It all started when she had this guy over to her house that she had a      crush on. He sat on their couch the whole evening. After he had laft, she made sure no one was looking and then she took a whif of the couch (where his butt was) to see what he smelled like!



"Who the FUCK are you and what the FUCK are you doing here?" I

thundered at him. He had the seat of my jeans pressed to his nose

which he dropped at the sound of my voice.


I work as a shop assistant. It is an old fashioned shopwith a very high counter which allows the

  customer to only see you from the waist up. I am female and, yes, I too am into ass sniffing,

  particularly the beautiful ass belonging to to male colleague who works alongside. Sometimes

  when we are not busy I will kneel behind him when he is serving a customer and smell his ass. He

  loves this and will facilitate my nose by leaning foreward on the counter. he wears tight faded

  denim jeans which give off a lovely ass odour. Kneeling behind him with my nose pressed into the

  denim ass crack I will usually fondle his cock as well. Sometimes I may even crawl in front so as

  to take his cock into my mouth and suck it until he comes. That's lovely, but not as nice as

  smelling his ass.



love sniffing a girls ass, and when they've been sittng down for
awhile I sniff the seat when they get up its so warm and it smells
like butt. Do any girls like this . i love sniffing a girl ass. i love burying my face in butts, i can shoot a gallon of cum
just thinking about a girl wearing skin tight pants sitting in a chair
and her catching me sniff the seat when she gets up and making me
sniff her ass, please tell me in detail if you have experiences


dahmer is apparantly smelling the ass of his pants. this scares me for several reasons. This means that he hasn't done laundry in a while and needs to see if his pants ass smells bad enough to wear out to a nice restaurant


When I was about 15 years old, my cousins would all come and sleep over my house. I don't know how it came about, but somehow, we started this habit of farting in this metal fold-up chair that I have in my room. Sometimes we would keep our pants on, and sometimes we would pull our underwear down and rip a ripe fart right onto the chair from our bare asses. (We called those "raw farts".) Well anyway, after we would fart, we would smell the chair that we had just farted in, and have the others to smell it too. We would just crack up listening to each other fart and seeing who's smelled the worst. And sometimes I would sit behind the chair, on my knees and wait for one of my cousins to pull their undies down and rip a fart into the chair, while i kneeled behind them and watched and smelled at the same time. A couple of times, one of them would fart in the chair and feel a turd come out and run to the bathroom, laughing. They thought it was all a joke, but it really got me hard each time. Little did they know, I would sniff their hot farters once they were asleep. Boy, was that a nice smell. After farting all night, there butts were nice and funky. My favorite would always be my 12 year old cousin's. I would sniff his butt through his briefs, which usually had light skid marks in them, probably from all the farting. It was always a ripe, sweet smell like sweaty half-wiped ass. Ahh, I wish I could go back to those days.

Sure! I used to do that all the time and still do sometimes. My cousins Lee, Ronnie, and Charlie used to sleep over all the time. Before we went to bed, if they were in the bathroom, I would slip over and sniff their levis; in the crack area and around the back pockets. I would jack on my dick till they came out of the bathroom. They would wear the same pair of levis the whole weekend, so you can imagine the smell

Suddenly a pager started going off. "Shit." Jennifer said. She turned and crawled between the car seats to find the thing and turn it off. It was then that I noticed that due to her compromising position, her beautiful, SEXY ass was RIGHT IN MY FACE! I felt myself gush with wetness. I closed my eyes and bit my lip as I tried to ignore what I was seeing, but soon my nasty side got the better of me. Before I knew what I was doing, my nose was dangerously close to nuzzling Jennifer's ass. I sniffed softly to try and get a whiff of her... but I wasn't close enough. I moved a little closer, when suddenly, she found the pager, started to come back, and bumped her ass right into my face! I almost died.

"Oh..." Jennifer excused herself, "Sorry... didn't see you there..." She seemed a little curious as to why my face had been in her ass, but by no means upset. I was mortified, and I turned bright red. A smile curled the corners of Jennifer's mouth. "Uhh..." she grinned, "What were you doing?"

