Does anyone else like to sniff there own underwear? I wear tight bikini

undies that ride up my butt and I love to sinff them.




though clothed with a cute pair of blue shorts, I got down and actually stuck my nose into his behind! Oh, I sniffed and smelled the wonderful aroma of a ripe 3 year-old boy asshole.  "I stood at the foot of the small bed and just looked at that perfect little butt. Perfect in every way. Filling out every nook, every cranny of his whites. I jerked my dick like mad,

incensed with an animal lust for the boy and his butt. I literally smashed my head down into the white globes, my nose falling deeply into his deep asscrack, and although I couldn't see that pink little puckered boy-hole, I could smell it ---  the aroma of boy wafting into my nostrils with each breath I took. My nose found its home in this child, buried inside the crack of his cute little ass, a fine fabric separating it from where it truly belonged. Oh, dear Kevin, imagine if you will shoving your nose up such a young boy's butt, and that smell, and that feel, and that deep burning desire to shove it deep within his slimy hole!



I love to sniff little girls freshly worn undies. Their little butts smell sooo good!! It drives me crazy when I see a little cutie picking her butt, because I know that her panties must smell good after rubbing against her little hole. Skidmarks too!!




Get your arse off my pillow. I don't want to smell your butt when I sleep.




I lusted after that ass each night when I went to bed.  I would lie there on top of

