitting on her desk. I quickly locked the door and began sniffing the butt area, which had a strong anal smell. I then sniffed her chair, and managed to find the anal spot.



Best sniff I ever got was my boy's! He was 17 and
starting to sleep in the raw. I was checking on him one
night...out of habit...and noticed his naked butt sticking
out from the covers. I snuck up quietly and managed to get
my nose right up to it, Fuck, that was lovely!"
   "Oooh, I've seen your kid. Wouldn't mind smellin' his
butt myself!"
   "Me either. Unfortunately, he's so straight it's sick-
ening! He's 22 now, but it'd sure be nice if he'd give his
old dad another thrill!"
   "Yeah, bet those babes really go for him!"
   "Sssh. Here he comes."
   "Hey, Dad. You guys still trading butt-smellin'





It was 9:00pm. I headed for his apartment. The door was open and the apartment was dark accept a light coming from his bedroom. He was laying on his bed face down. What an ass. He told me that he had been wearing the underwear he had on, every time he worked out, for a week. I couldn't wait to sniff them. I dove my nose into the crack of his underwear. The smell gave me an instant hard-on. Precum was forming on the tip.


Smelly 501 butt is my favorite perfume. Like to spend a day or two with my nose/tongue working that denim buttseam.



They walked and rolled up to a 24 hour gym and slid through the glass doors.  They went into the cathedral like weight room and saw a bunch of hot sweaty meatheads grunting into their exercises, some farted, some groaned and some sniffed the seats of the other weight lifters when they got up to leave.  



It happened again. When John looked back down for the next box, he caught Jim outright with his nose right up to his little ass! Jim, it seemed, had been smelling his ass, for Christ sakes! Knowing he'd just been caught, Jim cleared his throat and tried to avoid John's eyes when he handed up the next box. As for John, he was delighted beyond words!" To tell you the truth," John said, ignoring what he had just seen "I think guys like me more than girls."

"You think?" John nodded and took the next box. "Yeah. "I'm pretty sure."

"Why do you say that?" Jim asked.

John took his time at pushing the box up into the rafters, letting Jim have a good look or even a smell of his sweet little ass.




I slowly dropped to my knees to fulfill my dare, and pressed my face to the center of his jeans and sniffed loudly so he could hear. I could smell, even through the jeans, his sweaty asshole. I was instantly hard. I did it again and again and again. He stayed perfectly still, neither one of us ending the dare.

Finally he stirred and said "Do you need me to pull my jeans down"?
"Yes" I said.
He unbuckled his jeans and I pulled them to his ankles. There before me was his meaty thighs and huge ass cheeks encased in his white briefs. The crack was completely damp. He went right back into position without looking at me. I slowly pressed my face in his moist briefs. I could smell him so much better now and sniffed louder and louder each time. This is was what I had always wanted, and I knew I was now addicted. I sniffed and sniffed the spot in his underwear that hid his asshole from my sight. I could feel its warmth under the thin fabric.




However, he was expelled from several
different schools for acting out in his rather
baziarre manner - sniffing boys seats in
empty class rooms.  Nothing wrong with this,
except he kept fondling himself while doing




"True, but..." John contemplated it, "we'd be touching and
smelling the other guy's balls and butt and all."
   "Why would we be smellin' each other's butt?" Burt asked,
   "Uh, I didn't mean...I meant smelling balls and touching
butts. We'd hafta...you know, grab each other around...to blow.




q4scissors:  I'm new to this website, but have always been into facesitting/butt sniffing/fart sniffing. Want to swap some fart stories with me?

bootysmeller: Yeah!

bootysmeller: what website are you referring to?

q4scissors:  I'm looking at the teenboy butt fetish website. I'm just learning how to deal with computers so please be patient while I figure out how to move around.

bootysmeller: okay...let me know if need assistance......how old are u?

q4scissors:  I'm a 41yr old who has had wrestling and facesitting on my mind all the time. I'm 5'8', 190# medium to stocky. hairy. Have many facesitting stories going back to when I was 4YR.

bootysmeller: smelled a lot of guys butts?

q4scissors:  Hundreds I dare say! O.K. not that many. My cousin and I used to wrestle almost everyday. He was always pinning me with a schoolboy pin. The he would ease up and sit on my face. He had a really smelly butt; I loved it. We always wrestled in levis. He would wear the same pair for 2 or 3 days so a lot of butt smell built up in those back pockets.

bootysmeller: oooohhhh....sounds interesting!!

bootysmeller: I don't have much wrestling experience

bootysmeller: more vouyerism than anything

bootysmeller: sniffing guys butts when they are not aware of it

bootysmeller: started when I was 8 or so playing football

bootysmeller: used to love getting my nose pinned under a guys ass and sniffing it

q4scissors:  I also call myself Q4SCISSORS because I get turned on to being pinned with a highschool boy wrestling pin hold call figure-four headscissors. I enjoy voyeurism, also. I teach elementary school so I get a chance to observe some interesting pinning holds by the boys. Lots of facesitting. One kid complained to me that "Johnny" sat on his face and pooted. I told him to go pin "Johnny" down and sit on his face.

bootysmeller: awesome!!  You teach wrestling?  "Pooted"...hahahaha!!  Haven't heard that word in years!!

q4scissors:  I laughed when he said "pooted" too. Most of the kids I hear talking about it say "fart". I teach wrestling as part of the physical ed. program.

bootysmeller: do you ever wrestle the kids?

q4scissors:  Even before you try to start teaching them wrestling moves, you would be surprised at what comes naturally to a kid and facesitting and farting in each others face comes very naturally and I don't interfer. I let them do it as a legal pin if they want to. I have wrestled them to show new moves, but thats about it. I let them wrestle each other. Though, once when I was demonstrating a move I accidentally sat on one of my kids face. I immediately go up when I realized what I did. When he got up he said "Pew, I smelled something." I said be quiet or i"ll make you smell it again.

bootysmeller: hahaha!!!

bootysmeller: Do hear them fart alot?

q4scissors:  The must eat beans continually or else just need to go take a shit a lot, because they fart all the time. They love farting. It's like a game to them. They do it and just laugh and laugh. In wrestling class, you're condidered top man if you can fart in someone's face and make them smell it. A kid told me this.

q4scissors:  My wrestling room smells just as much of farts as of sweat!

bootysmeller: that's sooo cool!!  I'd love to be in your shoes for a day and hear those kids farting!!   Do they fart while sitting on the floor too?

q4scissors:  They fart no matter where they are! In my job you have to have strong nostrils or you won't make it. I have chair in the wrestling room where we have to take tests like in any other class. I have closed and locked my door after they have gone and put my nose on the seat where one of my little monsters has been farting and sniffed the seat. It's a favorite JO memory to conjure up.

bootysmeller: Oh yeah!!!! Now that's my line of JO!!!

bootysmeller: I work in a highschool and have sniffied many a seats!!!!

bootysmeller: smelled alot of farts too!!

q4scissors:  You would be surprised at how foul an 11yr old fart can be. I guess the fabric of the chair is what held it in so good.

bootysmeller: have you ever smelled a kids stinky butt smell in that seat beside a fart smell?

bootysmeller: I love smelling a mild funky-butt odor in seats!

q4scissors:  Yes,yes,yes! Some of the ones that are my favorites, I love to smell where they have been sitting, especially if they have been wearing faded old levis blue jeans. That butt smell that they leave behind gets me hard every time.


q4scissors:  Did you get my previous message? I still don't think I can work this computer very well.

bootysmeller: what's wrong

q4scissors:  I keep logging myself out somehow. I guess I'm going to have to get my brother to teach me about what I'm doing.

q4scissors:  Sniffed anyone since we last spoke?

bootysmeller: no.....only at work

q4scissors:  Did you sniff someone at work?

bootysmeller: yeah...I sneak into classrooms sometimes and sniff the seats

q4scissors:  I sniff the seats too. Especially if the boys look like they might have some butt odor.

bootysmeller: what makes a boy look like he's got butt odor?

q4scissors:  The one's I'm thinking about that I think have obvious butt odor are the ones who look a little dirty. Though most of them probably smell even if they look clean.

q4scissors:  When sniffing seats, do some of them have an especially strong smell?

bootysmeller: yeah!!  I don't like it when they smell too strong though.... I like a mild, innocent booty smell.

q4scissors:  I guess I do too. Cause it can be too strong. One of my boys in wrestling wants me to come over some Sat. and wrestle him on his trampoline. I told him to ask Mom first. I wonder if I should sit on his face? He is always after me to wrestle.

q4scissors:  Should I do it?

bootysmeller: uh....maybe not...his Mom may thinks that's a little twisted

q4scissors:  Thats what I thought too. I don't want to get in trouble.

bootysmeller: yeah......

bootysmeller: what's you butt smell like right now?

q4scissors:  I'll ask my nephew. He's here. Earlier when I got myself logged off I was trying to tell you that I was sitting on Nephew's face while talking to you. Reaching up to type while his face was lodged in my Levis back pockets. He says to tell you "My uncle has a smelly ass. Even with jeans on."

bootysmeller: hahaha!!

bootysmeller: does he like smelling it?

q4scissors:  Loves it. In fact since he disrespected me in front of you I think I'll sit on his face again. I DO FEEL A FART COMING ON. Hold on for a couple on minutes while I sit on him.

bootysmeller: cool!!

q4scissors:  I'm back. There's nothing like a boy and his uncle wrestling. I'm the one that has queered him to sniffing ass.

bootysmeller: damn....I wish I was there to see that!!

bootysmeller: how old is he?

q4scissors:  I think I nearly knocked him out with that fart. Just turned 18 years. I can't count how many years we've been wrestling and facesitting.

bootysmeller: that's cool....I wish I had a wrestling buddy

bootysmeller: he should make you smell his!!

q4scissors:  There's nothing in the world like it. My nephew and I have a very special comradeship as a result. I hope you find one. If your near Memphis,TN, I'll be your wrestling buddy. I have smelled Nephew's. I smelled him earlier. He sits on me just as much as I sit on him. His ass stinks, too. He leaves his smell on the couch cushions. I won't tell him I told you that. He's getting rowdy again. I may have to do a little more sitting.



bndvr90069:  ok got stuck am back]

bootysmeller: This sucks man....let go to ICQ

bndvr90069:  i wont be able to fiund yu this is ok

bootysmeller: ok

bndvr90069:  so tell me about yur stories!

bootysmeller: I had went to a party over a friend of mines house.  Some of us got kinda drunk and stuff, so we stayed all night.  A few of us were sleeping in then den and the living room on the floor. I had woke up early in the morning before anyone else and it was still kinda dark in the room.  This guy named Darin was asleep on the couch and was laying on his side with his face toward the back of the couch.  I just had to sniff his ass cause I knew I could get away with it without getting caught.  He had on some brown khakis that were kinda loose fitting.  I got down on my knees and put my nose up to his butt and sniffed it.  I could smell a faint whiff of butt-funk that really made me horny.  I kept sniffing harder and harder hoping I could get a stronger scent...

bndvr90069:  i LOVE that fainst butt smell

bootysmeller: Hell yeah...makes my cock stiffen like a rock!!

bndvr90069:  yes....i dont know how i can describe it...it has to be sweat + butt+ pants

bootysmeller: heh...yeah!!!  I smelled his ass for least 5 minutes

bndvr90069:  i like to do it on the bed as yu or i are on our tummys and just sticking the nose in the pants seam

bootysmeller: Oohhh shit dude!!!! You making me so hard!!!

bndvr90069:  yu too...yu and i have the same brain cells...

bootysmeller: Have you done that to a guy?

bndvr90069:  i have a few times.....and i love to see how close i get before i get whiff of ass

bootysmeller: oh yeah!!  I mus admit that I've never smelled a really funky ass yet, but I'm one day I will.

bootysmeller: Tell me about the time you did that

bndvr90069:  well  a guy who said he was into it came over early one sunday morning....he didnt shower nor did i  and we just spent the moprning sniffing each others levi ass

bootysmeller: Awesome!!! damn I wish I could experience that mutually with another guy.  That must've been sooo hot!!!

bndvr90069:  it turns me on just thinking about it and it was over a month ago...oi would love to do it to you......

bootysmeller: Hmmm..I've got a Quickcam and I've taken several shots of my ass in my jeans....I'll send them to you!

bndvr90069:  oh FUCK YESSSSSSS PLEASE!!

bndvr90069:  do yu have my email address?

bootysmeller: Well, since we're not on ICQ, I'll have to send them to your Email

bndvr90069:  bndvr90069@aol.com

bootysmeller: Give me few minutes to find them

bndvr90069:  ok waiting with hard on...i love seeing levi butts

bootysmeller: Well I can't say for sure they're Levis...hehehe

bndvr90069:  doesnt matter any pnats will do or sweats

bootysmeller: I've got lots dude....so this may take a while.

bndvr90069:  ill wait for ya

bndvr90069:  still here...

bootysmeller: yep...I'm attaching them now

bootysmeller: They're on their way....I'll send more some other time

bootysmeller: I chose some of the best

bndvr90069:  ok lemme see

bootysmeller: I sent them to you address

bootysmeller: Email

bootysmeller: It's not there yet dude

bndvr90069:  oh am waiting then

bootysmeller: I takes time to upload them to the server...and then you will have to download them

bndvr90069:  got it

bootysmeller: It's only about 30% uploaded

bootysmeller: I'll let you know when it's done on my end

bndvr90069:  ok!

bootysmeller: Tell me about some more butts you've sniffed...


bndvr90069:  hi

bootysmeller: What's up dude!!!