"Nothing!" I tried to sound convincing, but didn't do too good of a job, "I was just stretching..." Stretching?!? What was I, an idiot?

my cousin is hot and she always flaunts her ass in front of me and

     my brother. we are living with my Mom's cousin right now. as everyone

     was sleeping on the floor last night, I sort of put my head down be

     her butt. everyone was asleep so I moved my head closer and she was

     curled up with a pillow between her legs. I stuck my nose in her butt

     and sniffed a nice smell. it was a little musky and stinky but smelled

     good. I was loving it and she had her ass staring right at me. I smelled

     her for about a half hour, it was great. should I tell her???



love sniffing a girls ass, and when they've been sittng down for
awhile I sniff the seat when they get up its so warm and it smells
like butt. Do any girls like this . i love sniffing a girl ass. i love burying my face in butts, i can shoot a gallon of cum
just thinking about a girl wearing skin tight pants sitting in a chair
and her catching me sniff the seat when she gets up and making me
sniff her ass, please tell me in detail if you have experiences








I was about 13 at the time, and his friend, Tommy, was about 11.  He was

staying the night one time and I remember always trying to go into a room

after he was just in there to try to smell where he had sat.   The three

of us had been playing a board game in our kitchen for about an hour when the

two of them decided to go out and watch TV in the living room.  My folks were

out there as well.  To my delight, they both quickly got up and raced into

the other room and that left their seats exposed and fresh (if you know what

I mean).  I quickly fell to the floor in front of Tommys seat and pressed my

nose to the seat.  It was made of that fake leather material and held here

scent very nicely.  Feeling the heat on my face as totally awesome...I mean

he was JUST sitting right there.  So I inhaled and....WOW....I could really

smell poo.  I was thinking that he must have a smelly butt,

right now.  It made me very excited.  Later that night, after everyone had

changed into their PJ's, I snuck back into my brother's room to see if I might

find...ahem...anything to sniff.  I got VERY excited when I saw Tommy's

upturned undies still rolled into his jeans (I could tell they were his

because I knew my brother had not been wearing jeans).  Quickly i kneeled on

the floor near them.  I didn't want to touch them because i was afraid

someone would guess I had been in there if they were even slightly moved.  As

i got closer I almost came right then.  Right in the middle of his undies was a 1 inch long, but very thin and faint, brown streak.  I pressed my nose

to them...sniffed in his incredible odor of poo.  Omigod!!  It was a scent I

will never forget.


I was just thinking about a time when I used to smell the seats of the

other guys chairs in my class.  I was in 8th grade and i would bend over

the chair like I was picking up something or tieing my shoe and sniff

the seat. I also used to skip P.E. and go to the locker room. I would

find the lockers that were open and dig through their shorts and smell

them.  It would only be a kid who I thought was cute,  but it was fun


When I was 14 years old I was sexualy confused and I'm ashamed to say my older sister's ass really turned me on. Anyhow I've been obssesed with female farts for as long as I remember and one day my sister had really bad wind. She kept blowing off and I was becoming very excited and aroused so I came up with an idea. I left the living room and waited for her to fart again, when she did I re-entered and told her our mother was calling her from upstairs. She left the room and I quickly shut the door and went to where she had been sitting on the sofa. I buried my nose in to the warm material and inhaled deeply. The smell was unbelievable, it was strong and smelt like bad eggs. I knew what I was doing was dirty and wrong but that made it all the more exciting. I continued to sniff all the rank odour from the sofa for about a minute when I heard the

     door opening. I quickly got up and sat down staring straight ahead. My sister questioned me as to why I told her our mother was calling her and noticed my face was red and I was acting embarrased. She knew I was up to something but thank god she never found out the truth.


Slater exclaims, “but what I really want to smell is your ass. I want to see if your bum stinks from the fart you let go earlier and then I want you to fart into my face.”



l begin by telling you guys that my infatuation with my best friend's backside became apparent to me during our freshman year in high school. Greg was very petite then, maybe 5'7", 115lbs, and probably a 28 inch waist. I sat behind him in our math class. One day he was leaning forward to talk to this kid in front of him, he was sitting on his knees on his chair, and when he leaned forward he had his ass arched out right in my face. Wow, a blind man could have seen it, it was so close to me. That's when it happened, I'd never noticed it before, but something was stirring in me like it never had. He was wearing his Levis, and I couldn't help but think how cute that little red tag looked attached to his tight compact ass.

The masturbation episodes began promptly at
3:30pm when I returned from school. I had never had an orgasm thinking about a guy before, but then again, I had never witnessed a site so awe- inspiring as I had that afternoon in math class.

I blew my load in about 90 seconds. In my mind, my face was pressed up against the faded denim of his ass, my nose directly in contact with the middle seam. From the corner of my eyes I could make out the little red
Levis tag attached to his right pocket. I imagined that his ass would smell dirty, and that really turned me on.