the sheets, eyes closed, and visualizing that perfect ass framed by his

jock, or a pair of tight white briefs.  The image of that ass just kept

haunting me. I wanted to be down on my knees behind him, sniffing the crack

through that white material



Hey, i will tell you a great experience. Last saturday my girlfriendīs friend
Melanie was visiting us. I didnīt know her. My girlfriend told me something
about her. She sayed: "Donīt wonder about her, she has some strange preferences.
She wears her jeans without underwear, she burps in public and she loves it
to fart wherever she can. I remember, last year we were inside an overfilled
bus, she was standing with her back near a little girl that was sitting behind
her ass. Suddenly she moved her ass discreetly very close to the face of the
girl. A few seconds later the girl looked at Melanieīs ass and sayed puhhhh.
Melanie was smiling and whispered: "I have farted to her face." Now you know
witch typ of girl she is." I sayed: "OK". Sheīs 21 years old, has brown hairs,
brown eyes, a cute face and a very cute ass. She stayed overnight, because she
had a dispute with her boyfriend. At afternoon we wanted something to eat and
my girl sayed: "Ok, letīs go to Mc Donalds...". I sayed thatīs ok and Melanie
sayed: "Mc Donalds ??? I donīt like Mc Donalds. I always get flatulence whenever
i eat this food...". My girl sayed: "Whatīs your problem, you are loving it
to fart and thatīs your chance to fart the complete evening....". Melanie sayed:
"Psst, donīt blame me..." My girl: "No panic, my boyfriend is informed about
your preferences..." Melanieīs face flushed red and she sayed: "Ohh thatīs painful....
Unimportant. Letīs go to Mc Donalds, now... but on your own risk." My girl:
"You can only gas my friend this evening, at 7.45 iīm at work, i have night
shift, hehehe". Melanie: "Ok i have understood". So we went to Mc Donalds. Melanie
was sitting to my left side. During we were eating, Melanie suddenly sayed:
"Oh, i have to fart....", then a little pffft was heared, "Ups... i have farted..."
My girl and me were looking at Melanie and were saying that she was a pig (with
a big smile). I was waiting for the bad smell of her fart, but there was nothing.
Melanie sayed: "Ok Mark, now you know what will awaiting you this evening."
I sayed: "Ok, i be warned...". At 6.40 we left Mc Donalds. In my mind i was
ready for a lot of farts by Melanie. At 7.45 my girl went to work. There were
no other farts by Melanie to this time. I wondered about this, because she sayed
that she ever get flatulence by this food. But i was happy that she hasnīt to
fart. Melanie and me were watching tv and talking something about us. I was
sitting on a chair and Melanie was lieing on the couch. At 9.20 i asked Melanie
if she wanted to drink something, but no answer. I looked over to her and saw
that she was sleeping. She was lieing on her stomach and i looked at her cute
ass. Wow, her jeans squeezed deep in her ass, a great wedgie. I enjoyed the
sight of her ass. All 5 or 10 seconds i had to look at her cute ass, it was
like an obsession. I enjoyed her ass about 5 minutes and then i became a strange
feeling. Somewhat in me sayed, that i have to sniff her ass. I thought no, but
the feeling become stronger. So i followed my feeling. I went to Melanie, put
my face on her ass and sticked my nose in her wedgie. I wondered about myself,
i felt good and i realized that i loved the smell of her jeans. Yes, i loved
the sweet scent from her bare ass combined with her jeans. I sucked in this
lustfully scent deep into my nose. I sniffed her ass about 5 minutes and i was
not able to get my nose out of her wedgie. The only thing i wanted was to sniff
her ass the complete evening. Suddenly i sniffed a smell like rotten eggs in
her wedgie. I thought "uhhh Melanie has farted" and wanted to get of her ass,
but regonized that i loved that smell. Yes, i loved the lustfully scent of her
bare ass comined with her jeans and this wonderful fart. I sucked in this lustfully
scent deep into my nose, too. While i was sucking in this smell i felt a big
vibration and a great wind at my nose, heard a very loud BBBBrrrrrrrrp sound
for 3 or 4 seconds and sniffed a smell like very rotten eggs. Yes, Melanie has
farted again and what for a lustfully fart. I sniffed her ass another 5 or 6
Minutes and thought "What for a girl that let so great farts while sleeping".
My penis was growing and i was going lustful so i wanted to take a time out.
As i was getting of her ass Melanie suddenly sayed: "No, no ,no, put your nose
deep in my wedgie, i have flatulence and i have to fart anymore." I flushed
red, she wasnīt sleeping. "Donīt feel shame, itīs cool, itīs lustfully for me,
too. I loving and enjoying it to fart in your nose. So hurry up, i canīt hold
in no longer, i have to fart a lot." So i sticked my nose in her wedgie. She
sayed: "No thatīs not good, wait a moment and go of my ass..." Than she sticked
two fingers of her right hand in her wedgie and squeezed the jeans deeper in
her ass. "So thatīs fine, i squeezed the jeans so deep as i can in my ass. Now
stick your nose deep in my ass." she sayed. So i sticked my nose in her wedgie.
"No, deeper, stick your nose in deeper, so that the only you can breath the
smell of my ass is." she sayed. I done this. She sayed: "Yes, thatīs good, squeeze
my jeans deep in my ass with your nose. And now i will go to farting you into
trance..." She ripped 5 or 6 very great farts as she sayed "OK, time out, i
will getting wet between my legs." So we timed out. The rest of this evening
she farted 3 times for me and then we slept. Since this day we have a secret
word, when she says "evening" we tell the others a story and the we go to a
place where we are alone. Then she turns her ass to me, i bend to her ass, stick
my nose in the wedgie and she farts so often she can fart. One evening as my
girl was at work, Melanie and me have a farting session and we were so lustfully
that we had sex, we fucked 2 times this evening. My girl is knowing nothing
about that. Do you have erotic experince like that? On the photos below you
can see her cute ass (taken with a hidden digital camera) and the jeans she
weared by my first farting experience with this girl. NEWCOMER (sorry for the
english, if something is wrong, iīm from germany)




He came over this past weekend and spent the night, I got up and found
his pants and boxers, so I took em into the bathroom and sniffed the
back part where his ass was and guess what, it smelled like ASS!

The next morning, we were trying to put in a new headlight into his
probe, I was on my knees at the front of his car, he came up and put
his ass on the side of my face and ripped a fart. It really reaked,
cuz we ate tons of taco hell the night b4. It was really kinda gross,
Now Im gonna have to get him back the next time he comes over.


living in chicago, i've realized that if i fart a lot during the day, the seat of my pants will really smell like ass by the time i take them off at night. man, i knew living in chicago would be cool.  but i had no idea that it had so much intellectual stimulation to offer.  but seriously, like, there are some days that i fart a lot during the day.  if i then take off my pants at night and sniff, like, right around the seam of the back of the pants, you know, like in between the back pockets, it smells like someone took a poop in there



bootysmeller: I mean do you ever like sniff the seat of your jeans or dig in your butt then sniff your fingers?

franky71081: always... i do that shit in front of people

franky71081: i smell the chair after i fart too

bootysmeller: no way!!

franky71081: sometimes i fart in my own hand and smell it

bootysmeller: no fuckin way!!!

franky71081: all the ti,me

bootysmeller: sniff your fingers in front of people?

franky71081: what???  hell yeah!!

franky71081: not when i fart

franky71081: just when i dig in my butt

franky71081: i save the fart smelling for private

bootysmeller: but you pick your butt then, sniff your fingers?