Yahoo! Messenger:  bndvr90069 has logged back in.

bndvr90069:  hi nice to see yu !

bndvr90069:  just sitting around....

bootysmeller: Did you shoot your load the last time we spoke?

bndvr90069:  i j/o'd thinking of yu sniffing your buddys khaki pants as he lay on the couch

bootysmeller: Yeah...that's on of my favorites!

bndvr90069:  could yu really smell his buttstink thru them?

bootysmeller: His butt was real stinky....just a faint hint of buttstink.

bootysmeller: I mean it wasn't real stinky

bndvr90069:  i LOVE that faint smell

bndvr90069:  i dunno what it is about it..and its hotter if its thru the pants ass

bootysmeller: I'm sure you've smelled some where you could barely smell the butt

bootysmeller: Yeah...me too!!

bndvr90069:  a lot yu just smell the fabric only which is kinda disapppointing

bootysmeller: I actually get turned off when I see naked asses

bndvr90069:  its the pants or jeans that do it for me too

bootysmeller: Yeah...that the downfall

bootysmeller: I work at a highschool...I'm sure that's where my fetish started

bndvr90069:  really tell me more....

bootysmeller: That's all I see and sniff everyday!!

bootysmeller: I feel guilty about it time....but hey...I don't care!!

bndvr90069:  what kind of butts do yu get to smell there

bootysmeller: I LOVE looking at these guys butts!!

bootysmeller: I maintain the computer system.....

bootysmeller: That means I have a master key to each room!

bndvr90069:  oh so i guess lots of them are sitting in front of one building up a butt smell

bootysmeller: I like to go into empty classrooms and sniff the desk seats

bndvr90069:  oh wow....

bootysmeller: HEAVEN!!

bndvr90069:  yu know they were just sat on by those butts

bootysmeller: usually only 1 or 2 seats stink in a group of 30 though

bootysmeller: Yeah sometimes!

bndvr90069:  what are they made of wood?

bootysmeller: Sometimes I'll like go in just before they break for lunch, and scope out where the cute guys are sitting

bndvr90069:  thats hot///

bootysmeller: Most are wood, some are soft cushion

bootysmeller: I've even smelled where they've farted sometimes!!!

bndvr90069:  it would be hot to get a guy to fart thru those pants too

bootysmeller: but mostly, I like smelling butt!

bndvr90069:  and so do i !

bootysmeller: Yeah....I'd say about 80% of the wear khakis cargo shorts!!

bootysmeller: the rest, jeans and other colors

bndvr90069:  yeah...both are fun khakis or jeans

bootysmeller: I get a boner everytime I see those shorts saggin just a bit off there butts

bndvr90069:  wow.....can yu see the cracks pretty good

bootysmeller: There are days I come up empty scented though!....like today

bootysmeller: Can't see their crack cause they wear their shirts outside

bndvr90069:  wish yu could be here

bootysmeller: Would you let me sniff your butt?

bndvr90069:  YES

bootysmeller: How close would my nose have to be before I catch a whiff of buttsmell?

bndvr90069:  about 3 inches

bootysmeller: Whoah!!!!  Dude your butt stinks!!!!

bndvr90069:  does it?  but thats noraml isnt it

bndvr90069:  i bet yur stinks too dude !

bootysmeller: Hell yeah man!!!!

bootysmeller: I bet if you randomly sniffed 20 people butts through their jeans,  at least 15 would stink!!!

bootysmeller: Dude, my butt stinks everyday!!!

bndvr90069:  i love yur stinky jeans butt

bootysmeller: Some more than others!

bootysmeller: You been sniffing my butt?

bndvr90069:  yeah SNIFF

bootysmeller: hehe...I always wondered what a straight guy would do If told him I smelled his butt

bootysmeller: I fantasize about it alot

bootysmeller: how would he react

bndvr90069:  he would be shocked probably then laugh

bootysmeller: and then say, what did it smell like?

bootysmeller: What are you wearing now?

bndvr90069:  yu just briefs

bootysmeller: you're wearing briefs?

bndvr90069:  yeah

bootysmeller: did you have on jeans today?

bndvr90069:  no i had these white dress pants

bootysmeller: Do ever worry about somebody smelling your butt in public by accident?

bndvr90069:  no one is usually close

bootysmeller: maybe someone has sniffed your seat

bndvr90069:  yu never know

bootysmeller: nope

bndvr90069:  well i should run along for now.....

bootysmeller: Ok....take care dude.

bndvr90069:  bye for now


bndvr90069:  hows the butt smellin

bootysmeller: haven't sniffed any lately...you?

bndvr90069:  none for me either and need to

bootysmeller: yeah...I'm looking for pics

bndvr90069:  oh if yu find ANY i want to know!

bootysmeller: okay

bootysmeller: I wanna smell your butt!

bndvr90069:  i want yu too its really ripe

bootysmeller: fantansy

bndvr90069:  smell it!

bootysmeller: let's pretend we're just meeting somewhere again!

bootysmeller: and we have to lead into our desire to smell each others butt

bndvr90069:  ok/  shoot

bootysmeller: you go first!

bndvr90069:  hi how are yu doin

bootysmeller: what's up man

bndvr90069:  not much i guess i caught yu looking at my butt

bootysmeller: huh?....I wasn't looking at your butt dude!

bndvr90069:  i know i saw yu looking at it...be honest

bootysmeller: heh..I might have glanced at it.....didn't mean anything by it dude

bndvr90069:  i think yu need to get more familiar with it...

bootysmeller: heh man.....like I said, I didn't mean anything by it.  I ain't into guys butts!

bndvr90069:  beisdes i just took a crap anyway....and im sure it stinks.....unless yur into that...

bootysmeller: So your butt stinks....who's doesn't?

bndvr90069:  i bet yu yurs stinks worse..

bootysmeller: Dude, your a freak!!   Besides, I wipe when I take a shit

bndvr90069:  wanna see whos sniffs the worst?   we wont tell anyone just between us

bootysmeller: Hey man, I don't wanna get seen doing that kinda shit

bndvr90069:  lets find a provate place then

bootysmeller: okay.....we can go to my apartment

bootysmeller: follow me....did you drive?

bndvr90069:  ill follow! this sounds interesting

bootysmeller: okay.....

bootysmeller: let's go dude

bndvr90069:  ok

bootysmeller: Quick man....come on inside.

bndvr90069:  ok...is anyone around

bootysmeller: my girlfriend is a work, she'll be here in about a hour

bootysmeller: can i get you something to drink?

bndvr90069:  yes anytihing to get me to forget what we are doin

bootysmeller: haha..

bndvr90069:  thks

bootysmeller: hey man....I've said this to a guy before, but I think you're pretty cute

bootysmeller: (I've never said that to a guy before?)

bndvr90069:  thanks yu too

bootysmeller: have a seat!

bndvr90069:  ok

bootysmeller: So...you into smelling butts?

bndvr90069:  yeah i am you

bootysmeller: Yeah....especially through dirty ass jeans

bndvr90069:  yes...i like that too....and my jeans are a little dirty


bootysmeller: Yeah...I mine are too

bootysmeller: I'm getting a boner!

bndvr90069:  wow they sure look it


bootysmeller: I usually do laundry 1 once a week

bndvr90069:  really...hmmm how should we do this....


bootysmeller: stand up in front of me and I'll just put my nose to your butt

bndvr90069:  ok......right here....go ahead

bootysmeller: ooohh....yeah I can smell it dude!

bndvr90069:  really? 

bootysmeller: Fuck yeah man!!   Oh shit my cock is getting rock hard!

bootysmeller: yeah...that booty smell good!!!

bndvr90069:  oh god i  get hard to now

bootysmeller: oh...oh yeah!! man I love that smell!!

bndvr90069:  smell it dude!!

bootysmeller: I wanna press my nose in further!!

bootysmeller: yeah!!!

bootysmeller: damn....yo butt smells so good!!

bootysmeller: get on your knees man!!!!

bndvr90069:  i love it when yu say that

bootysmeller: I wanna go it like the dogs do it!!!

bootysmeller: I'll get on my knees behind you

bndvr90069:  whats it smell like?

bootysmeller: Smells like BUTT!!!!!!

bootysmeller: pure BUTT!!!!

bndvr90069:  really? is it really stinky or

bootysmeller: Not really stinky, but I can pick up the smell!!

bndvr90069:  cool...i am happy you like it

bootysmeller: Fuck yeah man.....I don't wanna shoot my load yet though

bndvr90069:  let me smell yours

bootysmeller: okay man

bndvr90069:  lay on the bed

bootysmeller: cool....okay

bndvr90069:  ok let me smell it SNIFFFF

bootysmeller: smell it dude!

bootysmeller: what's it smell like?

bndvr90069:  like a butt!!!!!

bootysmeller: Damn....I didn't think It would smell that much

bndvr90069:  no it does ...i can smell it

bootysmeller: For real?

bootysmeller: no way man!!

bndvr90069:  did yu wipe?

bootysmeller: yeah dude!

bndvr90069:  i casn still smell the buttstink

bootysmeller: I gonna dig in my butt and smell

bootysmeller: damn

bootysmeller: I do smell it

bootysmeller: cool!!!

bootysmeller: Yours still smells worse!!

bootysmeller: hahaha

bndvr90069:  did yu finger it

bootysmeller: I dug all my fingers in!

bndvr90069:  wow thats hot...

bootysmeller: I wanna smell yours again

bndvr90069:  ok go for it

bootysmeller: You lay on the bed this time!!

bootysmeller: I'm gonna pull your jeans down a bit

bootysmeller:  and smell your butt through your underwear!

bndvr90069:  ok pull them down.....

bootysmeller: ok

bootysmeller: Sniff!!!

bootysmeller: oh fuck!!!

bootysmeller: Oh, oh, oh...i can't hold back man!!!

bootysmeller: shit!!!

bndvr90069:  let it out

bootysmeller: I just shot my load all over your back man!!

bootysmeller: oh yes!!

bndvr90069:  fuck


bootysmeller: Oh shit man......I'm still horny!!

bootysmeller: what are you doing?

bootysmeller: you there?

bndvr90069:  sorry i got a local friend who is sending me notes

bootysmeller: okay






mmmppff:  hey josh... ya busy?

bootysmeller: mmmppff!!!!   What's up man!!!

mmmppff:  nothing... just downloaded this system so we could talk

bootysmeller: Hey...i read up on the mime stuff and AOL....

bootysmeller: I sent them without using mime....did your get them?

mmmppff:  can I open it with anything?

bootysmeller: Should open on the page

mmmppff:  didn't... the first one did awile back (on the page) these just request a file.

bootysmeller: I can send them through ICQ....I'lll send it to u

bootysmeller: It's much better than yahoo messenger

bootysmeller: Only takes a few to load it

mmmppff:  alright... did you see denverfaceseat spreading the gospel about your site?

bootysmeller: yeah.....I told him I appreciated that!!

mmmppff:  I'm going to post a sniffing story that just happened about an hour ago (car seat sniffing that is... will do it later tonight.

bootysmeller: oh shit!!!

bootysmeller: can't wait to hear that one!!

mmmppff:  nothing real big (but my buddy did fart in it) but might get more people writing...

bootysmeller: thanks man....I appreciate your help!!

bootysmeller: I've been looking for some pics to put there

mmmppff:  me too.. need to find the right ones... the ones you send aren't bad. (the one I could see!)

bootysmeller: Yeah...I've got more that want to see so bad!!

mmmppff:  The stories on the pinning site are all of a sudden about face sitting and farting... liked a couple of them..

bootysmeller: I found a pic a guy bent over

bootysmeller: in his boxers

bootysmeller: thought of your nephew!

mmmppff:  easier to sniff... not all that denim in the way (even though you know I have a thing for denim)

bootysmeller: yeah!!

mmmppff:  did you get a digital camera?... that would be great... It would be hard for me not to run around taking pics of every teen dude I see (hey stop that pervert with the camera!)

bootysmeller: yeah....took it back though....found a better on the net for less

mmmppff:  The cameras that I used for the stores, You were able to lighten/darken if needed (so no need for a flash as you questioned on last mail) wish I had that one, It ran about $1500 (from a photographer friend)

bootysmeller: damn!!

bootysmeller: 1500?

bootysmeller: That would great with no flash!

mmmppff:  that's what I said , you could do all sorts of shit with it... talk about a set up... he's doing our website for the futon store...

bootysmeller: got to ICQ.com and download it!

mmmppff:  roger that (what the fuck was that for?)

bootysmeller: once you get it all set-up.....you'll get a ICQ#

bootysmeller: huh?

mmmppff:  ok... doing it now.

bootysmeller: As I reading about AOL....It did mention that it's best to attach pictures one a time

bootysmeller: AOL has trouble handling multiple attachments

mmmppff:  aol sucks!

bootysmeller: hehehe!!

bootysmeller: have checked out the boys-town site?

bootysmeller: I found that one yesterday

mmmppff:  whats the url

bootysmeller: had a few pics of guys modeling

bootysmeller: www.boys-town.com

bootysmeller: or is it www.boyz-town.com

mmmppff:  oh great, now your confusing me

bootysmeller: sorry man!

bootysmeller: just try them both!!

bootysmeller: Are you downloading ICQ?