FAV SMELL: butt.... just kidding!!!!! I like roses a lot





When i was about fourteen years of age I fancied the ass off a lovely Spanish girl who was a student in our house. She was about twenty and she had the greaterst ass I ever saw. I couldn't kep my eyes off it, particularly when she was wearing her skintight faded denim jeans.
On the night before she went home she went out with her friends for a few farewell drinks and came home pissed. She told me she had a present for me in her bedroom and i went upstairs with her to get it. But she wwas so drunk she fell face down on the bed and went into a deep sleep. I was awestruck just looking at her beautiful ass in those faded denim jeans. I knelt beside the bed and began to rub her ass which was really soft. I then eased my face into her ass and smelled
her jeans ckeeks. The smell was a huge turn on



my brothers hot girlfriend and i were siting on a couch for 3 hour tailkin and
stuff then she left, i then instanly dove into the excat place her ass was....MAAAAAAAAAN
it smelt good pure fart
smell left,it lasted aleast a minute as i sniffed all
up .
i knew it was pure fart
beacuse it had a hint of steak which we had for dinner
a few hours ago. chicks seem to have the ability to hide there stinky farts

by pressing there ass firmly to a seat
i swear, she must have pumped five farts
worth into that cusion..
man it smelt good.


My 17 YO sis in law stayed at our house last night. Very late I snuck into

her room. It was warm so she was sleeping on top of the covers in a T shirt

and panties. She was on her belly so I went over to try and sniff her butt.

After getting a good whiff of her ripe butt. I backed away and began jerking



While my boyfriend and I were making out last night we both had our fingers in each other's butts when we still had our underpants on. Later, when we were making love, I saw that after he kissed me he was turning his head and taking a sniff of his finger that had been up my butt. This kind of surprised me because we did not shower before and probably both had the kind of butts that would give a stink finger even through underpants. So, I started to sniff my finger that had been up his butt, and even though it did smell crappy, the scent started to turn me on more than I already was. When we both came, we both were taking a good wiff of our stink fingers and our orgasms were tremendous!


I used to do it to a female friend of mine. I really fancied her and

used to fantasise about her the whole time(and sometimes still do).

Every Sunday night she'd call in and we'd watch tv or something. She'd

stay a few hours and after she went home I'd put my nose right up to the

cushiion where she had been sitting trying to smell her ass, and then,

with my face in the cushion, inhaling deeply I'd jack off there and

then. Her ass smelt beautiful and I used to dream of actually putting my

nose to her ass and smelling it.


I live in the Sacramento area.  I too am fond of sniffing butts.  I love the

smell of a stinky butt and try to sniff them as much as I can.  I have waited

for others to get off their chair and have sniffed their chairs in hopes of

finding some shit to smell

Who as a child (if ever) played Smelling Butts with

their friends? Anyone can respond. Same sex?

Opposite? I did with the opposite sex. It is really

strange how these early habits can turn into what

they are now!


I was just thinking about a time when I used to smell the seats of the other guys chairs in my class.  I was in 8th grade and i would bend over the chair like I was picking up something or tieing my shoe and sniff the seat.  It would only be a kid who I thought was cute

I remember one time i was realy wanting my friend to come over and stay

the night cuz i wanted to smell his ass. I was about 12 and realy getting into it for the first time. He came over and we both fell asleep. i remember waking up and pulling the covers off of his ass and putting my nose down there. I was scared he was gonna wake up, but he didnt and I continued to smell it.


everytime I see a goodlooking guy anymore, I think "how does his ass smell, how would his farts smell


Seems like everytime I see a goodlooking man anymore, I think about how good

his ass would smell if I could just get my nose between those cheeks. My ultimate fantasy is to have a guy stop by after a hard workout at the gym, undress down to his jock strap, and let me sniff his ass and enjoy the stink


He brought his worn jeans up to his nose and sniffed the seat.


When I was about 15. There was this girl in our neighborhood. An excellent looking blond with a nice butt. We were getting into a friends car to give her a ride home. She had to climb over me to get in the middle in the front seat.

I got the best whiff of her ass. Nice and girl stinky accent with just a little feminine poo! I will never forget that one

..when he got up to go to the bathroom, I went over and sniffed the seat where

his ass had been.