franky71081: yes!! in front of my friends

franky71081: i do it to their butts to

franky71081: too

bootysmeller: ahhhhhh.....that is soooo cool dude!!!

franky71081: lol...

bootysmeller: now you yanking my chain!!!

franky71081: word is bond... i swear to god

bootysmeller: you mean to tell me......

franky71081: i have this one friend...

franky71081: whenever he farts...

bootysmeller: that you've picked your friend's butt then smelled your fingers!!!?

franky71081: i stick my hand by his butt.... rubbed my fingers up his crack.... and smelled my fingers

bootysmeller: stop!!

franky71081: u dont understand......

franky71081: i LOVE booty

bootysmeller: dude.....you're gonne make me lose my load way before I want to!!!

bootysmeller: stop it!!!!!

franky71081: lol...

franky71081: im soooo serious

bootysmeller: damn......file save as!!!!





Diego began to touch her and her panties, specially her crotch, which little by little began to develop a spot as huge as the one of the other day. This time I could do it too. It was so nice to touch a panty that was being used in that exact moment... Diego followed with his fingers the borders of her panties, as if he was drawing them. Mom’s breathe was higher when he did that.


Then we decided to pull down her panties a bit..., so we could see her pubic hair..., but not the most part of her pussy because her legs were not spreadt enough... Her smell was even stronger than the last time, and she was terrible wet. We could see it clearly... We were terribly excited when she moved to one side, staying with her front towards the back of the couch..., so she was given us a pretty view of her pantied butt. We could not believe our luck, and began to caress her buttocks..., her skin and her panties, that were wet also from this side.


Diego run his fingers along her butt line, which was funny. Then I had an idea, that was to smell her ass: it was a superb smell, very strong..., as it was not completely clean. I supposed she had gone to defecate during the barbecue... Diego made a good point by pulling down her panties, so he could smell her bare butt. The smell was completely worst, but who cares, when you have an almost naked lady by your side...





sinanimateobject: was jus watchin ur old bttdig

sinanimateobject: w/ breifs

sinanimateobject: mmmm

bootysmeller: hehehe

sinanimateobject: where r right up on cam

sinanimateobject: i wanted to stck my finger in there and smell it

bootysmeller: uuggghhh

sinanimateobject: put it right up my nose



For me, for some odd reason, when growing up with my cousins... it

started around 8ish. My family would go visit aunts and uncles, and

they all had kids around my same age, from like 8-10. We would all

wrestle around and then Im not sure who (prolly me) but we started

having these "smelly butt contests" We would go up to each other and

put our noses into each others ass and take a whiff. We sniffed each

others asses first thru jeans, then thru briefs, and some actually

totally nude. I remember my one cousin especially would never really

wipe his ass well at all and it stunk to high heaven even thru his



Then it would eventually evolve into see who could blow the biggest

and smelliest fart into each others face. This whole contest "smelly

butt contest" went on for about 4-5 yrs untill we were all around

10-12ish, and thats when they all started to think it was kinda wierd

now, sniffing each others asses.


We still see each other at family reunions and all but dont talk about

the years of smelllin' each others butts. I wonder if any of them

still have the fetish as much as I do?



sometimes i get a large pillow (like a womans

torso) and stuff it inside the underpants. then i pretend i'm

smelling some chicks butt and whack off.



One time, a friend stayed over my place and fell asleep on the couch. She was

wearing sweats. Of course, the both of us being a bit drunk, I didn't resist

the temptation to smell her butt. It was really smelly even through her sweat




My buddy felt free to pass gas in my presence from then on, often letting

out a long very deep voiced "ahhhhh" afterwards. He never aimed it directly

at me, but he once farted in a chair & told me to sniff the cushion. Little

did he know I frequently sneaked sniffs of chairs where he'd been sitting.

I didn't want to be too obvious, so I faked annoyance. He later made me

shocking offer that I could not refuse.


When my buddy found an apartment, & I helped him move. We were sitting in

the middle of his new home's livingroom floor when he blew out a seriously

loud boomer that rattle on the hardwood floor. We cackled & he stood up,

fanning at his ass. Then, out of the blue, my friend asked me if I would

stick my nose in his crack, wait for him to fart, & then sniff it for him.

My cock jolted at the mere thought & there I sat in utter disbelief of what

I'd heard. He always enjoyed shocking me, & he finally decided to go the

fart route full blast (as it were). "I've never done THAT before!," he

said excitedly. I still could not answer, because I was so horny &

stunned. "That would be the sign of a true friend," he said practically

begging. With that, he stood up with his legs spread wide, arching his

back so his arse jutted outward & curled upward slightly. "Come on, buddy.