mmmppff:  it just said access denied... trying again..

bootysmeller: access denied?  

mmmppff:  ok, now we're underway...

bootysmeller: http://models.badpuppy.com/jd/

bootysmeller: go here!

mmmppff:  on my way!

bootysmeller: choose boyz-club

mmmppff:  it's taking time to load because of the ICQ...I cant wait any longer damn it

bootysmeller: ooops....wrong URL...here the main  page...http://models.badpuppy.com/

bootysmeller: I noticed the pic you sent me yesterday had LIONMANE on it

bootysmeller: I went there, but it's a pay site

mmmppff:  lionmane... I might have used my agecheck id... want it?

bootysmeller: yeah!!!

mmmppff:  "sunkisthager" is the password... goto http://www.agecheck.com/ and select what you want... there ya go buddy!

mmmppff:  mister Booty S. Meller...

bootysmeller: what's up Kirk

mmmppff:  not much... just rented blair wich project...

bootysmeller: oh yeah....heard that was goog

bootysmeller: good

mmmppff:  yea, wasnt bad, you should see it...

bootysmeller: okay

mmmppff:  nephew came over on saturday... smelt his ass

bootysmeller: tell me about it

bootysmeller: no!

bootysmeller: that's wrong!

mmmppff:  he was wearing these baggy black jeans...

bootysmeller: he's too old for you to be sniffing his innocent ass!!

mmmppff:  we were watching saturday night live...when he leaned over and cut a fart...

bootysmeller: hmm

mmmppff:  he just looked at me out of the corner of his eye and smirked

bootysmeller: "cut a fart"  I love it when you say that....hehehe

mmmppff:  i didnt say anything... playing it cool...wanted to "nose dive"

mmmppff:  any ways he got up going to the kitchen and I triped him (getting him started)...

mmmppff:  as I got up to follow him, he turned around and tackled me to the ground, I wasnt expecting that

mmmppff:  He jumped up onto my chest and tried to pin my arms, but of course he still isnt strong enough.

mmmppff:  i fliped him over and sat on his back facing his feet, and there I saw his ass

mmmppff:  I thought,,, should I do it? should I stick my nose up into his ass.. the same place where he just CUT A FART

mmmppff:  :)

bootysmeller: heh

mmmppff:  and I did, I leaned over and stuck my face in his ass and wiggled aroudn so my nose was up between his ass cheeks...

mmmppff:  is wasnt a strong smell at first (we just came out of the hottub)

mmmppff:  but as I pushed my nose in deeper, i started to smell his buttsmell... and the reminants of his fart..

bootysmeller: i thought he got out of tub?

mmmppff:  damn... at this point my dick was so fucking hard...

mmmppff:  I was surprised... because we sat in the tub for about 45 minutes.. I couldnt believe it smelled

bootysmeller: wow

mmmppff:  I dont think he shit when he came back in?

bootysmeller: hmm

mmmppff:  but I got off him when i got the boner..

mmmppff:  that night I jerked preety good thinking about the but smell

mmmppff:  thats the end...and  the last time I will sniff his butt.

bootysmeller: awesome.....man I envy you!!

mmmppff:  made a decision that night

bootysmeller: what?

bootysmeller: no more?

mmmppff:  i may change my mind though...

mmmppff:  :)

bootysmeller: huh?

mmmppff:  if he farts againg around me and I feel the urge to sniff

bootysmeller: sounds like he enjoys it

mmmppff:  i think he does... talked to this 14 year old kid... loves brief underwear

bootysmeller: how do you find these guys?

mmmppff:  on this underwear club on yahoo... i was skeptical that he was 14 or not..

mmmppff:  man, my cat just shit on my bed!!!!!!!!!!

bootysmeller: oh

bootysmeller: gross!

mmmppff:  the cats affraid to go downstairs.. my nephew and his buddies are still here

mmmppff:  the older nephew

bootysmeller: really?

bootysmeller: are you're not down there sniffin?

mmmppff:  theres about 5 dudes down there...

bootysmeller: teens?

mmmppff:  17-18 year olds

mmmppff:  wait tilll they leave.... im going to sniff all the seats

bootysmeller: whoah....I wish I could be in your shoes for 1 nite!!!

bootysmeller: yahoo!!!!!

bootysmeller: I hope some smell like BUTT!!!

mmmppff:  my nephews girlfriend, farted twice while watching blair witch

mmmppff:  they were loud

bootysmeller: cool......did she laugh about it?

mmmppff:  yes... my nephew says she does it all the time... she even farted on my younger nephew before...

bootysmeller: come Kirk....you know you wanted to smell her ass for fart scents!!...hahaha

mmmppff:  yep...

bootysmeller: hey....maybe those guys are down there farting

mmmppff:  they come over alot... my house is party centra

mmmppff:  central

bootysmeller: making the sofa smell good and nice

bootysmeller: what are they sitting on?

mmmppff:  yep... they might go in the hottub... non have suits and they may go naked... i would never go naked with buddies in my hot tub

mmmppff:  if they do.. then the underwear sniffing begins

bootysmeller: yummy!!!

mmmppff:  i have this 13 foot sectional in the den and 2 leather chairs..

bootysmeller: cool!!  leather!!

mmmppff:  the best asses are sitting on the secitional... this absorbs the buttsmell better

mmmppff:  the leather shows butt depressions though, so I will know where to insert nose

bootysmeller: damn.....getting hard just thinkin about it

mmmppff:  you???????

bootysmeller: yeah

mmmppff:  im the one thats going to smell 5 butts tonight.. ha ha ha and you're not

bootysmeller: You lucky dog you!!!

mmmppff:  did you read my email... got corel draw

bootysmeller: yep

mmmppff:  pretty cool...

bootysmeller: well......get to work on some graphics

mmmppff:  shit, about 2 nites ago, this guy in kentucky IM's me about a wrestling club I was on (since deleted) he wanted to meet me half way to wrassle

bootysmeller: heheh......did you take him up on it?

mmmppff:  yes... he's here now, pinning me to the ground making me call him daddy

mmmppff:  mmmppff

bootysmeller: yeah right

mmmppff:  no way... i dont wanna meet anyone

bootysmeller: chicken?

mmmppff:  yep...

bootysmeller: heheh....I don't blame ya

mmmppff:  would you meet someone... i suppose i would if same fetish was involved... im not into wrestling 45 year olds

mmmppff:  maybe 13-16 yr

bootysmeller: nope

mmmppff:  i just love the stories and the pics... have you chatted with anyone interesting?

bootysmeller: hell no

bootysmeller: nobody ever talks to bootysmeller

bootysmeller: nobody likes to smell booties

mmmppff:  this 16 year old kid from ontario im'd me... he didnt tell me where he got my name... just wanted to talk... so why are people into mmmppff?

bootysmeller: heh....beats the shit out of me

mmmppff:  your nick is better.. at least people know what the hell you like

bootysmeller: get down and there smell those seats!!!!

mmmppff:  they started acting real "goofy"  so i had to leave

bootysmeller: hold on...moms calling......

bootysmeller: hi

mmmppff:  do you have a scanner

bootysmeller: no...but have access to one at work

mmmppff:  draw up something as far as the web page that you would like it to look like

mmmppff:  or on some graphic program you have

bootysmeller: okay

mmmppff:  goto the tripod page, and see if you can see a quick graphic i made

bootysmeller: cool!....okay

mmmppff:  its not much...wanted to see if it uploads

bootysmeller: okay

bootysmeller: where did you put it?

mmmppff:  give me the url

bootysmeller: http://teenboybuttfetish.tripod.com/index.html

mmmppff:  im going to the log on part, to see

bootysmeller: you need to download CuteFTP.....it's from Tripod and is tailored for Tripod site....

mmmppff:  i have it

bootysmeller: makes uploading effortless

bootysmeller: ok

mmmppff:  where ar on the homepage studio did you put the heading

bootysmeller: I didn't use the studio....I used Front Page Express to create the page then uploaded it

mmmppff:  did that little graphic get sent to you just now

bootysmeller: email?

mmmppff:  i sent it thru messenger Yahoo

bootysmeller: uh....no

mmmppff:  i think it should have just poped up on your screen. huh...

mmmppff:  have you ever sent something thru yahoo messenger (file)

bootysmeller: nope...

bootysmeller: hold on again....

bootysmeller: nope...didn't know Yahoo messenger had that capability





Camping Story(9-27-99)


Well, we're all sitting here at summer camp, my name is Andy, and my

three friends are Todd, Shane and Jason. We are in charge of cabin #5. It

houses boys aged 13-15. It's great to be the boss of all these kids...

telling them what to do and all. Making them clean our beds, wash our

clothes, shine our shoes... and how do we know when they need cleaning, we

make each and every boy sniff the sheets, sniff our shoes and best of all,

sniff our dirty jeans and underwear to see if it needs cleaned.

    Yesterday, Todd and Shane grabbed this kid Tony and threw him to the

ground. Shane jumped on his chest and pinned his arms down, and Todd pulled

off his jeans, straddled Tony's head and sat on his nose. Asking Tony if he

thought his underwear needed washed. He just sat there on Tony's face for

about 3 minutes, wiggling back and forth and laughing.

    About a week ago, this one new kid came late to pottery class... so we

had to teach him a lesson. After class, I orderd all our boys back to the

cabin, had them all kneel on the floor, pull down their pants and made the

new kid, go from boy to boy and sniff each one of their asses... I had to

hold the back of his head while he sniffed, rubbing it up and down in between

the cracks of these boys really started getting my horny. So after he was

done, I layed face down on the bed in my boxers and made him stick his little

nose up my unwashed butt and sniff real loud, and after he was done sniffing

my butt, I made him say that he was sorry for being late...(still while his

face was between my cheeks) all the kids laughed when they heard his muffled


    Another game we play is we take a chair, either Jason, Shane, Todd or I

will sit in it for awhile, then have some kids guess whos ass was sitting in

the chair. They have to go back and forth between our butt and the chair to

figure out whos ass it was that just sat there. The loosers have to smell the

winners butt for 2 minutes...It is so erotic seeing a 14 year old boy having

to stick his nose into a 12 year old ass.

    Anyways, we're waiting for this boy named Tim, Todd and I have been

checking his butt out for about a week and we have to sniff it. We are going

to have to take him by force though, he is a little unwilling to let us sniff

his butt, and wont even think about sniffing ours. Last night, when everyone

was asleep, I went over to Tims bed, He was laying on his stomach and had

only sheets covering his body from his mid back down to his feet. I ran my

finger along his little crack, causing the thin white sheet to enter his

butt. I slowly brought my face towards the crevase I created thru the sheet.

I stopped when the tip of my nose touched the sheet. I could feel the warmth

of his ass, and I could smell the hint of dried shit. I wanted to  dive into

his ass and breath in every ounce of his musky butt scent.. but I knew

tomorrow I would have the chance...


Part 2


 It was 11:15 am, and all the boys were heading out to the lunch cabin.

This was going to be the day that we sniff Tims ass. I did not tell anyone

that I had snuck in last night and sniffed his butt for awhile. Last night

was just an appetiser for me... today, I am having rump roast.

   Shane, Jason, Todd and I were all sitting back in our cabin going over the

plans again for sniffing Tims asshole. While going over the plans we all were

getting so fucking hot just talking about it, I could see Shane and Jason

allready stroking their cocks. I looked at everybody and said, hey, you want

a pre-sniff? I walk over to Tims bunk and and waved them all over... I pull

the sheets and covers back, and we all sigh... you can see an actual

indentation from where his ass was. Todd looked at me and said damn dude,,,

his ass was in that spot for over 8 hours... just think of all the butt smell

and farts that are traped inside. Jason fell to his knees, gently caressed

the indentation in the sheet and slowly lowered his face toward the bed.

   I started giggling and said hey Jason, does it smell like boy ass? he

turned his head back at me and had the most "high" look on his face, and

mumbled something that we didn't understand. We all laughed, I grabbed Jason

by the arm and flung him around on the ground, I and fell to my knees, and

immediatley nose dived the mattress. OH MY GOD I said... he farted in his

bed! I grabbed onto the sides of the mattress and pulled myself onto the

top...keeping my face firmly planted in the middle of the bed, sniffing, and

gasping, trying to inhale every last ounce of his fart. I started humping the

mattress while I smelt what his asshole had just left, While in the midst of

my exstacy, Shane grabbed my arm and said, Dude, wait for the real thing, It

was too late, I felt precum starting to drip out of my rock hard dick, I

still had a firm grasp on the side of the bed, and was humping like a horny

dog holding on to my leg. With each inhale I would thrust my cock into the

mattress... I'm geting closer, I can feel it, here it comes... AAAHHOOOHHH,

my dick spewed forth cum. My wild ride had stoped, and I had a wet spot on

the front of my pants the size of a pancake. Shane, Jason and Todd, just

looked at me and shook their heads, all grinning.. I said, hey, your just

pissed I found a fart, Todd replied, I want to smell the fart straight from

his ass, through those little plaid boxers he wears... We all laughed.

   I climb out of his bunk, and grabbed the pair of Tims underwear that Shane

now had on his head, Sorry dude I need this more than you right now, I took

the underwear and stuck in down my pants and wiped up my mess.

   Todd, Shane, Jason...I said, put plan "A" into action and get little Timmy

over here now, I'm going to go and get cleaned up, As I turned the corner

into the bathroom, I hear over the camp loudspeaker "Timmy Smith... please

report to your cabin for a phone call."