I dream of smelling your butt while your wearing those skin tight pants, and whenever you get up from a seat, I sniff it so I can get a whiff of your butt


She was 17 or so. I didn't want to sleep by myself in the living room because I would rather

sleep in her bed (she had a waterbed). She told me I could sleep in her bed but she was sleeping

there too, so I'd have to deal with it. Um, fine by me. So I watched her as she got into bed and rolled

over towards me and said, "Just don't pee my bed or anything." With that, she turned around and fell

asleep, at least I think she did. So I waited until I could hear that really steady breathing, knowing she

was asleep. I started to masturbate very quietly, hoping not to wake her up. I guess towards the end

of my little session I heard a really cute sounding fart emanate from her ass! She was sleeping! And,

best of all, her ass was totally near my face! I jumped at this opportunity, and knowing that she was

sleeping, I put my nose in her ass immediately and started to sniff up all of her beautiful fart. Man,

that one actually smelled good too! But I guess my nose was in her ass a little too long, you know,

trying to savor the aftermath of it, and she woke up.


"Zibs, why are you smelling my butt?" She said it almost like she didn't care. Then she asked me

more, "Um, are you masturbating?"


I can relate because when I was a young boy, my older sister (only by two years) would have slumber parties and I would wait till they all fell asleep and then sneak into the front room and smell as many of her friends butts thru their panties as possible, without waking them up. It was tough to do, but I was on a mission, if you know what I mean. I could usually smell the butts of the ones laying on their sides the best. I loved it and I

still remember those great smells. I'm Jealous!! LOL. God I wish I could have had the balls to do what you did!! Do you recall what kind of panties you would sniff their butts through?

It wasn't too hard once they were all asleep, since they had all been up very late to begin with. Most of them had on pajamas, but those that didn't, fell asleep in their panties only and it was in the summer so the covers were off of them thru the night. The ones I sniffed were cotton and only one pair was a silky type, but they all smelled great! The cutest of the girls had olive colored cotton panties that were the most "fragrant" I even sniffed some of the girls butts that were wearing pajama bottoms, but it was harder to smell them thru those. I was able to on a couple of them though, which was great also.


My first real experience was with my cousin

(same age as me). We were about 16 and we were

very close. One day we were just sort of wrestling

around and I accidentally got my nose by her

butt. I knew that

smell because it was the same as my underwear.

The smell gave me an instant erection.


I have been masturbating while smelling my own ass

smells on my fingers since i was 8. Ive never been able to think of a

sexier smell ever. i also wander around, at work, in the malls,etc,

watching people, imagining what their butts would smell like!!

Ive even watched people in public, after i'd sneaked my finger in my

butt and pretended i was smelling their butt smell, WOW, what a turn




I love panty covered asses. One time at my

friends whie he was taking a shower I went to go see

what his hot 25 year old sister was doing and she was

sleeping on her side rolled up like a ball so got on my

knees and put my nose up to her butt and took a good

sniff, it smelled good..and another time I was at

my friends house and she was looking for something under her

bed on her knees her whole body was under the bed except

for her ass and it was high in the air so I took a sniff.


I sat on the edge of Chris's bed, and lowered my nose to his crack.  I

just loved the smell of these little boys' butts.  I ran the tip of my nose

back and forth a couple times


Moving to the back of the briefs, he found a faint trace

of brown; eagerly, he put his nose against it and took a good long

sniff. He imagined putting his nose to Scott's butt and smelling it


You told Mike Timbol that you like to sniff the seats of the chairs in your

university computer center after everyone has gone home.


I was horny as hell (as usual).  Usually I would just jerk off to a pair

of my roommates underwear.  He wears briefs and they smell SOOOOO good. 

Sometimes I can smell a faint whiff of shit on the back of them where his tight, hot little

ass sits all day...


My face is directly opposite his denim-clad butt.

Without hesitation, I press forward and wiggle my nose up and down the

crease of his ass. Oh wow, his butt probably ain't too clean either.

It's so slight that I can't be sure, but I think I detect  a hint of




A friend and I who have worked out for along time are both into sniffing

asses, especially those that are unwiped. We got into this by accident when

playing touch football and ended up with our noses in each other's butt cracks

The sweat pants really turned us on so we decided that since we got so hot

we wouldn't wipe for a few days and wear jocks only under our jeans and

dockers. This also extended to speedos and all varieties of skidmarked pants.

Wonder if there are other guys out there into this and if going wipeless and

skidmarking your pants turns you on?