I feel a goooood one coming on!" I stared at his cute butt, which was clad

in snug & very short royal blue sweat shorts, & began to imagine my face

wedged in it. I was so dazed that I could barely stand up. As I rose to my

feet, he shouted "Oh baby baby! Are you gonna do it for me?" I walked by

him fanned playfully at him, blushed, & sat down in one of the chairs

leaning forward. "Go ahead!," I conceded, shrugging my shoulders. "Oh baby

BABY!," he repeated with even more enthuiasm as he made a bee line for my

face. I watched as he spread his cheeks wide right in front of my face.

There was a momentary pause while we decided which one of us would make

first contact--duhhh--it was I. lol. As my face gently touch his ass, I

felt the softness of the sweat shorts, the firmness of his muscular bum,

& the contours of his crack. He gradually grinded into my face & my nose

sank into that secret spot where his hole was. It was a damp ass & smelled

of sweat from moving furniture all day. Then he forced out a high pitched

gust of wind. "Ahhhhhh," he sighed in his familiar bass raspy voice of

relief. "Now sniff it!," came the command, while he continued to grind

slowly on my nose. The material was so soft that the friction did not burn

me, & I got a good long whiff of his man scent. Then he walked away,

doubling over in laughter. As he stood up str8, I noticed a killer bulge

in the front of his already taunt pants. Knowing that he enjoyed farting on

me that much sent a big rush through my already sensitive tool. I pretended

to be totally grossed out & ran into the bathroom. I locked the door,

turned the water on, & jacked off. He stood outside the door taunting me &

laughing boisterously, saying "You'll never wash that out! I blew that

sucker right up into both nostrils & you sniffed it in like a hoover.

You'll be smelling that for days!"




I was tutoring a buddy in Spanish at my house. We broke for lunch,

& he sat across the kitchen table from me, snarfed down a turkey

sandwich, & gulped a large glass of root beer. All at once, he

announced that he had to fart. He asked me how to say that in

Spanish, & when I told him, he repeated it. "What's a fart among

friends?," I asked with a shoulder shrug. He had farted for me

previously, but they were nothing exciting...mere shock value

blasts in my presence with no direct aim...although he did have

a cute ass. He wiggled in his chair, & I blurted out my usual

challenge, "You wouldn't dare!" He rose from his chair with

conviction & approached me from my left side with a series of

rapid twists upward of his right cheek as he inched his ass

toward me. Naturally, I enjoyed the hell out of that display!

With one last movement, he spread his legs in front of me & let

his cheeks gently touch my face. I felt the softness of his white

wide whale corduroy shorts & the pungent smell of ASS stunned me.

I sniffed in ecstacy, but before I could press further into his

well-sculpted rear end, he walked away, saying I was lucky he

couldn't get one to go. "Blah blah blah!," was my childish retort.

He countered by warning me that when he eats quickly, it gives him

"mean gas". I snidely commented, "Go ahead" in English & Spanish,

indicating that it was kind of like a double dog dare. "That's it!,"

he authoritatively growled as he positioned his ass at point blank

range to my willing face. I pushed him away, sneaking a firm squeeze

of his buns. Then I intentionally leaned into the area where he had

just hovered his ass. "I WILL fart on you, no matter long it takes,"

he claimed with a glint of viciousness in his eyes. I closed my eyes

to enjoy the moment, only to be pleasantly knocked out of my trance

when I suddenly found his cheeks firmly planted on my face. I

immediately dragged my nose over his ass until it slid into his crack.

"Oh baby!," he shouted as I whiffed softly at his obviously poorly wiped

ass. His cheeks clenched & relaxed a few times, so I knew he was trying

to fart. Just as I was about to give up hope, he shoved his ass hard into

me to wedge my nose a little farther into his secret spot. My cock sprang

to attention as he moved his ass up & down, forcing my nose to swipe

against his hole many times. He told me how good it felt to rub my "snout"

on his asshole, adding that it was making him build up some massive gas.

Then he grinded horizontally a few times to gradually sink my face deep

into that crevece for a final survey of the foulest smelling area. He

waited a few seconds, said something about having me right where he

wanted me, & then let out a huge fart. The air ripped straight from his

nasty hole, through his pants, & rushed up into both of my nostrils.