   I finish cleaning up, come back out of the bathroom and see Shane, and

Todd ducking down behind a bunk... Jason comes running by and says squat down

man... here he comes!...



Story about Nephew


 Later that night, He came up to my room to say goodnight, all he had on was his boxers, no shirt nothing but his boxers... (this was the first time he's come into my room in just his underwear. Anyways he said goodnight, but

hesitated slightly, turned and shut the door. I saw that he didn't shut it all the way, and I could still see him looking through the crack of the door.

The door opened back up and he said hey, still awake? want to finish sniffing my butt? I laughed a little and said go to bed. I really wanted to say hell yes! Well he didn't want to take no for an answer, and said well I want you to finish what you started, with that being said, he ran from the door, jumped onto my bed, and we began to play wrestle. Now when he was younger it was easy

for me to "fling" him around, now he's getting bigger and stronger, so it was more of a battle. He tried to position his little ass onto my face... and he succeded. My nose shot straight up his ass. I immediatly got a whiff of his poorly wiped ass (nice) but he then sat all his weight onto my face.

yikes was he heavy. I pushed him off a little and said... oohh, thats what you want eh, I reached up and pulled his boxers down (he was sitting on my face towards my feet, when I pulled his underwear down, he laughed and sat back down onto my face. Wow as I said before, he didn't do such a good job wiping his ass after his last shit!... I wanted him to fart so badly. but I pushed him off and said now get to bed. He pulled up his boxers and walked away laughing saying "geez you got a "boney" nose, and shut the door. I know this may not be the most descriptive/erotic story but it happened, I liked it, and I can't wait till next time... He called and wanted to stay the night this weekend. I wonder what he has in store for me?



Another nephew story.....


My nephew came over today to hang out. Well we were in my room setting up a

surround sound for my tv when he farted... I just laughed and said " now you

should have done that on my face!" he just laughed. Well as I continued

working on the tv, he kept on farting... he layed on my bed face down with

his baggy corduroy jeans on. I continued to work when I heard a

fffffaaarrrrtt (I thought I need to get some of this) I jumped up and dove my

face into his ass and started sniffing.  He continued to lay there... well I

was finished and started to work on the tv again. About 15 minutes later I

looked up and saw he was asleep. I felt a fart brewing in me... so I walked

over to the bed and jumped on the back of his head facing his feet, he of

course quickly awoke, yelling playfully. But what I wanted was his little

nose pressed into my ass as I blow a fart up his nose. I grabbed his side and

turned him over and sat back on his head, but he turned his head and I was

only sitting on the side of it... This wasn't working like I wanted it. I

quickly turned around on him into a schoolboy pin with my balls resting on

his chin. I had his head now locked looking upwards... now his nose was ready

for mounting. I lifted my butt and moved it forward (still holding his head

upwards) and sat back down onto his face. His nose went straight up my butt.

I sat there a little bit and gave a grunt and braaaattt a huge fart blew onto

his face. I sat there a little bit and then decided he had enough and slid

back down onto his chest. "how'd that smell?" he replied in a sarcastic voice

"oh that was great" I got off him and finished setting up the surround sound.

It was sort of fun this time actually doing the sitting rather than having my

nose up his butt sniffing away. (but I think he should return the favor.)



Story about Adam.......


I went over to my brothers house to drop something off (where my nephew

lives) anyways I knew he would not be at home so I was going to leave the

item in the garage.  Well when I got there my nephew had two of his friends

over. I hung around for a little... played a little playstation and then left.

That night my imagination started... Here I was entering the house and

again noticed that no one was home but my nephew and his two friends... I

went up to his room where they were playing games. Time went by and then all

of a sudden Adam (a thin boy, wearing baggy jean shorts and a simple white

t-shirt) let rip a fart... Ben (tall for his age, also wearing baggy jean

shorts, his hat turned backwards) said geez Adam... My nephew: Jake just

laughed and held his nose.

I said Damn Adam.... you stink! Ben looked at me and said I thought you liked

smelling farts? With that comment all three boys laughed. I felt so

embarrassed... did Jake tell them how I sniff his butt... why did he do that?

  Adam said oh oh I feel another one coming... you wanna smell it Kirk?,

What? I said still in shock... Yeah... I think he wants to smell our butts,

hey Jake? replied Ben. Jake said lets get em... He threw his arms around my

waist, Adam got up from his chair and tackled my feet, I went falling to the

ground. Ben stood up and came over to me laughing... well if its farts you

want... it's farts your gonna get. They all began laughing. Ben then

straddled my upper chest and sat down hard. OOOOFFFF... all the air rushed

out of my lungs. Jake sat on my feet and said well Adam, you still want to

sit on Kirks face?. Adam replied, well I still have to fart, with that he

crawled over my head facing my feet. My head was locked between Bens thighs.

Adam gently sat down onto my face. My nose was pressed against his baggy

jeans . No sooner than when he sat down, FFFFFRRRRRRTTT and I was instantly

hit with the smell of his ass. Humiliation, here I am with three thirteen

year olds holding me down and making me sniff there smelly farts.

   One by one they took turns farting on my face. Each one asking how's it

smell down there Kirk? having fun? We are! Ben Said hey, I wanna try

something, I looked up and saw him unbuckeling his belt, and unzipping his

jeans... All he had on was his plaid boxers,He took off his jeans and said I

want his nose to have better access to my ass.

He lowered his butt to my face, he was right, my nose shot straight up into

his butt. Ben said That's better, He clenched his buttcheeks together a

couple of times. and said hey Kirk... kiss my ass... I muffled NO!... Ok then

I will just have to sit here all day. About two minutes passed, I was running

out of air. I had to give in. OK! Ben said great... Jake your uncle is going

to kiss my ass. I started to pucker and Ben said hold on partner... I said my

ass, not my underwear... Was he going to do what I think.... I started to

panic... NO NO please NO! Jake replied, aw shut up... I sat on you face

before with no clothes on... go ahead Ben take em off! Adam and Jake just

giggled when Ben started to pull his underwear down, he stepped out of them

and crawled over my face again. I looked up and saw his dick and balls brush

across my face. Then two perfect butt cheeks.

   He hovered over my face, Then he reached around and took hold of each ass

cheek, pulling them far apart... How's it look down there? Adam said with a

snicker... Ben lowered his butthole right above my mouth, It smelled so bad.

I actually could see pieces of shit around his asshole, Ben said... OK Kiss

my butt! I puckered up and moved right in and kissed his ass. Ben started

laughing and said he did it... he's an ass kisser!. They all started to

laugh. Ben moved back a little so my nose was right below his butthole, and

then sat down real hard. rocking back and forth I could hear him saying I

wonder how well I wiped after my last shit? How'd I do Kirk? I didn't have

time to say anything, wouldn't have mattered anyways with my face pressed so

far up his ass. He stopped riding my face, and lifted up off my head. He

looked behind him to see the damage that was done. Ben said well that's a

strange place for a skid mark. Jake come over and said EEEWWW, Ben left a

skid mark on Kirks Face, Ben said move Jake, and he lowered his ass back down

onto my nose, but left about a half an inch between his hole and my

nostrils... BBRRRAAAAPPPT, A huge fart blew up my nose. They all three

started to laugh. Good one! Jake replied. That's nasty chimed in Adam.

Ben moved up and sat on my chest still facing my feet. I looked up and saw

that both Adam and Jake were both naked looking down at me with there evil

grins. Jake said ok... your turn Adam, I've allready sat on his nose before.

With that, Adam jumped on my face and began his ride. Jake came up to my ear and said soflty... My mom and dad are gone for the weekend... Ben and Adam are staying over, and your gonna be our butt sniffer! I looked up, Adam sat back down on my face and let out a fart... Last thing I remember hearing is Adam saying "I think I hafta take a dump!" all fades to black. Well sorry about the fantasy... Just had to tell ya! It was actually better in my dreams but I'm not that good of a writer and didn't want to take up much of your time.

I don't know why I love sticking my nose into someones butt and sniffing

but I have been doing it since I was aroung eight starting with my cousins.

We would allways have contests "who had the smelliest butt"



Story about older nephew......


I was just thinking about my other nephew (he's 18 now) I remember how I use

to wrestle with him and submitting my nose to his butt for long sniffing

sessions. He actually like farting on my face better than his brother who is

13 (he's the one I've been writing about) My 18 year old nephew last sat on

my face when he was 15. I remember asking him to, he said allright.  He stood

over my head facing my feet and began to squat down, I looked up at him and I

could see him looking down at me (either trying to see my face getting

engulfed by his butt or just lineing up my nose to his crack?) anyways I

stopped him when his butt touched my nose and said "no do it this way" and I

grabbed his legs so that he was straddleing my face. This way the jeans

weren't as tight and my nose had better access to his ass. He sat down and

let out a loud fart (I really liked his farts over his brothers... the 13

year olds smell worse) He grinded his ass onto my face for a little while and

then got up. That was the last time he sat on my nose. I was over at my

brothers house last Christmas, Jake (13) and I were watching tv when Josh

(18) came into the room, walked up to Jake, turned around, grabbed the back

of his head, pulled it into his butt and cut a fart on his face. Josh started

to laugh (so did I) Jake just shook his head and made a face. God I wished he

would do that to me!  Anyways since his last facesitting with me I allways

fantasized him wrestling me sorta forcefully and sitting on my face making me

sniff his butt for old time sakes saying "I thought you liked the smell of my

ass Kirk?" He also has this buddy who wears baggy tan khaki pants (when you

wrote that last fantasy I thought of him) I would like them both to make me

smell their butts.



Story about cousins.....


Boy I tell ya I must have a problem... I've been sniffing butts for so

fucking long. Earliest I remember is with my cousins (around 8?) playing who

has the smelliest butt. I remember two cousins near toledo ohio brother and

sister. We would allways wrestle, to win you had to sit on opponents face.

Thats a great way to get little kids to sit on ya. Never did it with many of

my friends, was allways to ambarrased to ask? Did remember one time around

10ish? my friend (called him Bear (real name was tad) anyways he asked me if

he could smell my butt. we took off our pants, he first sat on my face (don't

remember all the details) I then sat on his. We were in his room with the

door closed on his bed doing the sniffing... when his dad nocked quickly on

the door and barged right in. Bear quickly grabbed the sheets to cover his

naked body, I remember jumping off his face onto the other side of the bed

acting like I was looking at something. Damn that was a close one, I wonder

if his dad actually saw me sitting on his sons nose? I tell you what Josh...

This fucking fart/butt sniffing fetish (if you will) has me by the balls.

Everytime I see a teen boy I really would like to have him sit on my face and

fart (really love em in jeans though... apparently you like khakis?) with all

your fucking fantasies with the dudes wearing tan pants you now have me

thinking... thanks a fuckin lot! I am off from work tomorrow... I might take my nephew out shopping for some clothes for school... when I take him back home I wonder if I can get him to fart on my face? I think I had better stop sniffing his ass... at 13 he's starting to like girls and I wouldn't want to confuse him or anything (just can't help it though when he's wearing those damn baggy jeans!!!!!



It was about a year or two a go when my brother asked that I watch my nephew

jake while they go out on the town. I picked Jake up, we were going bowling

that  night before heading back home, anyways he asked if his buddy Adam

could go along, of course I said yes. Went over and picked him up and went

bowling. After the game they wanted to ga back to my house to sit in the

hottub. After getting back, we changed into our suits and headed outside. I

always like when my nephew comes over for the hottub, it allows me to sniff

his freshly worn pants. Well we got into the hottub and sat for awhile. I

wanted to get them talking about farts. so I turned off the jets (told them I

wanted it quiet for a while) about 30 seconds I cut a fart...Bllluuurrrrp. I

said be carefull, dont pop that bubble. Well it turned into  a fartfest. who

needed the jets!. Well that was over, we went inside to change back into our

clothes. I dont remember what Jake wore, but I do remember that Adam had on

these nice jeans, kinda snug fitting. Well we were all alone at the house so

we all started wrestling and playing (kid stuff... ha ha ha) I knew what I

was leading up to. I got a blanket and layed it onto the floor, told my

nephew to lay on the corner, then I wrapped it real tightly around him (his

arms were inside)... we did this before where I would usually stand him up

and push him down while he tried to get out. Well I left him on the floor.