Ive had one or two exp of sneaking a butt sniff without the person

knowing. My older sisters boyfriend came for a visit once when i was 12,

he and a friend were playing games on the lawn, it was a hot summers

day, i can remember perving about his butt and what it smelled like

under his shorts. They all decided to go for a swim and the guys changed

into swimming trunks right in my bedroom, i couldnt believe my luck,

after they left i locked myself in mt bedroom and found their

underpants. My sisters boyfriends was the funkiest, it had a nice

skidmark on it, and started sniffing it while masturbating my young

pussy, i even rubbed the sexy brown mark on my pussy and had an orgasm

that way.


My sister is a heavy sleeper. Last night I snuck into her room for a sniff of her butt while she slept on top of the covers on her belly. I got my nose to her seat and got a great whiff of butt.


I remember when I was around 17 to 18 my friend and I would play tennis together. I would drive us to the club. Anyways after finishing our matches, we would leave, we didn't shower there (not sure if we were embarassed about our bodies or what the reason was) anyways still hot, sticky and smelly, we would get into my car so I could take him home. Once I dropped him off at his house I would quickly return home (only lived about 8 houses down from him) My car had a cloth interior which would soak up sweat and any butt smells left from my buddy. So as I pulled into the garage I would lean over to sniff the seat where my friend had sat. NICE! Musky scent, a little damp from his

sweat. I remember doing this a couple of times, Once to my surprise as I was sniffing, I found that he apparantly cut a fart right before getting out (it was still potent)I sniffed extra long on that day trying to get out every little molecule of his butt scent. I remember thinking to myself "what the hell am I doing sniffing a car seat where my buddy had just planted his ass after a hot steamy tennis match only to fart... and here I am with my face burried in the burgundy velour bench seat inhaling deeply???? Exactly... having the time of my life! I've done this a couple other times with friends, my nephew and his friends... if you can't get em to sit on your face I suppose this will hafta do!?




Following his ass up the stairs, I would silently sniff at it hoping for aroma, but no smell came through the pants


I definitely remember wrestling around with cousins and stuff and trying somehow to catch a sniff of their butts. One of my earliest memories of catching a really strong smell was of a buddy of mine.  We were about 9 or 10, I was sleeping over and we were trying to do the "blue flame" thing....where kids light their farts in the dark.  What we would do was turn out the lights, hold a match to each others butts, and cut a fart.  Well, what we would do would be, in our tight white underwear, is bend over on our hands and knees and try to fart while the other kept a match lit right near our buttcracks.  With the lights out, and him trying to strain, I would press my nose close and sniff.  I could totally smell the strong, probably-shit-earlier odor of his ass.  Of course, I would usually blow the match out just before he farted (and had my face maybe 5 inches away) so I could smell it all.  It was usually pretty nasty!! I also used to sleep with a another cousin on summer vacations and would sneak sniffs of his butt while he slept.  It was a constant turn on.


Another thing that kind of turns me on too is to have others smell my butt.  I usedto wrestle around with another buddy of mine, back when I was 10 or 11 or so, and we used to try to facesit the other.  We were clothed so the smelling

wasnt that nasty, but we would always say things like "smell my butt, dude".

A friend of the families would also stay over alot.   They had a kid who was

about 3 years younger than me and I would always make him smell my butt to

play with me...he would want to hang out and I would say things. I remember

saying this RIGHT to his face, and watching hims say he would ..."OK, if you

want to play Atari with me, you have to smell my butt....

he actually got on his knees behind me and sniffed - right into my

butt seam.  And it did not smell pretty that day, I can assure you.  Its funny,

then we would play and act like it didn't even happen.  I made him smell my

butt many times...probably 2 dozen or so!


All I could think about was getting my nose up against that denim ass and

sniffing away.


One time I had my nose deeply buried in between the girls curvy ass cheeks,

clad in her jeans, and I could smell a kind of backscent of old poop..


My boyfriend is coming to bed soon, and I just know I'm going to be able to

smell his bottom....I had a sly sniff just now when he got up off the sofa,

and I'm getting sticky thinking of how I'm going to slide down under the

duvet when he's asleep and inhale his delicious aroma....unwashed arse, you

can't beat it...


I turned my nose down into the cotton that had pushed up into the crack of

her ass, and in spite of my self, took a deep breath. "How does it smell?"

she giggled in a mock teasing tone, "Does it smell sort of, I don't know,



When I see a boy ridin his bike around town I follow him. Then I wait

for him to get off his bike and go play or something. Then I run up and

take a good whiff of that seat


Smelled My Date's Butt Tonight!