As I stayed there to take in every last skunky particle, he laughed &

bragged about how perfectly he "laid it out" & how he made me pay "big

time" for daring him. After a minute or two of intimate stillness & dead

silence, he rubbed his hole over my nose again, & I could hear him

breathing heavily & moaning slightly. He paused to release a long

low-pitched fluff, accentuating it with a deep "ahhhhh" of ecstacy.

This fart literally burned my nose, which startled me, so I pulled away

from him. His eyes became two slits as he looked back & fanned the odor

onto my face. I admired aloud how "musky" it was, which had him giggle

boyishly. The fragrance actually diminished long before he quit fanning,

but he was enjoying it so much that I pretended to smell it even longer.

He chatised me for weeks afterwards, calling me "Cara de pedo".

Translation: "fart face". Guess he did learn some new words in

Spanish. ;-)




I have these 4 crazy Italian-American friends who are like brothers to me,

& they all love farting. Go figure that I should have such friends. They

often have blasting contests in my presence & we have a good laugh (a good

sniff in my case). I wrote a prior story about the one I've known the

longest, Joe. He loves farting on me as much as I enjoy receiving it. It's

a strange fetish symbiosis, butt it works well for us. He will quickly fart

in my face in front of other people, butt he prefers to save the more

intimate/direct attacks for when we are alone. Joe & another of the

"crazies", Vinnie, were at my place 2 nights ago playing poker, eating pizza,

& drinking beer. Vinnie ripped a fart that filled the entire room with an

absolutely ransid odor. Even this fart fan wanted none of that! The 3 of us

laughed & coughed, as Vinnie blamed it on the beer & pizza on his way to the

bathroom to "take a dump". While Vinnie was doing his business, Joe dared me

to sniff Vinnie's chair. I refused, reminding Joe that he is the only one of

the group who definitely knows that I have a fart fetish. I knew Joe was cool

with that, but I wasn't sure how Vinnie would react if he caught me sniffing

his chair. "Well, if you won't sniff his chair, then sniff MY ass," Joe

demanded. He then stood up with a slightly painful expression on his face,

walked over to me, & stuck his ass right up to my face. It was great to get

a close up view of how those jeans hugged his buns! "Hurry up & whiff it

before Vinnie comes back!," he nervously stage whispered. It kind of turned

me on that he was trying to sneak in some more intimate fun. So I leaned

forward, allowing Joe to push his muscular ass into my face. I felt his

cheeks engulf me as he let out a crisp, high pitched "purrrp" that tapered

off toward the end like someone had asked a question. Joe laughed & quickly

rubbed his hot ass on my face, while I sniffed wildly, detecting a faint

beer fart. "How was that?," he asked, sitting back down with a smile. "Not

bad, but you've done better," I snidely taunted. "Well, I didn't have time

to..." He stopped himself just as Vinnie returned to the room, & I quickly

changed the subject to cards. Vinnie & Joe farted the rest of the night,

often grinding them into their chairs, fanning them towards me, & bragging

about the smells & sounds. The whole house smelled like Italian ASS! I loved

it, but pretended to be grossed out & chuckled along with them. I even

sputtered out a couple of my own air biscuits. Every time Vinnie went to

empty his bladder, Joe could hardly wait to slip into position & bury my

face in his ass once more to fart directly on me 2 or 3 more times. During

one of Vinnie's excursions, I sniffed his chair right in front of Joe, who

cheered me on. It smelled disgusting. I know--this from someone who will

stick his nose in a guy's ass crack, wait for him to fart, & then smell it.

It's just that each fart is a unique blend of aromas, & sometimes it's just

not my brand. lol.




Ever since my friend Joe told me about a year ago how much he loves

farting on me, he has become my favorite fart buddy. He told me the

other day that in addition to loving every chance I give him to put

his round bottom on my face & fart, he also really digs it when I

smell where he has just farted. He calls this sniffing his "leave

backs". He gave me an example, like I didn't already know what he

meant, by leaving a fart in the doorway & I immediately walked into

the area to sniff it for him. "Perfect", he said leaning against the

door, raising his leg, & farting on the door itself. He walked away

snickering & I sniffed the door, too; I actually smelled nothing, but

he thought it was funny.  He continued to demonstrate a number of

"leave back techniques" for me. "Or when you sniff my farty chair

cushions."  With that, he ran over & plopped into a chair for a demo.