Looked at Adam and said. well now what do we do with him? (hoping that he

would say: lets make him smell our butts. Didn't happen, he just shrugged his

shoulders and said I dunno. I said: I know and then I jumped on his head

facing his feet (Had to do it if Adam wouldn't) Adam just started laughing,

Jake really couldn't move with his hand still inside the blanket, he tried to

move his head to stop his nose from entering my butt, but, it shot straight

up. I sat there for a little while wiggeling. Then I thought well lets get it

started, I raised up (heard Jake gasp for air) then I farted right on his

face . Adam thought that was the funniest thing ever. I said Adam, you try,

he just shook his head and said: noway, Jake will kick my butt if I do. I got

off Jake and he struggled and finally freed himself from the blanket. Once

out he started chasing after Adam throughout the house. Adam kept on yelling:

but I didn't do anything, Jake just said too bad, I heard you laughing!. Well

the chase finnally ended back up in the den where I was, Jake threw Adam to

the ground and sat on his chest pinning his arms well above his head. I egged

Jake on by saying: do it, sit on his face. Jake looked back and then turned

back to Adam. Boy I had a huge hardon just watching my own private wrestling

match. Jake moved up and sat on Adams chin, this way he released his hands

and started slapping his face. This isn't what I had in mind so I coaxed him

further. Comon jake, fart in his nose... punish him. Jake moved up and sat

his butt right on Adams upturned nose. That was soooo cool seeing a 12 year

old sitting on his friends face. Jake was tormenting Adam, saying things

like, how's it smell down there? I hope I don't have to fart. He even said

for Adam to kiss his butt. That sent a shiver through my dick. I swear I

could feel my underwear getting wet at this point. Jake raised up and said Ok

you asked for it, Then cut a huge fart on Adams face, I saw Adam quickly take

a huge breath, trying to see if he could hold his breath long enough for the

fart to disipate. Jake bounced up and down a couple of times and then got off is head. Adam just layed there gagging. The fart waifted over to me and it smelt like rotten eggs... poor Adam. (I loved it). I said hey Adam you want to be wrapped up in the blanket? He said, NO, Jake will just sit on my head again and fart!! (thats what I wanted to happen) I waited to see if they wanted to wrap me up, but neither said anything (that would have been cool, me defensless in the blanket and two 12 year olds takeing turns sitting on my nose making me smell their butts. So I grabbed the blanket and put it away. Well they both stayed the night at my house. and both stayed in my room (I layed two futons on the ground for them to sleep on (wonder where I got those from?). During the night I did go up to Adam (who snores loudly by the way) and stuck my nose into his butt and too a wiff (Damn this boy was clean, Even when I sniffed his jeans and underwear earlier at the hottub they were april fresh (thanks to his mom I guess). So I went over to Jake, I know this kid allways has a dirty ass. I sniffed it and even jerked off while smelling his butt. That was cool knowing that Adam could have woken up just to see me with my nose in his best friends butt sniffing away. Well that's the truerecollection for tonight, As I said Josh, you will be getting alot of stories from me about butt sniffing. I've been doing it since about 8.




Favorite about nephew!......


Ok so Im writing this to you when I'm a lot drunk... wanted to tell you what

happened today with my nephew. We drove around checking things out, went back

to his home play. and while watching tv i said " how does it feel" he said

what? I said " how does it feel to have my nose pressed up your butt when you

fart?" he just smirked a little. I said  "I wanna smell your butt... do you

hafta fart?" I was so bold, I never really did this before, but I wanted to

sniff some butt. He said well I don't have to fart and continued on watching

tv. I responded well I want to smell your butt. Saying that I walked over to

him sitting on the couch and lifted his leg so I could insert my nose up his

butt, he basically sat there waiting for me to start sniffing. he sorta

resisted. but I placed my head face up on the sofa and had him sittingfull

weight on my face. In a muffled voice I said ok cut the fart... he responded

I don't have to. This isn't what I wanted to hear. I wanted him to cut a nice

juicy fart onto my nose. I wrestled around with him ( he trying to playfully

get away from sitting on my face) I finally got him on the floor in front of

the sofa... lifted his legs towards his head, he said oww that hurts... I

didn't care... I wanted to sniff some ass. My dick was so fucking hard. I

pushed his legs farther back and looked into his eyes... I started lowering

My face towards his butt.. with him in this position. he could see me

sticking my nose into his butt cheeks. I stuck my big nose into his ass. and

pushed in quite hard. started sniffing, and smelt his ass... nice shit smell

(dick getting harder at this point) any second I would cum but held back

(didn't want to ruin my underwear) told him to fart once more... heard him

grunt to try, but he said, sorry I can't (well he tried.) I was finished...

damnit... I wanted him to cut a fart on my face... no such luck, anyways we

went back to my house and sat in the hot tub. I ran into the  house to get us

some drinks (yeah right) went to the bathroom where he changed, found his

underwear and started sniffing. boy he even had a big skidmark so I knew

where to smell. That was the big story of the day. When I went over to pick

him up,  his buddy Ben was there, I almost got the nerve to ask ( in a joking

way) if I could smell his ass. but chickend out (I think I'm better off

staying away from him.) leave this to fantasy... ha ha. Just to let you know,

when I was sniffing his ass. he was wearing these baggy khaki pants (thought

of you.. not really but thought that  counts, right?)



Stories about Futon store.................


At work today these 3 brothers came into the store looking at these beanbags

that I sell (lots of kids come in looking at these) I wrote a story and

posted it to the wrestling board about these 15 year olds that came in and

one of them actually farted on his friends face (right in front of me) That

really happened (I still jerk off to that memory!!!) Anyways the three

brothers came in two looked like they were 14, the little one looked 8-10 (I

thought to myself if the older two ever wrestle the younger one down and sit

on his face?... I'm perverted you know) They were sitting on these bean bags

for about a half and hour now anyone else would have told them to leave... I

was just enjoying the conversation (and looking at their butts), When they

left I ran over to the bean bags, dove my face right into the seat section

and started sniffing, NOTHING. Still I loved the idea that I had my face

where these boys planted their asses just a few short minutes ago. ( I wish

one would have farted)


today at work this kid came into the store checking out futons for his room. talked with his for a while (stared at his ass... might be  a fantasy coming out of this?) anyways, he said he would get his mom next door. They came back and started looking at things. They stayed for a long while. The kid (around 13-14) was very polite. He took off his shoes at the front of the store so not to damage my furniture (great kid) anyways they were at the back of the store looking at fabrics and his mom asked where his shoes were. I said I would go get them. Walked up and saw his old worn out tennis shoes. I looked at them and thought what it would be like to take a sniff (gross eh? I mean it's of course ok to sniff a butthole of my 13 year old nephew where he shits daily but this take the cake... (a little joke there i know it wasn't funny) anyways Ilooked around, now I was at the front of my store where all the windows were, I was afraid someone might see me or worse the kid might walk up, so no one was looking I stuck the shoe up to my face and took a big wiff (talk about strong) Is this going to open a new door for me? This was the first time, I still prefer someone farting on my face though. Later today these 3 college guys came in looking for futons, one sat quietly on a futon mattress while the others looked, he sat there for about 15-20 minutes in the same spot. (I kept thinking about how you sniffed the seats) well they left and I quickly ran to the seat. Icould see exactly where he sat his ass. two separte buttcheek marks so I knew where to start sniffing.  Dove my face into the mattress and what did I smell.....nothing damn! I still found it erotic sniffing it, knowing he was just there though (why wasn't he nice enough to leave me a present?)



It was a slow day at work when I heard the door buzzer go off, I looked up to

acknowledge the customers presence and noticed that it was two kids. Said hey

guys what's going on? I then noticed that it was the same kid that came into

the store a few weeks back, the one that wrestled his friend to the floor on

my bean bags and let a fart go right on his face. When I recognized him I

felt a little twitch in my pants. He had a single friend with him today, one

I've not seen before. The "facefarter" aged around 15 wore his tan khaki

shorts, they were very baggy and hung below his knees. A simple white t-shirt

covered his upper torso. The new kid also had on a pair of baggy tan shorts,

they even were baggier than his buddies. They sat around on my furniture

trying to get a reaction out of me. I offered them both some carmel candy I

had bought earlier. and said "you shouldn't take candy from strangers" The

new boy said "awww screw that I just love these candies" Facefarter was a

little hesitant after my comment but took the candy anyways. They were both

fasinated with this one mirror which hung over a futon I had on display, they

both got onto their knees facing the back of the futon and stared into the

mirror. This gave me a great view of their asses. Facefarters shirt covered

his ass, so not much really to see, but his buddy on the other hand, with

those baggy khaki pants soooo loose, what a sight, I could see about 2 inches

of his boxers. They continued talking about the mirror and I continued

stareing at their asses.

I awoke from my trance when I heard them both stop talking and started to

whisper to each other., I veered my gazing eyes upwards towards the mirror

only to see both of them looking back at me in the reflection of the mirror.

Oh Shit, they saw me looking at their ass! I was caught. Facefarter said to

his buddy "see I told you he likes looking at boys' butts." with that his

buddy wiggled his ass for me, and said "how's my ass look to you eh?" you

like the look of my butt? He turned to facefarter and said "you know, I bet

he even likes to smell boy's butts" I was so embarassed, I didn't know what

to do or say. I quickly responded "Sorry guys... not into smellin' butts, ok

I think you had better leave it's time for my to get some work done." I

noticed facefarter getting up off the futon and heading for the front door, I

looked over at him and saw him switch off the open sign and heard him lock

the front door. The friend on the couch rose up off the futon and started

walking towards me still finishing his questions " well, do you? huh? I bet

you would love to get your nose up my butt and take a big 'ol wiff of my

crack wouldn't you?" He looked over at facefarter and started laughing. They

both looked at me and said sternfully "follow us, school doesn't start for

two days, we're board and you gonna sniff our buttholes... If you put up a

struggle, we will tell everyone how you made us do unthinkable things." Damn

these two kids were shifty!, I followed them into the back room. Facefarter

went over in the corner and got a futon mattress and layed it onto the

ground, His buddy walked over to it and pointed to a spot and said "I want

you to lay down right here on your back" I slowly walked over to the futon

and layed down as they ordered. The little friend came up, straddled my head

and sat down faceing my feet, onto my face. I turned my head to the right,

trying to avoid his buttcrack and succeeded, he sat down on the right side of

my head. He looked over to facefarter and said "grab his head, and hold it

upright, I want all his nose up inside my crack so he can get all this fart

I've been saving up all day for him" with that he lifted off the side of my

head and Facefarter grabbed my ears and adjusted my head so that I was

looking up into his buddies little ass, his friend really didn't raise up to

far, so when facefarter twisted my head, my nose rubbed against his khaki

shorts. I immediately smelt the remenants of his last shit, and he was still

hovering above my nose at this point. The little kid said "allright dude,

ready or not get ready to smell some boy butt." And he lowered his 15 year

old butt onto my nose. I was unable to turn my head to escape this butt trap

because facefarter still had a firm grip on my ears. I tried to scream but my efforts were only muffled by the ass now sitting on my face. The smell was so strong, not much was left to imagination with such baggy clothing, my nose shot straight up into his butt, he wiggled about getting my nose pressed deeper and deeper into the crack of his ass. The movement stoped, He sat there for a few seconds laughing with his friend about the fact that they were sitting on a mans nose and were about to make him smell their farts. even though he was small for a 15 year old, his weight on my face was getting too much. My nose was getting squashed, right when I thought my nose was gonna break he lifted his ass up about a half an inch, The fabric from his pants still touching my nostrils. I then heard him say to facefarter "quiet, stop laughing" He grunted and all of a sudden a loud fart sprayed onto my face followed by 3 short ones. They both began the laughing again, I was so humiliated."hows that smell eh?  Facefarter said to his buddy "c'mon, my turn, get off" His buddy raised off my face and slid onto my chest, he spun around so he could pin my arms to the ground. Facefarter then straddled my head sitting facing my feet and forcfully sat onto my face. He was bigger, and stronger than his buddy. He really rode my nose. "how's my butt smell you fart sniffin' pervert?... your nose feels so good up my butt. beg me to fart in your nose... I want to hear you beg for my butt smell." I had no choice, I figured the sooner I said what they wanted the sooner it would be over "please, let me smell you ass, I want your hot stinking butt fumes up my nose, I want to smell your farts, I want you to sit on my face, cut a fart and make me inhale all that you have to offer" I think I might have gone too far, his buddy said "Damn this guy does love sniffing our butts, I think you better give him what he wants" Facefarter sat back down onto my now sore and raw face, and wiggled just like his buddy, making sure that he had my nose right next to his butthole, as soon as he was situated he let loose this huge barrage of farts  Bluurrp fffrrreett pphhhhooot, how long have these two been planning this facesit attack on me? what did they eat?

They continued exchanging places, one holding me down, while the other farted on my face. It seemed to go on for an eternity. Facefarter looked down at his watch and said to his buddy "hey we gotta go, we said we'd meet the other guys in about 10 minutes" His little friend raised up off my face and sat onto my chest, looking behind him down onto my face, he said "Man, I never thought that having another dudes nose up my butt, and letting fart after fart out onto your face would be soooo fucking hot" When he got off my chest I could see a huge wetspot on the front of his khaki pants. I looked over at Facefarter and noticed the same wetspot. I couldn't believe it, they used my face to jerk off! They both started walking to the door laughing at what they just did to me. I just layed on the ground, my nose still smelt like their butts, boy did they ground their buttfunk into my nostrils. As I heard them leave Facefart turned to me and asked what time I closed, I responded in a worn down, beaten tone 8 oclock.. Facefarter then responded "cool, we will see you then, they other guys want to meet you" His buddy looked at facefarter and said where are the guys at now?" facefarter said "oh, they're at taco bell right now loading up on bean burritos" They both started to laugh and exited the store. Looks like I was now their personal butt sniffer.


Well this of course if fiction... but the two boys did come into the store

today dressed as I explained (did think of you (khaki) they actually didn't

stay long, so no place to stick my nose to sniff. There were actually alot of teen boys in the store today and college kids looking for futons ( I wanted to stand at the front door and instead of frisking them for weapons, I wanted to sniff their cracks for buttsmells)



Smelliest Butt contest cousin story.......


Well it all started when I was around 8-9 my fetish apparently took hold.