My girlfriend loves to sniff my butt through my worn underwear. I admit this

sort of turns me on


"What the fuck are you doing, ya big fag?" "I -- I dropped my glasses on the

floor, and I --" "Bullshit," he whispered, "you had your nose jammed in my

ass. What the fuck is that all about?"


"Caught ya!" he said, grabbing them from behind my back when I

tired in vain to hide them. He teased, "You'll be nose-divin'

my bicycle seat next, I expect."



One day my little sister was getting ready to go out with her friend Megan.

They were all planning on meeting up with some of their guy friends. Natalie

is very immature for her age and will do almost anything that people tell her

to. So Megan asked Natalie to smell her butt. Naturally Natalie didn't want

to at first. But Megan convincingly said,but I don't want my butt to stink

for the guys. Convinced, Natalie leaned over to smell Megan's butt. Just as

she did, Megan let out a huge fart right in Natalie's face


I got the idea! SNIFF THE FUCKING CHAIR!!!!  So I slipped over, stuck my nose

where his butt had been, and was REWARDED with the scent of his funky ass

after working all day BOTTOM!!!






I longed to be the one with Kelly's ass in my face. For days after that

incident, it was all I could concentrate on, and one time, I managed to get

behind Kelly between classes, following him up the stairs. His ass was inches

from my face as I was pushed by the rush of students behind me and I tried to

sniff at it.


I dreamed of sniffing the butts of so many of the girls at school... it became a powerful masturbation fantasy. I used to imagine the cutest girl in class standing at the teacher’s desk with her skirt lifted up and my face planted firmly between her butt cheeks having a whiff.  One time as a joke I stuck my hand on the seat as one of my girlfriends sat in my car. Her skirt was very short so when she sat down she put her panty-covered ass right on my hand ... we laughed and I pulled my hand out. But when she wasnt looking I smelled my hand.


I would love to kneel behind you and smell your butt. i like to stick my nose in a girl's wedgie after she wore her panties

     all day and is stinky.


my sister and her friend slept in the Den last weekend and I sniffed

     each of their butts while they slept on their sides


would love to have boys jeans to sniff.

   i like to have the boy smell and the butt smell.


   I went to summer camp and took a cute boys jeans and I sniff them every night















I've been sniffing boys' jeans since I was 11. At that time I knew a man (my friend's dad, actually) who couldn't get enough of that after-school boysmell on the seat of my Levi's




"Shit, Jamie... your brother gave me a wedgie with his nose" and I saw her dig into her ass and pull the cotton material that was lodged up in her ass crack. She then held her hands to her nose, I heard her breath in... SNIFF SNIFF.. "Damn my ass smells bad, Here.... why dont you take a whiff and let me know what you think



I couldn't help it. you were sleeping on the couch with your butt

facing me and i knew your panties were stinky. I had to stick my nose

firmly up your butt and take a sniff. can I smell it again?


Seeing those pics does bring to mind something I used to do as a small boy. When I was 3 or 4 years old, I had this big stuffed bear that I played with. I was already into watching wrestling on t.v., so I would wrestle this bear sometimes in my underwear, cause I wanted to be in trunks like the t.v. wrestlers. The bear was as big as I was, so it was like wrestling around with another kid. This bear had a pointed nose, so when I put it in a headscissors, it's nose inserted between my butt cheeks. I finally stumbled onto the idea of sitting on it and scooting up on the bear's face and sitting down. The nose REALLY went between my butt cheeks that time. I sat on it and wiggled and squirmed around for several minutes. I got off the bear's face and sniffed it's nose. I could smell the shit smell from my butt. I got the first little boner I can remember and rubbed off on the bears face. The bear was my wrestling buddy from then until I was 5 years old, when I had to take my first smelly Levis facesit pin off my cousin. Then, HE became my wrestling buddy until we graduated from high school.



Whatever possesed me to sit on it and smell it when I got off of it still makes me wonder to this day. I grew up in the time period when everybody had those plastic slip covers that you put on your furniture. How tacky, but boy did they catch the butt scents!!! At five, I was always trying to sniff them when people got up from them. I also loved the way that it took a long time for the air to escape from the cushions covered in the plastic cause you could see the impression of the person's butt on them. I still like the noise of air gushing in and out when someone sits on a leather or vinyl cushion. I imagine my face as the seat