As soon as he got up, I sniffed deeply & came up from the chair smiling;

he told me he liked that so much, he wanted to do it again. He moved to

the sofa to shoot a muffled one into the sofa cushion. Then he sighed in

relief & bragged about filling the cushion with a good one for me,

which...I sniffed while he cried out "YEAH baby!". His eyes darted around

the room for another resting place. "Or how about when I leave a gift in

your chair so you can sit in it. I rose from my chair & shrugged my

shoulders, & he instantly moved to my chair, blew out a loud fart, sat

still for a few seconds, & then stood up from my chair. He stood up & I

immediately sat in the chair to roll around in the smell. I only got a

faint odor, but it felt awesome to know that I was literally swimming in

his gas. "And you know what else?," he continued, "I've always been jealous

that you play tennis better than I do. He then farted on my covered tennis

racquet & presented it to me "Can you smell my jealousy?" I sniffed the cover

& it smelled like ASS! Then I challenged him to a tennis match just for

spite. To make a long story short, he took me up on it, we played, I won,

& then he paid me back with a series of sweaty & truly disgusting farts in

my car all the way back to my house. As soon as we parked outside the house,

I walked around to his side of the car. He looked at me inquisitively as he

got out of the car. Then I leaned into the car to sniff his seat. "Sweet!,"

he yelled out as he reached over me to push the back of my head into the seat

& hold it there & laughed. As he leaned into me, I could feel a large bulge

in his still damp gray cotton shorts. After he let me up, I offered him some

lunch. He accepted, & I went into the kitchen & began searching desperately

for some beans, but all I had was fruit. I picked up an apple, & he grabbed

it from me & rubbed it over his crotch saying he was polishing it for me.

Then he moved it to his ass & farted on it. I ate it as he trash talked me

about eating his farts. Then he yanked my soda can out of my hand. "Don't

you know that shit's bad for you?," he laughed & farted right into the can.

Then he gave it back to me, & I drank from it right away. I noticed nothing,

but he found it hilarious that I was "drinking in his farts". I told him

after lunch that if he wanted to shower at my place to feel free. "Are you

trying to tell me I stink?," he smirked as he lifted his right cheek &

farted in my direction. Then he grinded his ass on the chair, & announced

that it was one more "leave back" for me sniff. Of course, I gladly did so

for him. He said he would enjoy a shower, but he had no clean clothes with

him. I thought quickly & offered him a pair of my shorts & a tee shirt,

since we wear the same size. He agreed while an evil smile, telling me

they'd better be dark colored shorts, since he intended to "fart them all

up". I eagerly gave him the clothes & he showered...no I did not join

him...stupid me. He came out of the shower & walked into the livingroom

naked, holding the towel up to his ass. I was awestruck by his

well-proportioned body (I get that way every time I see him naked), & then

he cocked his right leg & blew a fart into the towel. I jumped slightly in

reaction; he chuckled & threw the marked towel at me. I caught it & sniffed

it for him. "Yeah buddy! That gas came straight from my asshole!". He

slipped my shorts on with no underwear & farted a couple of times. "Ahhhh!

I told you I'd fart em up for ya. Next time you wear these, you'll think

of me." He snickered & went into my bedroom. I heard some groaning &

grunting & hesitantly followed the sounds to the room in curiosity. As I

entered, there he was, sitting on my bed with his legs spread wide. He

looked up at me & farted, grinding his ass into the bed. "That oughtta

give you some pleasant dreams tonight," he devilishly cackled. "How about

this?" He then sat on each pillow & farted. I dashed over to the bed as he

rolled off the pillow & scooted away from me, thinking I was after him. He

paused to see me plunge onto the bed to lay my face on the pillows while he

laughed & pointed at me. "I love that you like the smell of my farts!" I sat

up on to edge up the bed, still in a slight stupor from his sulphury smells.

He backed up to my face, twisted his ass slightly to the left, lifted his

left leg, looked back at me, & said "Now I'm gonna fart on you while I'm

wearing your own pants." He blew out a long wet one. I responded by smacking

his ass, we started play wrestling on the bed. I had told him how much I'd

like to be put in head scissors during one of our sessions, & he thought it

was a great idea, so he treated me to a nice nose to asshole hold...just

enough pressure to keep me secure while he farted several times directly

into my nose. He asked me if I could smell the residue from my own farts

mixed in with his, since he had on MY pants. I was unable to answer because

I basically had a mouthful of his ass. He laughed & told me never to mess

with the best. Then he rolled off me & onto his back beside me & began

stroking while repeating how much he enjoyed farting on me. Those black

cotton shorts are my favorite shorts to wear these days.


A chat with hot member of my Group recently reminded me of the time I

was playing cards at my friend Billy's house one day after high school.