Don't know where it came from but I just liked sniffing butt. So my cousin

Damon (in florida) would wrestle each other and I would always want him to

sit on my face. I do remember one time I got burnt preety bad (being from

ohio not much sun) anyways, We where having one of our butt sniffing

contests... my face was sooo burnt (red) when he sat down I was in sooo much

pain but didn't let on. (damn I was even perverted at 8) Anyways we would

always fart on each others faces seeing who had the smelliest fart or butt.

He would allways just allow me to sit on his face for  a little while

(couldn't handle the buttfunk) but me on the other hand I would allow him to

sit on my nose forever, he actually would get off my face after he got board.

I had about 4 cousins that our family would reunite each summer for about a

week (about a year apart between us) My 2 cousins from tennessee (shane and

jason) I loved being around them. They were fun but also had these nice tight

asses which I loved to sniff. (snuck many a underwear out from their dirty

clothes hamper and smelled the skid marks) any ways the best smelliest butt

contest allways happened between shane, jason and myself. Jason always loved

farting on my face, he had the best smelling farts. (i know that sounds

strange, but it's true) We all did it with clothes on, in our underwear, and

also naked, we all didn't like that too much,, we all thought it was a little

too wierd I suppose.

 Funny thing is I also thought about how many guys were farting at this

moment,and wanting to be able to go from "butt to butt" sniffing every fart

that I want. (it's scary how much we think alike)

  I think I will take my nephew to see a movie (blair witch project)

tomorrow, since it will rain so golf will be out. anyways I think I will pick

him up at home, go see the movie and then head back to his place only to

plant my nose up his denim wearing, fart spraying, buttfunkin' ass and sniff.

I like the idea of pinning him down again, lifting his legs and inserting my













Excerpts from chats......



one night my older nephew come over with his

buddy jeremy, I rented a game for the

playstation, they stayed over for about 4

hours... Inoticed that jeremy sat in one place

the entire time. We ordered pizza and drank

alot of  pop. Well they both left and I

immidiatly went to the carpet. Stuck my nose

to the carpet and sniffed... It was fantastic.

He must have shit himself... It smelled like

he just farted before he left. Now when he

comes over with my nephew, i just look at his

ass and think... been there




Butt sniffing with cousins..


I look out into the hallway to see my parents, and all my aunts and uncles

sitting around the table talking about good times. I creep back into the

bedroom, shut the door and lock it so not to be disturbed. I crawl back up

onto the top of the bunkbed, and there is my cousins, Damon, Jason and Shane.

Damon looks at me and says ok Kirk, its your time to smell Jasons butt and

compare it to Shanes.

  I look at Jason and tell him to assume the position, we all start to

giggle. Jason turns his back and gets on his hands and knees, putting a

little arch into his back, he starts to wiggle his butt and says c'mon cuz,

start sniffing.

  I get onto my hands and knees and crawl up to his awaiting ass. I get about

2 inches from his butt and just start to stare at this wonderfull site. I can

start to feel my dick get hard, and I haven't even started sniffing yet. I

inch on up towards the back of his jeans, the tip of my nose is now pressed

ever so gently on the seam that splits his asscrack. I give a little sniff

and am instantly rewarded with Jasons butt smell. I can see that he should

have taken a little more time wiping his ass after his last shit... but i

didn't mind. Hows it smell Shane asked... is it worse than mine was? he said

with a smirk. I don't know.. its hard to tell with these jeans trapping in

all the odor. I think you need to pull off your jeans Jason, so I can have a

better smell. Jason looked back over his shoulder and sat back up onto his

knees. He unbuttoned his jeans and slipped out of them. Just the site of my

little cousin pulling his pants off and knowing that my nose was going to be

up in between his buttcheeks sniffing his asshole, was giving me a raging

boner, I had to cleverly shift my dick to oneside, there was no way i wanted

Damon, Shane and Jason to see me getting a hardon off of our smelliest butt


  Jason got back onto his hands and knees facing away from me, He grabbed

the front of his boxers and pulled them away, causing the backside to pull

into his crack... Shit i though I was going to explode, but I had to hold it.

he turned around and stuck his index finger up to his ass, fished around

alittle bit and said I want you to stick your nose right here. Doing as he

said I crawled back up between his legs and positiond my nose against his

ass. He pulled his hand back around and was again on all fours. I genlty

rubbed my nose up against his boxers. I always loved doing this, Damon and

Shane would just nose dive the butt, take a couple of sniffs and pull out. I

on the other hand wanted to sniff the ass like a fine wine. Savoring all it

had to offer.

   I could tell that my cousins always liked how I softly stroked my nose up

and down the crack of their asses... reason why I knew they enjoyed it was

when I would come up for a breath, I could see that they were gently

massaging their dicks in one hand... I mean c'mon, we are all in our early


   Jasons ass was now more potent. There was no denim to help hold in the

pugent aroma of his unwashed ass. The only item separating my nose and his

farthole was a thin layer of fabric. This was getting to much for me, I had

to get my nose in deeper. I inserted my face farther up into his ass, my nose

could go no deeper... I started sniffing louder and louder, I couldnt get

enough of Jasons buttsmell. I had to back out for a breath when i saw that he

had begun to massage his dick, I took each of my hands and spread his

buttcheeks apart, and re-inserted my nose, Being the judge of the smelly butt

contest I wanted to give each contestant the same opportunity... so in a

muffled voice I told jason.. OK... now!!! with that said, I heard Jason start

to grunt a little, and with my nose pressing up agains his butthole, I could

feel it start to open slightly.

  Jason said giggling... ready or not... and all of a sudden, a huge fart

blasted across my face and up into my nose. Not only was the body heat

between his cheeks getting me horny, but the hot air being forced out of his

little butt, and being blown onto my face almost sent me into orgasm.

  I was now stroking my dick at a furious rate, I didn't care what my other

cousins thought, I could still tell that Jason was also stroking big time,

couldnt believe that he was getting off, just by having my face up his ass

and him cutting farts up my nose... I loved it.

  I inhaled deeply, trying not to let any of his fart escape. I heard Damon

say Damn Jason, what did you eat? Shane responded sheeewwweee. I was in

heaven. I continued sniffing his ass until Damon tapped me on the shoulder

and said Ok are you ready to smell my butt?.. I pulled my flushed face out of

Jasons crack, I could still smell his butt, some of the dried shit particles

must have attached them to my nose. It's like I was high off of his fart... I

was in a daze, but quickly snapped out of it. (couldn't let my cousins see I

was enjoying this)

  I looked down to see a small wet spot starting to  soak through my jeans,

and Damon said once again.. c'mon Kirk hurry up it's my turn and I have to

fart. I looked at Shane, turned to Jason... then slowly turned my head

towards Damon and said... assume the position...




Two Teen Butt Sniffers



It was friday night, and I invited a friend of mine to sleep over. His name is Johnnie and I have been sniffing his butt ever since I can remember. Except... without him knowing it. Tonight I want him to know that I like sniffing his butt, and to see if he would actually sit on my face and cut a fart.

Usually when he would come over, He would wear his loose fitting bluejeans. He wore them all the time and never really washed them unless his mom made him. (so they were always extra potent) I loved seeing him in them, you could see the top of his underwear. (which I usually sniffed later) Anyways most of the time, I would end up sniffing the seat of the sofa where he sat after we were playing video games for a couple of hours. He farted constantly, so I was always sure to get lucky and smell a fart that he had laid into the cushions.

Other times, when he would spend the night, (we slept in the same bed) I would pull back the covers to see his white brief covered butt sticking straight up in the air. I knew that it was calling for my nose... I would slowly move up close to his body, but quietly and gently so not to disturb his sleep (could you imagine waking up and seeing your best freinds nose up your butt?)So I get real close to his ass, my nose is rubbing up and down on the cotton briefs and am instantly rewarded with his musky butt smell. I run my nose again up and down, up and down the crack of his ass, but not pushing my nose in too deep, so not to wake up Johnnie. I could go on all night just sniffing his butt, but he tosses and turns alot in his sleep, so I usually only have 5-10 minutes worth.. which is enough time if you know what I mean.

One time, he left in a hurry the next day, he left his underwear (which I still have) I remember going back up into my room after he had left. And started to sniff the seat cushion that he was sitting in while playing his guitar. When out of the corner of my eye, I saw a pair of white cotton briefs. I knew they weren't mine (I only wear boxers.. GEEK) So I crawled over to them on my hands and knees like a lion sneaking up on his prey. Picking them up, I opened them up with the backside facing towards me...took a quick sniff, yep, they were Johnnies allright,(over the years, I have gotten to know his smell).

I pulled the waistband apart and peered into the crotch... Whoa... right before my eyes were two huge ass skid marks. My dick sprang to attention, and I quickly turned the used undies inside out so that now, the skids were staring me directly in the face. I got up off my knees and headed toward my bed, laying the briefs down onto the corner of my mattress, still with the skids facing up. I lowered my nose into Johnnies shit stains and sniffed and sniffed and sniffed... I was inhaling more than I was exhaling, I thought my chest was going to explode, the same thought went thru my mind about another body part. I had the best orgasm I had ever had. This was the first time I had actualy smelled his skids, I know I have smelled his underwear when he was wearing em, and Im sure there were skids in them at the time, but now i was face to face with a small sample of his ass.

That was about 2 weeks ago, and at that moment I wanted nothing more than to have Johnnie sit on my face and rip fart after fart up my nose. So I called him the next day, and invited him to spend the night sometime... and that night is tonight. So I have this plan on how Im going to get my old sniffing buddy to sit on my nose. Hope it works.




.  I think we were about sixteen or
something.  We were staying in cheap boarding houses, two or three of us to
a room.  I was sharing a room with Alec.  One night I got up to go take a
piss when he was asleep.  It was about two in the morning and I couldn't
sleep.  When the light from the corridor flooded into the room, I saw a pair
of his used briefs lying on the floor.  When I was standing pissing in the
john, I thought about what it would be like to sniff his underpants - how
would they smell?  Would I be grossed out, would I vomit, or would I like
I saw a thin, indistinct brown line around where his butt had been and my
erection strained inside my own underpants, so much so in fact that I had to
release it.  Jeez - I was looking my mate's skid marks and getting off on
it.  What the fuck was going on?
He didn't wake up, however.  He just sighed a bit in his sleep and turned
over onto his side.  When I looked over at him, I could see his back, the
shirt riding up exposing his butt, each cheek pushing outwards against his
evidently tight underpants.  I stared at it for a few seconds, reconsidering
my promise to get back into my own bed.  I had to smell it.  I had to know
what my best friend's butt smelled like - don't ask me to justify why, I
just really needed to at that moment. Bending over his bed, I pushed my face up towards Alec's butt, getting as near to where his hole would be as I could.  I couldn't smell much so I got
nearer, the end of my nose touching his green briefs in the groove between
his buttcheeks.  I got a smell of his butt - a really sexy, shitty smell -
but it was still only faint.  Checking again he wasn't awake - his breathing
was still slow and heavy - I went in.  I pushed my nose right between his
cheeks and breathed in the smell of his butt.  Again, I slowly rubbed my
hard cock.  You would not believe how much this was turning me on!  I got my nose right in between his

bum cheeks and sniffed  steadily



Joey meanwhile, laid in place on the floor waiting to see what his
love had in store. Justin oohed and ahhed at the sight of Joey's upturned
butt facing him from beneath a pair of silky boxers. Justin lowered him

face to the upturned butt of Fatone and took a sniff




So there I was driving down the street of a little town, when I came up to a stoplight. Looking around I see these two guys on skateboards doing some cool tricks in the parking lot to the right of me. Guessing their age, they both looked to be mid to late teens, both with slender builds, and wearing traditional skater getup... baggy jeans, untucked t-shirt etc, both were pretty good looking kids. Now... a little bit about me, I have been into facesitting/fart sniffing for what seems my entire life... where or why I got into this fetish, only god knows why. Anyways, whileI sat at the traffic light, waiting for it to change, I remembered a conversation I had online with a friend. We were asking talking to each other about how hard it was to find people thats willing to rip farts on our noses.... or how hard it was to bring it up to people... it is an odd fetish. I asked him "I wonder if someone would sit on your face and fart.... if you gave em money" We had a good discussion on that topic for about an hour, guessing like how much someone would want.. would they do it with their clothes on? would they want your nose pressed right up against their asshole as they farted.... But, both of us decided it would just take too much balls to walk up to someone and offer them money to sit on your face and blow some farts, so we left it at that.
The light turns green, and I accelerate past the parking lot, still eyeing the two skater dudes to my right. Could I do it? could I just pull up to them and offer them some money so I can get my jollies off sniffing their assholes? Does that make me some sort of pervert? (uh, dont answer!!) I was soooo horny, and it had been so long since I have sniffed someone elses butt. Believe it or not, I turn around and hed back towards the two skater guys... I cant believe Im actually gonna do this! Sitting in my car for about 10 minutes, watching them doing their tricks, I finally muster up enough courage and get out of my car and start walking towards the two teens.
"Hey, whatsup?" I asked as I was approaching them. They both looked over at me and gave me a raise of the head. "You guys are pretty good there...mind If I sit and watch ya for awhile" The taller of the two looked back over at me and said "Its a free country man" I sit at a picnic table and watch them for another two minutes when they both skate over towards me and sit at the other end of the table. They talk amongst themselves at first, then I decide its time for me to chime in with the hundred thousand dollar question.... "hey guys... i have a proposition for ya.... would you two like to earn some money? (ok, that right there sounded way too perverted for me, but it was too late, I had already said it) "HUH?, you some kind of queer or something? The taller guy said. "NO NO NO.. nothing sexual at all..... ok, hear me out... I have this odd fetish of uh... er..... sniffing farts... I just love the smell of em" at this point i could see the look of disgust and concern shoot across both of their faces.. "Dude, thats sick as hell man!! the shorter one said " I know... but for some reason, I have always loved sniffing guys butts and having them cut farts on my nose" The shorter guy starts to get up , like he wants to leave, but the taller one says "So whats your proposition?" Whoa.... I cant believe that this guy actually wants to hear what I have to say.. even after I told him that I like sticking my nose up into the same place where a guy shits!!...........