As we sat at the table, he ripped out a huge fart. We both laughed at

how it reverberated off the wooden chair. Then the telephone rang &

Billy went into another room to answer it. I looked over at Billy's

chair, & the urge to sneak a sniff overwhelmed me. The smell was

amazingly pungent, but I liked it, so I sniffed a few more times.




 When one of them would bend over to grab some screws from the bottom shelf, I'd imagine what his denim-clad butt would smell like if I got close enough. I was shocked by my own weird imagination and strangely excited by it.




I was in the Seventh grade when I met Andy, His parents were in the

Military & had just moved back to the U.S. from Belgium. Andy Had

never been to school in the United States. He had been schooled

throughout Europe. I had been into fartsniffing for a couple of years

when I met Andy. Andy was a tall kid, not much of a body, but he had

an ass to boot. many times we would spend the night at each other

homes. I used to catch a whiff of his farts every chance I could get.

Sometimes hearing him fart would get my dick hard. many times while

he was sleeping I would quietly & secretly sniff his Ass. Andy never

knew of my obsession.




Today my girl outdid herself. It was absolutely rediculous. Today she had

the most gas I've ever experienced with her. I'll begin. Sundays is usually

her gassiest day of the week, I hope. I mean I only see her on weekends due

to our busy schedules but Sundays is usually a given for gas with her. We got

back to my house and she put on her classic tight black suede/velvety pants

that I have here for her when she comes over. Anyways, she's sitting on my

couch eating ice cream, when she complained that the ice cream didn't taste

right, so I was pissed that we had to go back to carvel. I told her to start

my car, and that I'll meet her downstairs. As soon as she left the room, I

went straight for the seat cushion, hoping that she farted, and to my suprise

it REEKED of pure farts! She didn't tell me about this one! But I always seem

to find out! I sniffed the seat like a crack pheene trying to suck out all

the aroma that had been embedded into it. It was a beautiful smell. So we

get to Carvel, I got out and exchanged the ice cream for a different flavor.

When I got back in the car I faintly smelled a fart, but wasn't sure if she

farted. When we got back to my place, I pretended that I left something in

the car, and immediately buried my face into the seat cushion, and WHALAA!

It reeked of gas. More farts! Mind you, she hasn't told me about these yet.

You see I have to play detective with her, because she's such an incredibly

gassy girl, I'll never know what I'll miss, so I have this fasination of smelling

the seat cushion she sits in. Most of the time, I'm rewarded with a pleasant






My girlfriend was sleeping next to me last night and she farted in her sleep!

It was so rad... it was one of those high pitched "poot!" farts. I went down

there and smelled it, pretty soon I was jacking it with my face buried in her

ass. She didn't even know otherwise she would've said something to me this

morning. Anyway, it was really cool... sort of like a voyeurism...I like that




"Hey stink-boy, are you awake?"  He didn't even move, so I assumed that

he was asleep.  I stuck my head under the blanket we were sharing and took a

deep breath through my nose.  Damn, this boy smelled so good. I moved my

head closer to his ass. So close that my nose was just grazing the material

that was covering his little crack.  Then, he cut another one, bigger than

before.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  It smelled like something

died inside of him.  But then I thought to myself that I was just teasing

myself, since he said that he wasn't gay.



My balls were

ready to explode. I got on my knees and dumped all the laundry out of the

laundry bag and out of Wes's black athletic bag and took his shorts from the

pile--two pairs of boxers, running shorts, and a pair of briefs I had found

under his covers when I made his bed. I  laid out the boxers first, picturing

the outline of the jock's hard smooth butt against the soft smooth material.

I got on the floor and rubbed my face where his ass had been.





I recognize him. Just a harmless friend and lost. it's Robert.

So, I let him in.

I turn on the TV. I ask him if he wants something to drink. He says

no. I just flip though the channels on TV.

I could tell he had been drinking. He's talking about how dead the

bars are.

He then ask me, "could I ask you something".

I say , sure.

"can we jack off together"?

sure take off your clothes. he is wearing blue jeans, tee-shirt and

tennis shoes. he takes off his pants and he's wearing white Fruit

of the Loom underwear briefs. I stick my fingers; up the crack of

his behind.

"no don't do that, I just want to jeak off", he says.

I told him that I just wanted to play with and smell his ass while

I jack off.







I just remembered too that when I was little, I'd stick my finger in my ass crack and smell it to find out whether I had wiped myself clean enough after using the bathroom. Eric used to make fun of me and I would occasionally attack him with said finger.