"Well, Id like to offer you... uh.. both of you money if you would take turns <cough> sitting on my face and farting???" I look down at the table... embarrased at what I had just offerd these two teen boys. "I dunno man, thats just way to gay for me man... " the short guy said.... "How much you gonna pay us to do it?" the taller one jumped in. "UH... UMMMM.. gosh.. i dunno... what do you think its worth to do it?"... (holly shit.. its working.. i think im actually gonna get these two guys to fart in my face!!) "50 bucks a piece!" the shorter of the two said.. I look at him and respond "DONE!!!" afraid that they may change their mind. "Im Mark" the taller one said.. " and this is Shane... so where do you wanna go and smell our asses?" they both broke out laughing, My face kinda got red with humiliation, but also I started getting excited at what was about to take place. "Well, how about over there, behind that building?" I said as I looked at Mark. "OK man, lets go, we have to be home soon" he responded and started to head towards the building.
We all walked to a secluded part of the building, I was looking around, making sure that no one could see what was about to happen. "So uh, where do you want me to...." "Lay down over here" Mark said interrupting me... pointing to a grassy spot just behind a tree. I walked over and layed down on my back, lookin up into the sky, when I see Mark and Shane now standing on either side of my body, both shaking their head at the sicko they had laying on the ground ready to sniff their asses! "So who's gonna go first?" Shane asks.... "I dunno if I can go thru with it.. it all seems so gay to me" he ads. "Here let me show you how its done, Ive done this to my little brother when he acts up" just then I see mark lift his left leg over my body, he is still standing there, with either foot along side my head. I look up and I see his denim clad ass, then I look farther up and see his face, peering down at me, with this evil sort of grin. Then, as in all my fantasies...I see the ass of this teen, lower down onto my face. As he squats down into position, he looks between his legs, moving his ass from side to side, to make sure that my nose is lined up properly with his ass.
Then it happens... I feel the first contact with his baggy jeans, the seam that separates each asscheek is now firmly pressed right up against my nose. I can feel that he is settling into position, wiggling again from side to side, alowing my nose to shoot straight up into his ass. OH MY GOD... i'm instantly rewarded with the faint smell of ASS!, I cant belive just how much of this teen dudes ass I can smell thru both his jeans and his underwear. I can hear both of them laughing, i guess its not offen that they get to sit on a guys face and force their hot smelly farts up his nose!......



cute 19-year-old college student) comes early before his shift to get inventory printouts from my office. We lock the door and I change from my slacks into Levi's 501's, then he likes to get on all fours on my desk and I knead his bubblebutt through his jeans and push the seam up into his crack with my middle finger and rub it hard up and down then bury my face between his buns and sniff him through the denim



hey there levi stud i would love to see those worn levi jeans on you i buy my jeans second hand to it turn me on just thinking some other guyhad them on before me i would love to bury my face in your tight levi jeansi always wanted to sneak up on a guy and smell a guys as





ryan meagher's butt smells like booty




Want to smell your Levi's all over but especially the "butt" don't wash those jeans...



Love having a dude sit on my face like a chair and make me sniff his butt in or out of his 
clothes. Forcing my nose up his hole to whiff and for my reward a nice juicy 




It was his turn and I went for dare immediately. He looked at me for a long 
moment and then walked over toward the hay bales, leaned up on them with his 
ass facing out and said "Come put your face up to the crack of my ass and 
sniff really loudly." He didn't so much as even turn to look at me - just 
stayed in that position like he was totally confident that I would obey. 
Later, I replayed in my mind the walk across the floor toward him and I it 
seemed like a dream - I felt like I was outside my body watching and I was 
moving in a trance. I got there and he still had his face toward the hay and 
I slowly dropped to my knees and brought my face to the crack of his ass 
encased in jeans. I pushed my face and sniffed really loudly so that he could 
hear me. I could smell his butt even through the jeans and I was 
instantly hard. I did it again and again and again. He stayed perfectly still 
and I showed no signs of moving. Finally he stirred and said "Do you need me 
to pull my jeans down?" I said "Yes."
He unbuckled his jeans and I pulled them to his ankles and there were his big 
meaty smooth thighs and huge ass cheeks in big white briefs. The crack was 
completely damp and he went right back into position without looking at me 
and I so slowly buried my face in the crack of his ass encased in his 
underwear. I could smell it so much better and sniffed louder and louder. It 
was what I had wanted so badly and I felt instantly addicted. I sniffed and 
sniffed the spot in his underwear that hid his asshole from my sight. I could 
feel its warmth under the thin fabric and I wanted more. And he knew it.



I love to have my face sat on and then have a guy fart all over my face. Just fart and fart and fart. And, I love to just stick my nose up to a guy's ass and sniff and sniff and sniff his butt and all of his farts.


Love having a guy sit down and force my face and nose up his smelly butt with his underwear on.

Love having my face rubbed all over while you are in your underwear and make me sniff them.
Sit down on my face and feel my nose pressing the material right up your butt hole for a good whiff.

I love the feeling of a hot sweaty saddle up my ass. Also I sniff the seats of other bikers when they dont look.



I laughed as I tried to hide my hard on. He went to the locker room area...or so I thought...& no one else was in the weight room, so I decided to go over to where he'd been lifting & sneak a couple of sniffs of the bench



I'm the manager of a supermarket and one of my morning employees (cute 19-year-old college student) comes early before his shift to get inventory printouts from my office. We lock the door and I change from my slacks into Levi's 501's, then he likes to get on all fours on my desk and I knead his bubblebutt through his jeans and push the seam up into his crack with my middle finger and rub it hard up and down then bury my face between his buns and sniff him through the denim and smell that sweet musky scent while I reach between his legs and rub his crotch until he cums in his pants (which is no problem because his apron covers the front), then he gets on the floor and I hump his tight denim-covered butt until I cream in my Levi's. A couple of times we have not been careful to pull apart right then to keep from getting the back of his pants wet, but I don't think anyone in the store has noticed. Maybe they think it's from a yogurt spill or something.



I knew this guy that worked at 7/11 store and would go in their to buy coffee early in the morning. He was slender and always seem to wear faded levis a lot and a real nice round butt. One day I mentioned if he would like to shoot some pool at my place and he said he would like that. That afternoon he came over and when I set up the pool table, we started playing, although the real reason I wanted to shoot pool was to watch his nice little ass bending over and walking around the table as we played. When I was next to him, I casually dropped my cue stick behind him as he was bending over the pool table to make a shot, and as I picked it up, I put my nose near his jean covered ass and started to sniff his ass



Your story about sniffing your friend's butt through his jeans while playing pool made me cum in my jeans.



Would like to find slender small bubble butt guys with webcams to watch each other pose with faded worn levis, front, bending over, then mastubating with our jeans on. I even turn them around so the ass part of my jeans are over my dick and they seem so much softer too. Do this while sniffing a pair of other worn levis that i dont wash for weeks with that sweet butt smell and the cum that is on them from jacking off in them so much. Licking the dried cum off them while sniffing the sweet aroma of my nice bubble butt ass. The jeans have a hole in the back near the pocket and I poke my dick out of it then rub my sweet smelling jeans over it and cum like there is no tomorrow! Then let it dry for later on and sniff and lick them again! I can get off 5 or 6 times a day like that! I even put a rolled up sheet in my jeans to make it look like a butt then bury my face in them to smell and lick the dried cum off them, then put my dick on top of them and cum all over them again! Damn I wish there was someone in the Austin, Tx area that had this kind of fetish. Would love for them to wear my jeans and have them wiggle their butt all over while i have my face buried in them, sniffing and licking them, then jack off on them! Then have them turn the jeans around so I could kiss and blow hot breath on his dick while I sniff the aroma of my worn levis ass and have him cum all in them. ONe night a girl and guy spent the night and she was sleeping with some nice faded levis while on her stomach. I slowly went over and just started sniffing and lightly kissing her but and the aroma was so nice, I was hoping she wouldnt feel my hot breath on her ass while i was sniffing her butt and between her legs. She moved a little but spread her legs more so I could really enjoy her ass even more! Damn she had a sweet smelling ass! The next morning they both changed and left for classes and said they would pick up their clothes later that day.



You sound like my brother, hee hee. He likes to grab my butt a lot! We were once playing twister and he kept putting his face by my butt. Do you think he was trying to smell it?

I couldn't believe what or why I was doing what I was doing. I


was sniffing my brother's ass and inhaling his stink.  His most private


It seemed that with every whiff of buttstink I inhaled, unable to
explain it, I was becoming more and more turned on. My quest for stink had taken root.


What up I'm in the Atlanta area looking to hook up with some for fart smelling..the stinker your butt smell the better..




i wanna sniff carter's butt. i wonder what it wud smell like




one good way to sniff a woman's butt is when she's asleep stick your nose in
her butt and sniff





i would luv to smell your bootie......






Any guys out there into sniffing boys dirty underpants. My fantasy is to
pull teen boys pants down and sniff their arseholes, before giving the hole
a good rimming. I love wanking while sniffing my 16 year old nephews dirty
pants. I nick them from his bedroom floor.


I was twelve years old when my sister & her son Jimmy moved back home after a bitter divorce. I had to share my bed with jimmy. he was eleven years old. we became best of friends, we did everything together. I had been smelling my older brothers farts for about 4 years until he moved off to college. I had always wanted to get a good whiff of Jimmy's farts but never asked. One day we were wrestling & I had jimmy pinned, my legs were holding his arms in place & I was hold his legs almost up over his head. His ass was pointed in my face. we were both all sweaty from wrestling. He was wearing old worn out grey sweatpants that he cut into shorts. they were clinging to his sweaty ass. these were his favorite shorts, sometime he would wear them weeks at a time without washing them. he was yelling I give up, I give up.. I looked at his ass & said I will let you up after you fart in my face. He tried to squirm away, I tightened my hold until he gave in & agreed, I pushed my nose in his sweaty ass crack. the smell of his dirty musty shorts was incredible. He blasted a big thunderous wet fart right in my face, it smelled like rotten eggs. He then released a silent but deadly fart in my face. I sniffed until the smell was gone & I could smell his funky shorts.


When my buddy found an apartment, & I helped him move. We were sitting in the middle of his new home's livingroom floor when he blew out a seriously loud boomer that reverberated on the wooden floor. We cackled & he stood up, fanning at his ass. Then, out of the blue, my friend asked me if I would stick my nose in his crack, wait for him to fart, & then sniff it for him. My cock jolted at the mere thought & there I sat in utter disbelief of what I'd heard. He always enjoyed shocking me, & he finally decided to go the fart route full blast (as it were). "I've never done THAT before!," he said excitedly. I still could not answer, because I was so horny & stunned. "That would be the sign of a true friend," he said practically begging. With that, he stood up with his legs spread wide, arching his back so his arse jutted outward & curled upward slightly. "Come on, buddy. I feel a goooood one coming on!" I stared at his cute butt, which was clad in snug & very short royal blue sweat shorts, & began to imagine my face wedged in it. I was so dazed that I could barely stand up. As I rose to my feet, he shouted "Oh baby baby! Are you gonna do it for me?" I walked by him fanned playfully at him, blushed, & sat down in one of the chairs leaning forward. "Go ahead!," I conceded, shrugging my shoulders. "Oh baby BABY!," he repeated with even more enthuiasm as he made a bee line for my face. I watched as he spread his cheeks wide right in front of my face. There was a momentary pause while we decided which one of us would make first contact--duhhh--it was I. lol. As my face gently touch his ass, I felt the softness of the sweat shorts, the firmness of his muscular bum, & the contours of his crack. He gradually grinded into my face & my nose sank into that secret spot where his hole was til his cheeks literally hugged my face. It was a damp ass & smelled of sweat from moving furniture all day.


Ok...I am new here. I found this site while doing some research. I have been going out with my girl friend for about 3 months now. She is absolutely obsessed with bodily functions especially when the ass is involved. Anyway, she finally got me to pass gas in front of her (I am not real comfortable doing this). I first noticed this when we got intimate for the first time. I had all of my clothes on and she kept trying to smell my butt. I asked what she was doing and she told me she wondered what my butt smelled like. Anyway, about a week later she was resting her head on my butt when we were laying in bed together (fully dressed). She told me she would be sooo turned on if I farted while she smelled my butt. After an hour I just gave in and did it. She loved it! I am very uncomfortable with this! This is where I got scared....Three nights ago I told her I needed to go to the bathroom before going out. She asked what I had to do and I told her very discreetly that I needed to sit on the john. Immediatly she told me she wanted me to crap my pants so she could change me. I was not happy. She went through my dresser and pulled out a pair of jeans. She told me she wanted me to wear those because my butt looked cute in them. Anyway, after a while I agreed to put them on. She made me kneel down on the bed and she got behind me rubbing my feet while sniffing my butt. She told me to push. I pushed and farted. (I was humiliated!)


what does your ass smell like...like smelly booty?