The funkier she smells the hotter I get. In fact, the term that fits it is "it stinks but i like it. now i don't care for the smell of shit, but the smell of butt is a turn on.




i used to imagine sniffing girl's asses at my school too. mmmmmmmm.



I want my nose to smell like your ass. Love to sniff your butt through jockey shorts if you like.




so theres this dude in my class who totally sags off his ass all the time i see him. it's so cool when he walks cuz like you can see his total boxer-covered ass and then his pants start under his ass. so far hes worn dark blue boxers and white with red stripes. the first day of class i spotted him quick and sat next to him. it was so cool how he sat down and you could see the side of his ass and thigh totally showing all his boxers. his shirt is so small that it barely covers the boxers in the front, so you could see the top of his baggy ass pants and the seatbelt-stlye belt he has on and then if he moves jst right, you get a glimse of his boxers in front too! i can barely concentrate on the class haf the time. last class (it onlt meets once a week:( he was wearing those blue boxers and shorts below his ass as usual, and during the break him and me and this gurl went to get some coffee. i was sagging in front of him all the time, and made sure to be in front of him on the climb back upstairs so he had no choice but to see my sagging ass hanging out in front of his face as we walked up. he was loooking pretty hot cuz as we walked bak his hands were full with hot tea and a muffin so he couldnt catch his baggy shorts as they slid lower and lower off his skinny ass. but then the best part happened - when he sat down he spilled the tea all over the table, so he had to clean it up and made his pants sag down even more cuz he had to tend to his mess. he picked up some wet papers and bent down to throw it in the trash. by this time he was practilly mooning the class in his blue boxers. his shorts were totally under his ass and his shirt was almost at the top of his boxers. total ass sticking out! it was so sweet! and then he had to run out an get some paper towels, and when he did i saw his shorts just slip off an he catched them before they slid to the ground. he came bak and did more cleaning up and his shorts slipped below his ass again. it was so cool how he din give a shit that his pants were falling off in front of the whole class. everyone was all laffing and i was wondering if it was at the spilled tea or him showing his entire boxer-covered ass. i cant wait till this wed when we go on the coffee break again!






I knew one year ago, when I first interviewed my roommate to move
into my condo, that he had one of those extra musky smelling butt
cracks...you just get to know when you are so into butt sniffing like
I am...I JUST KNEW! So over the past year, I would go and sniff his
boxers, freshly placed into his hamper, after he would leave. His
muskiness was overwhelming...only the faintest mark could be
found...but boy was it smelly...Colin...his name is (what the hell do
I care...he is never going to see this site!) Colins butt smell
seemed to be best when he would wear his flannel boxers to sleep..he
seemed to normally wear those for like a week or so and they often
could be found hanging on the back of his bedroom door....sometimes
those skids were more than faint....by the way, he is straight and
has no clue that I am not. He plays baseball with a league
religiously and has that typical bubble butt..waist size 34, he is
6'2 and really built well...that was partly why I let him live here,
but also because he said that for the time being, he would not be
chasing girls and bringing them here due to him having to focus in
sports, and also because he was dealing with an extremely bad
breakup....so one time, he was helping me with a problem with an old
light fixture I could not remove from the ceiling..so he said he
could do it..asked me to hold the ladder for him...and I got to sniff
his jean clad ass pretty well..for about 15 minutes....I got a slight
trace of musky skid mark smell....wanted to yank his jeans down right
then and there.....just went to my room afterwards and jacked
off...so finally...his team just one for their league....his whole
team got into the celebrating thing....he was extra toasted...never
seen him like that....so he walks in barely able to walk, even left
his car somewhere and was dropped off....so he normally showers
before he goes to bed.....but he walked right into his bedroom,
doesn't close his door for a change....and I hear some fumbling and
then not too far afterwards, hear loud snoring...so I get this
idea....because I started figuring..finally I was going to get to
sniff his ass directly..I figured that I would go shake him, and tell
him to stop the snoring..as my excuse if he woke up..but I was
shaking him more to see how passed out he was.....so I turn on the
hall light outside his bedroom, peer in..there is a sight to
behold...he is on his side at the edge of the bed, with his baggy
white cotton boxers on......nothing else...so I go in, shake
him....not a stir out of him...he is soooo passed out....I try one
more time, pretty intensely....still nothing but snoring...so its
time...I go to his boxers and wedge my nose deep into his crack..the
intensity of his butt smell overwhelmed me! I wasn't ready for
it...however...he did go play baseball after work and then not
shower.....so I say this is it.