When we were little, we used to
hide under the table and sniff the seat after people got up!!






I resumed my position of sitting high upon
his chest, looking down into his eyes, I knew he wanted a whiff of my butt.. so I raised up slowly, moved forward, till I could no longer see
the top of his head, and sat back onto his face, I could actually feel his nose start to enter my ass (even with my baggy jeans on) All I could
do was laugh to myself, the thought that someone actually wanted to sniff another dudes ass and farts is beyond me! I wiggled some more,
trying to get his nose up my ass, and once I felt that it could go no further up my butt, I sat there for awhile, enjoying my new seat.
thought you liked sniffing asses!... here, let me give you some fresh air," with that said, I raised up slightly but still keeping his nose pressed
up against the seam of my jeans. He took this HUGE deep breath in.. filling his lungs with fresh air, but I felt he needed a little humiliation.
I started to push down with my stomach, trying to force out this huge fart that was builing up in my intestines the whole time I was riding his
nose... "Here ya go ass-sniffer... take a whiff of this.." PHHHHHHHUURRRAAABBBHBBTTT. I let out this mother of a fart right onto
this fags awaiting nose. I imediatelly started laughing hysterically. I couldnt believe it, I just farted on a guys face!




As I curled up in bed and drew the covers up around my neck, the thought

that Brad hadn't showered sent goose bumps up and down my spine and I

wondered what his butt would smell like.

All that I could think of as I stared at Brad's ass, his boxers hugging his cheeks, knowing that he hadn't showered, was what and how his ass smelled like.




I was in a department store recently. I noticed a sales lady in one of the deparments kneeling on a shelf, bent over fixing a display. She was very pretty, olive colored skin and dark hair and she was tall, about six feet. I also noticed she had a perfect round ass. Since I love womens asses so much I couldn´t help but approaching her. She had no idea I was behind her and no one else was around, and her butt was right at my face level. So I put my nose about 1/2 an inch from her two round butt cheeks and smelled. I smelled a good qualilty perfume and the smell of sweet hot ass.I looked around and didn´t see anyone so I did it again as she worked on this display. Then I smelled more butt, kind of a funky smell but it turned me on so much I was dripping in my pants. I go to the store on occassions just to see her and wonder what she would think if she knew someone was smelling her funky butt through her black slacks. I wonder if the camera saw...


I have a question for the group. I need techniques to
approach guys (especially straight guys) to tell them
to let me smell and sniff their asses. I find so many
guys on streets everyday and I would love running
after his asses to sniff them. I especially fantasize
when climbing stairs and the cute guy in front of me
has his ass just a few cms away from my nose. Do you
tell guys regularly? How do you do it? Please, help. I
am not interested in sex necessarily after sniffing?




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Last time you smelt a strangers butt, how smelly was it?

Top of Form

I didn't detect any odor.

Very slight odor.

Medium odor.

Strong odor.

Very strong odor.

Overpowering odor.

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24 replies


I didn't detect any odor.




Very slight odor.




Medium odor.




Strong odor.




Very strong odor.




Overpowering odor.







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Do you like to ask permission before smelling a man's ass? Check as many as apply.

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No, I'm afraid he'll say no.

No, I enjoy the sneaky aspect

No, I'm too shy.

Yes, it's the courteous thing to do.

Yes, I don't wish to be embarrased by being caught.

Yes, the act of asking turns me on.

I only do it right before fucking, so permission is implicit.

I don't sniff asses.

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63 replies


No, I'm afraid he'll say no.




No, I enjoy the sneaky aspect




No, I'm too shy.




Yes, it's the courteous thing to do.




Yes, I don't wish to be embarrased by being caught.




Yes, the act of asking turns me on.





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Authorized vs. Unathorized & smelling someone else's ass vs. having yours smelled. Which situation most turns you on?

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Having a guy ask to smell your ass

Offering a guy an opportunity to smell your ass

Having a guy sneak up and smell your ass without your permission

Asking a guy if he'll let you smell his ass

A guy offering to let you smell his ass

Sneaking up and smelling a guys ass without his permission

Having my ass smelled in any fashion

Smelling another guys ass in any fashion

Smelling another guys ass as long as it's smelly.

All ass smelling turns me on about the same. The act of smelling is more important than the odor.

All ass smelling turns me on about the same as long as its smelly

None of the above options does it for me

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44 replies


Having a guy ask to smell your ass




Offering a guy an opportunity to smell your ass




Having a guy sneak up and smell your ass without your permission




Asking a guy if he'll let you smell his ass




A guy offering to let you smell his ass




Sneaking up and smelling a guys ass without his permission




Having my ass smelled in any fashion




Smelling another guys ass in any fashion




Smelling another guys ass as long as it's smelly.




All ass smelling turns me on about the same. The act of smelling is more important than the odor.




All ass smelling turns me on about the same as long as its smelly




None of the above options does it for me








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What's your favorite position to be in when another guy is smelling your ass?

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Lying down

Bending over

Legs spread wide apart

Standing up

Being snuck up upon and your butt sniffed without permission

No Preference - just like having my butt smelled

I have another position in mind not listed here

I only like to smell other guy's butts

I'm not into butt smelling.

Sorry guys, I only like women.

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48 replies


Lying down




Bending over




Legs spread wide apart




Standing up





Being snuck up upon and your butt sniffed without permission




No Preference - just like having my butt smelled




I have another position in mind not listed here




I only like to smell other guy's butts




I'm not into butt smelling.





Sorry guys, I only like women.





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What kind of ass-smelling play would you like to do?

Top of Form

Smell a man's ass as it is, without preparation, regardless of the moment,

Smelling at special moments: after physical exercise, cycling, having sweated a lot...

Smelling an unwashed ass after some days.

Smelling asses in normal -not considered- underwear.

Smelling asses with sexy underwear.

Asking for or knowing that the man has not wiped his ass well prior to enter a session of smelling,

"Being forced" to smell a man's ass

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127 replies


Smell a man's ass as it is, without preparation, regardless of the moment,




Smelling at special moments: after physical exercise, cycling, having sweated a lot...




Smelling an unwashed ass after some days.




Smelling asses in normal -not considered- underwear.




Smelling asses with sexy underwear.




Asking for or knowing that the man has not wiped his ass well prior to enter a session of smelling,




"Being forced" to smell a man's ass















Recently I've found myself getting turned on the times my girflfriend puts her
butt on my face to fart-- and her butt is a little stinky. Anyone else like
the natural b.o. of a woman's butthole?


My buddy felt free to pass gas in my presence from then on, often letting

out a long very deep voiced "ahhhhh" afterwards. He never aimed it directly

at me, but he once farted in a chair & told me to sniff the cushion. Little

did he know I frequently sneaked sniffs of chairs where he'd been sitting  Unfortunately, the car farts did not seem

to stink, but they were quite crisp. After I dropped him off at his

house & returned to mine, I sniffed the passenger seat. YES! It did

smell like that.

I felt the softness of his white

wide whale corduroy shorts & the pungent smell of ASS stunned me.

I sniffed in ecstacy, but before I could press further into his

well-sculpted rear end, he walked away, saying I was lucky he couldn't get one to go.



We both laughed at how it reverberated off the wooden chair. Then the telephone rang & Billy went into another room to answer it. I looked over at Billy's

chair, & the urge to sneak a sniff overwhelmed me. The smell was amazingly pungent, but I liked it, so I sniffed a few more times.




I need techniques to approach guys (especially straight guys) to tell them

to let me smell and sniff their asses. I find so many

guys on streets everyday and I would love running

after his asses to sniff them. I especially fantasize

when climbing stairs and the cute guy in front of me

has his ass just a few cms away from my nose. Do you tell guys regularly? How do you do it?



After a female sits on a chair for a long time and gets up and leaves, I like
to sniff the seat of that chair really slowly. Especially cushioned seats.
How about you?


My ex-girlfriend used to leave a good butt smell on my couch whenever she got
up. I would usually pretend that I was lying down on my stomach, but she probably knew that I was smelling her seat


my BF Dennis always is sniffing the seat of my jeans and panties also whatever
i am sitting on


yeah my stepmom would leave a great crusty-shitty smell in her lazy-boy chair
after watching a movie in the living room. the cusheon was ussually nice+warm


Hello.I have a question.Do you remember how you noticed that you like farts
of a hottie girl? I have noticed it 12 years ago. It was my 18th birthday. All
of my friends were gone. But Martin and his sexy sister not. She was 17 and
very hot. Suddenly Alexandra asked us if we want to play a game. I asked which
game and she answered Poker. Martin smiled and sayed "Strip-Poker or what"?
She sayed "No, my own rules". "What are your rules" i asked and she answered
that the looser has to do something crazy. We sayed ok and so we played the
game. I lost the first game and was waiting for my task. Suddenly Alexandra
has given a sign to Martin, i didn´t know what that meant, but a few minutes
later. "So..." Martin sayed, "I have a task for you". "What"? I asked. Martin
sayed "Alexandra, lie down to the couch, on the stomach, please". Alexandra
lied down to the couch on the stomach. I remember she was wearing a blue Levis
501, my favorite and that 501 squeezed deep in her ass, what a great sexy wedgie.
Than Martin sayed "What a sexy ass, isn´t it"? "Yes", i sayed to him. "And what
a great sexy wedgie, isn´t it"? he sayed. "Yes", i answered. Martin sayed...
"Hey, Alexandra doesn´t wear a panty the most time, so she becomes that great
wedgie, but pssst that´s a secret". Alexandra smiled and sayed "Go on, be faster
Martin". He sayed, "Ok, now your task". "Go down to Alexandra´s ass, stick your
nose deep in her wedgie and sniff her ass for 30 seconds", he sayed."No, are
you crazy", i sayed. She answered: "Yes, we are crazy, the rules are crazy,
you sayed ok to that, come on, stick your nose in my ass". I sayed: "Ok,ok,ok"
and was going down to sniff her ass. And wow...i remember, it was a great feeling
and i noticed that i like to smell the sweet scent from her ass combined with
her jeans. "25 seconds left", Martin sayed. Suddenly i felt a big vibration
to my nose, heared a sound like a big fart, smelled a smell like a fart, IT
WAS A FART!!! "Ooops.....i farted", Alexandra sayed and began to laugh. Martin
was laughing too and sayed: "Stay in her ass, please! That´s the rules..." Alexandra
sayed: "Yes, stay in my ass, it was a great fart, so enjoy the smell". First
i wanted to run away but then i didn´t want to be a looser and so i stayed in
her ass. "15 seconds left", Martin sayed. The same time i heared Alexandra saying
"I have to fart, oh yes smell it..." and while she saying that, she let´s out
a bigger fart then the first one. Martin and Alexandra began to laugh. At this
time i noticed that Alexandra´s farts turned me on, that i love it to sniff
her ass and her farts. "Only 5 seconds left and you´re free", Martin sayed.
The same time Alexandra sayed: "Oh,oh... i have flatulence,today. Get ready,
i will farting, now. Oh yes, i have to fart another one more directly in your
nose..." When she sayed that, she riped a big one, followed by a squeaker and
followed by a SBD fart. They were laughing and at this time i really enjoyed
that sexy farts of Alexandra´s ass. "Time out, you´re free, was it great?",
Martin sayed. "Yes, very great" i answered. "Joke?", Alexandra asked. "No, you´re
farts turned me on" i sayed. Alexandra smiled and sayed:"Welcome to our little
Fartsniffer Club, now you have to fart in my nose. Or wait, smell my ass quickly,
i have to........shit too late i have already farted, ohhhhh quick, quick, quick
smell my ass now, i have to fart once more. I smelled her ass, heared 3 squeaks
after an other, heared her "Ahhhh....." and smelled a smell like rotten eggs.
It was great. Since this day, she farted every day when i saw her for me. And
the best, my girlfriend knows about my fetish and she farts every day for me,
too. I´m very happy


Enjoy having a guy come in and shove my face up his butt and make me
sniff it while he holds me there. Then make me lie down on the floor
and sit on my face like a chair sniffing his butt through his
jeans,suit pants etc.
Then he gets up and drops his pants and all I see is his underwear
butt descending slowly upon my face and forcing my nose right up his
crack for a good whiff.
A couple of man size farts for my troubles is cool too. Love skid
marks and would like to watch a guy develope a skid mark while
squatting over my face


We walked back to his place and we even farted some on the way, back
at his place, I wanted to let off some serious gas so I blew some off
and he was sniffin the air, we settled on the sofa blowing some farts
and sniffin the air, he got up to get us some beers and I dived into
his seat and sniffed his ass patch and man what a damn smell it was,
all musky and a little dirty too I reckoned.



ED:                          Jon is on the set of Ally McBeal as we speak!


JBJ:                         Yes I am!


CN:                          We'd like to know how your butt smells this morning, Jon!


JBJ:                         Oh, my butt smells wonderful!


Are you serious?


JBJ:                         I mean, what a way to meet somebody!


ED:                          Alright, in this first scene, Calista, you sniff Jon's butt!


JBJ:                         I thought for sure that she'd look at that script and say,

"there's no way I'm doing this," but she's a trooper.


DM:                         It's all acting!


ED:                          And by the way, and we'll give away a chance for a listener to

come up and sniff your booty!